A Comprehensive Glance At HTML5 eLearning Authoring Tools And Their Importance

A Comprehensive Glance At HTML5 eLearning Authoring Tools And Their Importance
Summary: This article details some of the best HTML5 eLearning authoring tools and the benefits of using them for your purpose.

9 Top HTML5 eLearning Authoring Tools And 7 Advantages Of Using Them For Your Courses

In order to help further drive the growth of eLearning, eLearning authoring tools have taken it upon themselves. As any eLearning course developer would say, timing is an essential part of eLearning authoring; with advanced technologies, there is no way that one can consider to lose time on developing eCourses like old times. With advanced technologies and authoring tools, it is now easier than ever to respond to even the most challenging and dynamic eLearning requirements quite impeccably. Before seeing why authoring tools have become so popular and widely sought-after in helping many organizations and course developers with a wide variety of training requirements, let us try to understand some of the most effective and robust HTML5 eLearning authoring tools. Have a look at them.

9 HTML5 eLearning Authoring Tools

1. iSpring Suite

If you are trying to craft courses that are mobile-ready and adaptive, then iSpring Suite is the tool to make use of. Capable of providing support to create simulations, video lectures and a wide range of assessments, this tool is exceptionally powerful, quick and robust with an array of effective features that facilitate making of exceptional eLearning courses.It is also a powerful, intuitive add-in for PowerPoint that requires no training at all if you are familiar with PowerPoint. It is also compatible with AICC, SCORM, and the API based on Tin Can. All these make the tool highly preferred among trainers.

2. Zenler Studio

For all those who want to create basic, yet effective lessons and courses, Zenler Studio fits the bill aptly. This provides most of the educators who want to reach a wider audience with an option to create almost absolutely flawless courses from their own branded websites. With the added aid of Zenler tool, it is possible to create eLearning courses as easy as making a PowerPoint presentation. Also, the tool is not that difficulty to master.

3. SmartBuilder

Enabling you to publish your courses and content directly onto Flash, SmartBuilder also provides the user with HTML5 conversion capabilities, as well. It is also equipped with all the support tools and options that can help you create exceptional eLearning courses without having to rely on a team of developers. SmartBuilder is capable of inducing and embedding various rich media, powerful assessments, branching scenarios and several gaming elements into the course.

4. Raptivity

If you are beginning to understand the whole concept of eLearning and trying to make a living out of it, then you must make use of Raptivity which can be used without having any sort of programming knowledge or experience. Equipped with a wide plethora of quick editing and formatting tools, with the help this you can create impeccable interfaces for all your courses, customize your lessons just the way you need and have the course published both in HTML5 and Flash for added benefits. However, flash to HTML5 migration is always recommended.

5. Luminosity Studio

If you are looking to get your hands on a unique and robust authoring tool that can help you create extensive volumes of eCourse materials based on HTML5 technology, do not look further. Providing options to create a wide array of content blended not just with seamlessly audio-visual elements, but also with a range of dynamic graphics, animations and effective assessment features, this is definitely a tool for serious eLearning course providers. You can also assume full control over the entire development process as there will not be any need to outsource any activity.

6. Elucidat

If making your eLearning processes effective and faster is what you are looking forward to  achieve, Elucidat has everything you need to do that. With the help of the extensive capabilities provided by the tool, creating high-quality HTML5 eLearning content that can render beautifully across a wide range of devices is just an everyday affair. With its easier and simpler user-interface and powerful development capabilities, Elucidatis what many rookies try to make extensive use of.

7. Composica

Developers who want to create courses that are more interactive than being anything else, Composica is just the answer. This can be used on a wide range of platforms such as mobile and desktops. It also comes with a wide host of authoring and editing tools including with community dashboards and project blogs for social authoring, settings for rich web-based content authoring, fast editing and reusable content capabilities with effective and intuitive assessment capabilities.

8. Edge Animate CC

Asking the user to have a wide range of web designing abilities, it is capable of helping the user create interactive content and HTML animations that can be easily integrated into the course being developed for better user-experience. With added capabilities such as on-stage text editing, the tool strives to eliminate the use of pop-ups for content editing and style additions.

9. Adapt Learning

Being an open source eLearning authoring tool, the popularity of this tool, among people who have been dealing with eLearning course for quite some time, is beyond anyone’s imagination. Able to create deeply responsive content that can render across various devices, the tool boasts of a large number of intuitive options and capabilities.

7 Benefits Of HTML5 eLearning Authoring Tools

Now that you have understood some of the best eLearning content authoring tools, have a look on few among the main reasons that make them really popular and preferred.

1. Briske-Learning Courses Development Of Capabilities

By adopting any of the aforementioned eLearning tools to create a course, the time required to create the course can be exceptionally reduced. Unlike older times when it took months to create a near flawless eLearning course, it is only amatter of days when it comes to creating an impeccable eLearning course with the help of such tools.

2. Better ROI On Training Programs

This goes well with the previous point. As time is effectively reduced, all the expenses associated with the same are also reduced. This effectively improves upon the ROI of such training programs. As more profits can be made by effectively making use of the eLearning authoring tools, more developers are making use of such tools. You must always opt to convert flash eLearning to HTML5 as Flash is no longer going to sustain.

3. Mobile-Capable Courses

As people have started using smartphones and handheld devices to view a variety of online courses, it has become imperative that the courses are available on mobile-friendly formats, as well. With the help of a wide variety of eLearning rapid authoring tools, content can be created in HTML format which is mobile-compatible. This has further fueled the popularity of such capable tools.

4. No Trial And Errors

Most of the tools used for creating courses that are exceptionally great looking and knowledge-delivering are capable of helping professionals who have no knowledge of programming. There is in fact no need to get trained to use these tools. This encouraged more subject experts to use the tools and start publishing their courses without having to fall victim to a deluge of trial and errors.

5. Make Use Of Existing Content

Creating entire course content and materials can be extremely time-consuming and expensive, no matter how much you try for it. But, when it comes to eLearning authoring tools, they are quite capable of modifying and editing existing content and modules to fit the requirements of such courses. This not only helps the developer save a lot of money but also on the time needed to produce the same.

6. Instructionally Sound Courses

The advent of eLearning tools has helped and encouraged various Subject Matter Experts and other Instructional Designers with no knowledge of programming to foray into the industry to create exceptionally intelligent, value adding and authoritative eLearning courses. Most of the tools have the capability of providing a wide range of customizable templates for better user-experience and intractability.

7. Multi-Platform Usability

The contents that you are creating with these tools can be accessed from a wide range of platforms just as you would love and which are convenient for you. The developers of the tools also make it a point to update them in order to bring more versatility and usability by inducing emerging technologies to provide the best opportunities and unlimited possibilities for the users. For making sure that courses are smoothly delivered, convert interactive swf to HTML5 and in fact every outdated version into HTML5. Many companies are there that offer flash to HTML5 conversion services and several other related services.

Final Word

As you would have understood, the eLearning industry, the tools and the ever-increasing demand for such courses are only going to grow further. With every advance in technology and mobile platforms, the industry will further leap into more efficiency and effectiveness. It is only befitting that you make use of the opportunities while you can, to stay ahead of your competitors.

There are many companies that can help you with everything associated including flash to HTML5 conversion to make the best use of such opportunities. Finding the right people to associate with is where the actual trick lies.