How Can Virtual Instructor-Led Training Benefit Corporate Training?

8 Virtual Instructor-Led Training Benefits
Summary: Ever since the existence of online training, there has been a debate about the role of competent instructors in L&D. Although most organizations understand their impact, only a few are able to retain them.

Benefits Of Virtual Instructor-Led Training

Since there was no stable trainer, most learners had to adapt to every instructor and their style of training. Fortunately, the advancements in technology have made room for the growth of Virtual Instructor-Led Training (VILT) in L&D. Today, VILT is expanding the idea of traditional classroom training. With webinars and video conferencing tools, learners can easily connect online to real-time training with Subject Matter Experts, irrespective of their location. In this article, we'll be looking at 8 benefits of Virtual Instructor-Led Training in corporate training.

8 Benefits Of Virtual Instructor-Led Training In Corporate Organizations

1. Accessibility To SME Advice

One of the benefits of Virtual Instructor-Led Training is that learners can always gain access to quality advice from experts across different platforms. Without a doubt, not every learner finds it easy and interesting to ask questions during classroom training. While some prefer typing their questions on discussion forums, others prefer asking questions when they have in-person access to Subject Matter Experts. Irrespective of the preference, Virtual Instructor-Led Training enables learners to choose how they seek clarity to unclear subject matters. Apart from that, Instructor-Led Training is also essential as it allows learners to get prompt responses to bothersome questions.

2. Creates An Immersive Learning Experience

Another benefit of Virtual Instructor-Led Training is that it helps to create an immersive learning experience for learners. Today, there are many ways that learning can be delivered in order to help learners improve their retention ability. One way is by providing them with practical training and having them experience new skills and knowledge. With Instructor-Led Training activities, including role-playing and brainstorming, one can make that happen. Learners only have to continuously return to the eLearning platform to practice every newly acquired skill via interactive video simulations and other related activities.

3.  The Ability To Track And Measure Success

In traditional classroom training, it's always difficult to track and measure the effectiveness of training on learners. However, by combining both eLearning with ILT, you can easily track and measure your success. One of the benefits of doing that is to enable you to adjust and improve on your training where necessary to deliver better learning. With VILT, you can easily track your learners' progress, engagement, and course completion rates by getting reports from your Learning Management System. Also, you can always check learners' performances on scenario-based quizzes to determine the effectiveness of your training.

4. Cost-Effectiveness

One of the benefits of Virtual Instructor-Led Training is that it's cost-effective for both the learners and the organization. Unlike the classroom Instructor-Led Training, VILT helps to save on travel expenses for both learners and instructors. Apart from that, it also allows learners to connect to training from anywhere. Hence, there's zero need for accommodation costs. Also, with VILT, organizations do not need to worry about the cost of training materials because online materials help to reduce the cost of producing hard copy materials for classroom training.

5. Continuous Learning Experience

Another benefit of Virtual Instructor-Led Training is that it offers learners a continuous learning experience. So for businesses, employees are provided, through VILT, with the essential tools and resources, including digital libraries and video resources to encourage them to learn better.

6. Blends With Different Learning Styles

No doubt, people have different learning styles and preferences that work for them. While some prefer to learn in a quiet place on their own, some prefer to learn from others. With classroom Instructor-Led Training, it can sometimes be difficult to cater to different learning styles. However, with VILT, employees/learners can easily acquire new skills and knowledge by choosing their preferred learning styles.

7. Easy Customization

Often times an organization will want to communicate some necessary information on a particular job in a short amount of time to employees. The fastest way for you to make that work out is by using the virtual method of communication. That's because you can easily customize your VILT to suit your needs. By utilizing a Virtual Instructor-Led Training approach, you are able to connect all information using a single tool and quickly disseminate it to the right employees.

8. Suitable For High-Risk Jobs

One other benefit of Virtual Instructor-Led Training is that it is suitable for high-risk jobs and complex skills. For instance, employees can be best trained in complex leadership skills via live training activities like role play.


Virtual Instructor-Led Training offers more than just clear communication between learners and instructors. While it can help to create an immersive learning experience for learners, it also extends to promoting collaboration between learners. So by effectively implementing it, you can easily promote social learning among your learners.

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