Why Should Teachers Use Tech Tools To Sharpen Literacy Skills?

Why Should Teachers Use Tech Tools To Sharpen Literacy Skills?
Summary: This article explains different strategies teachers can use to improve literacy skills in students, and how and why technology helps.

Benefits Of EdTech To Grow Literacy Skills

As the summer of 2022 approached it final days, teachers in K-12 schools had to focus on how to transform learning for the 2022-2023 school year. They made lessons they believed would engage and impact the learning experience. Teachers designed these lessons to enhance students’ skills in different subject areas. What ways can you enhance skills? EdTech tools that allow for personalized learning and have a game component are a way to help.

Top Ways To Use Tech Tools For Literacy Skills

Learning through technology helps with subjects such as science and math. Another subject that may not cross your mind, that technology helps with, is reading. This may be a surprise, but technology does come in handy when teaching reading and literacy. Here are some top ways to use technology for teaching and improving skills in this area:

1.   Playing Games

Game-based learning has become a popular way for students to learn. What can be more fun than games? Using games for instruction develops reading skills and keeps students engaged. Games in vocabulary, spelling, and grammar help make reading concepts easier to understand. Playing games is a current and fun way to boost reading and literacy skills for students.

2.  Having Students Collaborate

Another fun way to teach through EdTech is for students to collaborate. This gets their critical thinking skills going, and they get to socialize on top of that. Learning skills in reading and literacy doesn’t have to be boring. Students can enjoy learning these skills when collaborating. They get the best of both worlds, by learning and having fun social interactions.

A teacher can have students work in literature circles digitally, then go over what they learned with each other [1]. Literature based on interests, genres, and illustrations work well for literature circles. Books that students can relate to, such as Jake Drake, Know-it-all, are great to use for a literature circle. The student then uses EdTech tools and shares with their classmates what they’ve learned. Doing critique and analysis is how this works. This teaching style is great for learning literacy and socialization. Give it a try if you haven’t done so yet.

3.   Short Movies

Watching short movies is an option a teacher can use that’s enjoyable for their students. Seeing visuals in a movie helps with student comprehension. Pixar Shorts are used for this purpose [2]. Students watch a short movie and make their guesses about what will happen. Movies like these allow the student to think critically about the plot in the movie. A teacher can keep the critical thinking going by asking questions to support the students’ comprehension.

4.   Student Writing

An option a teacher can use is to have a student read and then write and reflect about what they read. They can use a Learning Management System to record their thoughts. Then the teacher can ask the student questions on what they learned. They can encourage discussions to boost reading comprehension and literacy skills.

5.   Reading and Literacy Apps

Last but not least, there is the choice for a teacher, to teach reading and literacy through apps. Teachers develop these skills when they use apps to teach phonics, vocabulary, and spelling. The apps are easy to use and work well for student engagement. Some apps for a teacher to consider using are Whooo’s Reading, Lexia PowerUp Literacy, Curriculet, and Microsoft Reading Tool.

The strategies and apps mentioned are great ways for teachers to instruct their students in reading and literacy. But let’s not forget why students need to enhance reading and literacy, and why technology should be used.

Changes In Teaching And The Rise Of EdTech

Education has changed so much since pre-pandemic times. EdTech made a huge change in how teachers teach and interact with their students. Teaching through technology also changed how students engage with learning. The current technology tools available for teaching makes learning easier. The latest tools help the students thrive in learning subjects through technology, including reading. These products also help teachers create engaging lessons. A teacher can learn more effective ways to teach their students through technology. EdTech makes it easier for the teacher and enhances their experience teaching and as well as the experience of learning for the student.

It’s Beneficial To The Future Of Students

To sum up, using technology expands on learning. If a teacher uses tech tools to teach reading and literacy, they’ll see how rewarding it is to students. Students gain skills they can use for school and life. Many employers require technology knowledge, and having tech skills is crucial for future work success.


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