Using Voice Over Services For Workplace Learning

Using Voice Over Services For Workplace Learning
Summary: Companies are not only using technology to provide virtual services to B2B clients and B2C customers. They’re also using it to better integrate employees internally. For those that employ foreign staff, the services of a voice over agency can help to settle those employees more quickly.

Why You Should Use Voice Over Services For Workplace Learning

Technology is everywhere. BMW recently became the first manufacturer to use augmented reality showrooms to sell cars; people can take virtual tours of homes through online property portals; and search engines are training multi-nationals in how to localize their online ad presence.

Some of the most time-consuming business tasks are disappearing; the world is embracing electronic signatures, allowing deals to be confirmed in minutes, and bypassing post, fax or the scanning of remarkable amounts of contract paperwork.

So, how can the right voice over agency help your employees perform and get a better grasp of new ways of working?

Speaking To Employees With The Right Voice Over Agency

Workplace learning is one area where the right voice over artist can make a serious difference to your company’s performance as you integrate new technologies.

More companies are using interactive media and videos to complement their workplace learning according to a study by Kineo. With technology helping to make people’s working day a lot easier, can you honestly say that your company is up to date?

Digital disruption may be the main factor for 4 out of 10 businesses disappearing by 2020, according to The Global Center for Digital Business Transformation. Commentary by Josh Bersin also highlights the benefits of continuous learning, with companies with a proper social learning culture are 52% more productive.

Recently Texas Mutual Insurance Co. has developed a free workplace safety training tool for its policyholders, offering more than 200 video-based training courses narrated by leading voice over talent, delivered through an online portal in an easy-to-understand way.

How To Produce Interactive Video Training

Texas Mutual Insurance aren’t only providing a fantastic free service here, but their investment into interactive videos and leading female and male voice over talent to deliver their training is a PR move that can attract other customers to the company. Production of training material with any level of voice over service can only be beneficial in helping workplaces evolve.

25% of graduates don’t have basic workplace skills according to The Association of Graduate Recruiters. A tale of the times, perhaps, and if your workplace has a unique culture then employing a male or female voice over artist to complement introduction videos to your brand then it can help new employees settle more quickly and make them feel appreciated.

Entering Global Markets With Voice Over Talent

If yours is an organization that employs international workers or has offices across the globe, repurposing training content and localizing it with female and male voice over artists can also help keep messages consistent and boost internal growth on international levels.

If you’re a larger company committed to using video marketing to enter new sectors, you’ll know how tough it can be to roll out consistent training and learning solution that reach your employees all around the world. Using voice over in your training videos can not only help you to keep your brand message consistent, but also keep costs low by repurposing (localizing) existing video content.

Instead of creating new training videos for overseas markets at increased cost, a multilingual voice over campaign can get your message to all of your international audiences at the same time.

Should You Use A Male Or Female Voice Over?

Choosing the right voice over artist for the job can be essential to your success. This isn’t just our opinion – it’s also the conclusion of decades of research into voice data and the ways in which different languages and semantics affect people.

It doesn’t just matter whether you work with a male or female voice over artist. Other factors also come into play, such as whether the voice is soothing or engaging, and what subconscious factors come into play. Most important is the impact it has on the listener.

Utilising a voice over isn’t just a case of writing a script and pressing record. Thanks to big data, the discipline is evolving significantly. New forms of technology are meeting with current psychology and market research methods to find the best ways to communicate with the people who matter most to you.

Research is the key word here, and it’s crucial at all stages of your campaign. There’s so much more to consider in addition to whether your vocal campaign is fronted by a male or female voice talent.

This research can include exploring the power of language, and its ability to connect people without face-to-face interaction. This is especially true if you have ambitions to expand into international territories.