Blended Learning in Our New Rapid Response Reality

Blended Learning In Our New Rapid Response Reality

Date May 14 2020
Duration 60 Minutes
What makes a blended learning program successful? Rapid development is pretty important. However, there are more aspects you need to consider. Miriam Taylor and Kevin Looman of Inno-Versity know these aspects. If you want to expand your knowledge too, just join them in this session! The event is sponsored by eLearning Industry.
Blended Learning in Our New Rapid Response Reality
Speaker Miriam Taylor & Kevin Looman
Miriam Taylor: Miriam has been involved in education and Instructional Design for over 30 years. She is a graduate of Cedarville University and has a MA in Educational Technology from Western Michigan University. After spending time as a high school educator, she ran a small Instructional Design firm specializing in K-12, higher ed., and non-profit projects. Miriam joined Inno-Versity in 2015. Throughout her years, Miriam has spent extensive time teaching university courses, facilitating small-group and large-group training sessions. As the Chief Learning Strategist, she is responsible for setting the direction of all projects, providing CLO consulting services for selected clients and the Learning and Development for the internal team at Inno-Versity. Kevin Looman: After spending 5 years teaching in public high schools, Kevin joined the Inno-Versity team. He holds a BA and MA from Cornerstone University in the fields of education and curriculum development. Currently, Kevin works as a team lead in the Instructional Design department at Inno-Versity. He is responsible for the creative, detailed, and instructionally sound development of materials for some of their largest clients. Because of his classroom background, Kevin is often called upon to facilitate ILT training sessions for clients or sit in on pilot sessions to provide feedback.
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Blended Learning In Our New Rapid Response Reality

In today’s work environment, creating a blended learning program is more important than ever. During this session, we will discuss the importance of rapid development of blended learning programs, and some techniques on making these programs successful.

During this session, you will learn:

  • Why creating a blended learning environment is more important than ever
  • Techniques for the rapid development of learning programs
  • Creating programs that are flexible based on work environments


How will we train people in the future? Global and social forces beyond our control make it necessary for us to be able to deliver training in a variety of modalities. People need to continue to learn and grow no matter the circumstances. Blended learning will be a significant part of the solution.
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