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If businesses are to succeed, questions about organization’s knowledge must be asked in the boardroom. Learning & Development shows must be flocked by key executives, as much as by L&D managers, trainers and gurus.
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With more than a billion employees being mobile in the world, three trends are becoming more and more important in the Learning industry: eLearning, mLearning and Blended Learning.
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What if learning took care of itself in your organization? What if your staff knew what they needed to know, or learn, to do their job successfully? Would you say, great! Go for it. Or would you say, wait a minute not so fast. And then start thinking to yourself; I am (fill in the blank) director of training, or HR, or sales director, and I need to provide you with what I think you need.
Wednesday, 02 January 2013 11:47

31 Free eFront Video Tutorials

Would you be interested in a list of Free eFront LMS Video Tutorials? Would you like to know how to customize a lesson, work with categories, create a course or a lesson, work with job descriptions and certifications at eFront LMS?
Monday, 31 December 2012 17:19

Mobile Learning Tools

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The following 39 Mobile Learning Tools allow specific creation of learning modules for mobile devices and/or allow output to HTML5 and/or provide delivery of mobile learning. Most major LMS and LCMS vendors either have mobile solutions in place or are quickly moving to include them.  
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Social/Informal Learning, Mobile Learning, Video – these three items have been “hot” for several years now, both in education and the corporate sector.  Many are excited about them but the adoption of them has been slower than predicted.  Barriers include cost, technology issues still not resolved, confusion about the differences between formal and informal learning, design factors, cultural factors, concerns about security, etc.
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Typical learning systems tend to focus on the development of traditional training, deployment of learning content, and logistics of learning events. However, they do little to capture and retain valuable business knowledge.  For many of today’s businesses, this knowledge is not just about how to conduct transactions but how, when, and why to utilize these transactions within their business process.  It’s also about employees being able to make the best decisions and being able to apply operational talents and expertise to the ultimate practice of the business – satisfying and delighting customers and constituents. 
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How children and teenagers can teach themselves to code? Why technology can be used to make a difference on learning? What if Steve Jobs had re-invented the education system? At the following 10 LWF Talks you will find new ideas and perspectives about education, teaching and learning. But what is LWF?
Tuesday, 18 December 2012 19:50

13 Free Udutu Video Tutorials

Udutu Online Course Authoring Tool is perfect for corporate trainers, software trainers, human resource managers, curriculum designers, sales professionals, account managers and small businesses. Would you be interested for a list of 13 Free Udutu Video Tutorials?
Tuesday, 18 December 2012 14:20

The History of eLearning Infographic 2012

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Would you be interested to review the history of eLearning from the first “testing machine” (1924) to the “social online learning” (2010+)?
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