Top 5 Growing Trends In Academic Writing For 2018

Top 5 Growing Trends In Academic Writing For 2018
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Summary: Excelling in academic writing with minimal assignment help is a requisite. Find out about the top emerging trends in academic writing for 2018 right here.

5 Trends In Academic Writing For 2018

Writing is an exploration. You start from nothing and learn as you go. – E.L. Doctorow

When we talk about writing skills today, academic writing is usually the last to strike our minds. Probably because of the typical writing style for academic content that we continue to follow from school level to the university. Essays, assignments, dissertations, reports, case studies, every piece of writing has a unique writing style. Thus, anyone who once does a particular academic writing can easily work on the same pattern in future too.

Yet, the research part of academic writing is something that requires a lot of skills, time, and efforts. That is why people turn towards some assignment help to get a safe escape from this monotonous task. However, the growing trends of academic writing have made us realize the changing writing environment of this niche as well.

The Evolution Of Academic Writing – From Monotone To Creativity

Academic writing usually involves a similar writing pattern for a particular type of content. For instance, all case studies will continue to follow a set pattern. Likewise, dissertations, books, assignments, and essays have their own standard formats too. This has caused academic writing to become somewhat tedious.

Earlier, there weren’t many changes in the academic writing style. People perceived that mentioning about facts and figures does not require much creativity. Nor does it leave space for the writer to express his creative skills. However, people are now diverging from this monotonous behavior. Since 2017, new trends in academic writing are emerging with an aim to modify this writing style. With the growing new writing trends, one can seamlessly create highly innovative and creative articles to serve as essays, assignments, or dissertations.

Emerging Trends In Academic Writing For 2018

If you are a good academic writer, yet you are facing setbacks at different assignment help platforms and you might need to upgrade your writing style. To continue impressing others with your writing, staying up-to-date with the latest academic writing trends is inevitable. Here, we discuss the top 5 emerging trends in academic writing for 2018:

1. Error-Checking Software Will Continue To Aid Writers

Error-free content has always been important for academic writing purpose. Creating essays and assignments with typos and grammatical errors ruins a student’s impression. Earlier, it required an extensive reviewing and proofreading to make an article error-free. Thanks to the growing number of proofreading software that assist in removing all errors from a write-up.

Error-checking software has been in high demand for the past couple years. In 2018 too, this software will be used for rechecking articles, essays, and other academic write-ups for creating error-free content.

2. Blending An Informal Touch In Academic Writing Style

Although it might be surprising to you, it is a fact that informal writing style has become a growing trend in academic writing since last year. It shows the dominance of digital writing style over academics. When students are relying on the internet to gather references, they will naturally adopt a somewhat informal writing tone.

Writing informally does not mean to transform essays and assignments into blogs. It just refers to a milder degree of formal writing that illustrates a personalized style. We can anticipate that this trend will sufficiently help the students improve their writing skills since they will get more margin for expressing their creativity.

3. Quality Content Will Continue To Be In Demand

Earlier, they said, "content is king". But if we dig this out deep, we find that it is not just the content, rather the "quality content" which is the "king". When we demand quality, excellence, and perfection in everything, how can we rule out academic writing!

Quality work in academic content has always been the point of attention. Today, with the growing software and apps that help in editing and proofreading of texts, quality content has gained more importance in academic articles.

The increasing number of assignment help services also shows the value of quality articles. People are, now, hiring professional writers to create school level essays, merely to surpass others in terms of quality.

4. Incorporation Of Stats Will Support Argumentative Writing

With the increase in error-free writing with the help of the information and software available online for free, it is difficult to rate the different write-ups. Now, everyone can produce an article free from plagiarism, typos, and grammatical errors. Hence, the only thing that can now make your standout among others is to give it a human touch. It can easily be achieved by writing in an argumentative way.

Argumentative writing involves addressing problems, and solutions from all dimensions, along with adding one’s own opinion. When you create persuasive arguments in your write-up, it naturally gives it a human touch. Even if you have referred the same information, and have taken help from error-checking software, your article will remain distinct owing to its arguments.

5. Deductive Reasoning Will Increase

Similar to argumentative writing, the inclusion of deductive reasoning also increases the overall weight of your article. Academic writers particularly need to focus on deductive reasoning as they base their write-ups on in-depth analysis and evaluation of facts and stats. As an academic writer, you are going to break down ideas to make them simpler and easily understandable. With deductive reasoning, you are able to communicate the vaguest ideas impressively.

Deductive reasoning has always given the academic articles an edge. Today, when lots of information is freely available on the internet, deductive reasoning has become a trend. It will continue to be an emerging trend of academic writing for this year.


With the rapid technological advancements, content writing has also become digitalized. Earlier, the impact of technological writing aids was limited to creating and web content writing only. But now, in recognition of the importance of various online tools, software, and apps, academic writing is also being revolutionized. From the above-mentioned top 5 emerging trends in academic writing for 2018, it is clear that we are going to see an entirely new aspect of academic writing this year. Probably, we may continue to witness such revolutions in the upcoming years too.