TalentLMS Review: Create Online Courses On A Cloud Based LMS

TalentLMS Review: Create Online Courses On A Cloud Based LMS
Summary: TalentLMS is known for its easy-to-use platform that is custom tailored for rapid eLearning development. But is it really “the fastest path to awesome learning” that it claims to be? If you’re looking for an honest review of TalentLMS’ features, pricing, usability, and support, then you’ve come to the right place. In this article, I’ll delve into the standouts of the TalentLMS learning management system, and offer insight into whether it’s truly worth your investment.

TalentLMS Review: A Super-Easy, Cloud LMS To Train Your Employees, Partners, Or Customers 

It’s all in the cloud with TalentLMS. Users can install the platform within a matter of minutes, then quickly upload their learning materials and eLearning course content using any connected device. TalentLMS even provides you with your own domain, which you can fully customize with your own logo and theme. Their site states that you can “make your learning management system look the way you dreamt it”, which almost sounds too good to be true for eLearning professionals. Read on to discover if TalentLMS is really the ideal match for your organization.

Standout Features

  1. Scalability.
    TalentLMS is ideal for enterprises who need a training platform that can grow along with them. It features building blocks, such as branches and single sign-on, which allow you to expand your training to fit your evolving needs. You can also rely on the fact that all of your sensitive data is safe on their encrypted channels.
  2. All-Inclusive Tools.
    Not only is TalentLMS compliant with both SCORM and TinCan (xAPI), but it can also offers video conferencing, gamification, and course selling tools, as well as notification capabilities to keep your learners informed. This means that you won’t have to worry about finding suitable third-party tools, because it’s all in the platform.
  3. Mobile-Friendly.
    Whether you need to access the system on your tablet or prefer to dive into the design process on your laptop, TalentLMS gives you the opportunity to access your online course anywhere. It supports iPad, iPhone, and Android devices, making it easy to take your eLearning with you wherever you go.
  4. Reporting.
    Being able to track your user’s progress and identify the areas of improvement for your eLearning course is essential, and TalentLMS features both basic and in-depth analytics capabilities. You can keep an eye on everything that’s going on inside your learning management system in a matter of seconds.
  5. Video Integration.
    Embed YouTube videos directly into your eLearning course or integrate a Slideshare presentation to make it more interactive. You can also upload your own videos, virtual presentation, and documents into the system to provide your users with a personalized and full-branded learning experience.


It doesn’t get any better than free! TalentLMS offers a free plan for those who have fewer than 5 users and under 10 courses in their library. They also offer small, basic, plus, and premium subscriptions that feature unlimited course uploads, which are billed annually. The small option is $29 per month and covers up to 25 users, and the basic plan is $99 a month and covers up to 100 users. The plus package is $199 a month for up to 500 users, while the premium option is $349 per month for up to 1000 users. Subscribers also have the ability to pay on a monthly basis at a slightly higher rate, and there are unlimited plans starting at $109 a month.

Ease of Use

The TalentLMS user interface focuses on “conventions over configurations”. In other words, you don’t have to worry about configuring an abundance of settings and can just dive into the design and delivery process for your eLearning course. It also enables you to import your existing learning materials so that you can save time and resources on that front, and it even optimizes all of the online content for your users who are accessing it via a mobile device thanks to its responsive design feature.

You simply have to upload one master online course and it will do all the work for you. The User Interface, itself, consists of embedded content tools and a single sidebar. The general overview enables you to conveniently view user progress, or edit your existing eLearning courses and delete units that you no longer need.


Aside from their online contact form, TalentLMS offers a comprehensive support and knowledge base online. Users can find information regarding billing, certifications, compliance, online courses, gamification, and a wide range of other topics. If you prefer social media support, they have a blog, as well as Twitter, Facebook, and Google+ pages where you can reach them.


TalentLMS is ideally suited for those who are looking for less frills and more functionality. One of their primary focuses is providing a system that can easily repurpose online content and create eLearning courses that are aesthetically pleasing without sacrificing navigability. If you have SCORM or TinCan files, videos, or presentations already in your library, TalentLMS can save you a great deal of time by enabling you to simply upload them into their platform.

The fact that it’s on the cloud is also a major selling point. You just choose the subscription package that is right for you, or even give them a try without paying anything up front by choosing their free option, then start creating amazing and effective eLearning experiences for your audience. Integrate your own logos, colors, and other branding essentials to personalize the eLearning course and bring it in-line with your company’s message.

Last, but certainly not least, the price point is spot-on. Even if you need to add more users than the 5 that are included in the “free” plan, the basic option is just $29 a month if you opt for the annual billing, which is one of the lowest LMS subscription rates out there today.