Using A Mobile Microlearning App For Your Business
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Using A Mobile Microlearning App For Your Business

Microlearning is being hailed as the next big thing in Learning and Development (L&D) and as the successor to traditional eLearning courses. The reason for microlearning’s resounding success with employees across the globe is the fact that it is a completely learner-centric learning methodology that is designed keeping modern learners in mind. Microlearning delivers learning in short, concentrated, bite-sized pieces which are easy to consume, focus on only one learning objective or task at a time, and can be taken anywhere, anytime as they’re usually combined with mobile learning. In fact, microlearning and mobile learning go together always. Any organization using mobile microlearning to train their employees would be advised to use an app to deliver it to learners.

We live in the information age, where the best delivery system is a learner’s own smartphone. Thus, it is very important that the organization provides learners with a mobile app through which they can access microlearning content, with features such as the ability to pause microlearning courses in between and resume from the same point, notifications and reminders that notify them of new courses available as well as remind them to complete their courses. As to why your business needs such a mobile microlearning app, let us discuss in this article.

1. It Promotes Just-In-Time Learning

Corporate employees are getting busier as time marches forward and simply do not have the time to consume hour-long eLearning courses. Also, a lot of times they need to learn skills minutes before they are required to apply them. For example, knowing how to behave in a meeting with an international client when the meeting is just 15 minutes down the line. Using a microlearning mobile app, all they need is 5-6 minutes to consume a microlearning course or video and they’re good to go. Just-In-Time is the need of the hour, and a microlearning mobile app is the best way to fulfill this need.

2. Microlearning Supports A Number Of Learning Strategies And Content Formats

Microlearning is extremely popular due to its ability to complement other learning strategies in addition to mobile learning, as well as support a number of content formats. Microlearning can be combined with gamification to create mini-games for learners which take 5-6 minutes to complete while helping learners develop skills and knowledge as they collect points; pick up power-ups; level up; change avatars; earn badges, achievements, and rewards; and, compete with their peers on a leaderboard. When it comes to content formats, a microlearning unit can be a simple presentation, an infographic, an interactive PDF, or a microlearning video. Microlearning videos are a popular content format among modern learners due to their ability to engage learners both visually and aurally, as well as the ease with which they can be used to demonstrate the application of skills and knowledge.

3. Makes Your Organization More Agile

Technology is in everything we do these days, and if an organization isn’t using technology to its full potential, it will be rendered obsolete sooner or later. As microlearning is short, it takes much less time to design than proper digital learning courses, and using the app feature can be deployed at a moment’s notice for the learners to access. This means that your organization can quickly create microlearning units relevant to ongoing trends in no time, which in turn means that your employees are constantly up-to-date in relevant fields. This makes your organization agile and responsive to changing times.

4. Boosts Collaboration Among Employees

By building a chat and group chat feature in your mobile microlearning app, you can boost collaboration among employees and enhance learning manifold. This feature can be used by learners to discuss ideas about the microlearning program, as well as to communicate while playing microlearning games where teamwork is required. Another feature to build into your microlearning mobile app would be discussion boards revolving around topics so that learners interested in a particular topic can discuss and share ideas and knowledge. An app that offers all this along with microlearning courses would be an instant hit!

A mobile microlearning app isn’t very hard to create, and the advantages it offers are worth the effort and the investment. So start planning today and usher your organization into an age of agile digital learning.

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