10 Basic Insurance Online Training Courses

10 Basic Insurance Online Training Courses
Summary: Whether you are looking to get an insurance license or simply want to know more about the products available on the market, the internet is a great place to get an education.

Insurance Online Training Courses To Check

If you run an insurance brokerage, you will need to know about a wide variety of policy types that are available to both business and the general public. It is critical that you know and understand the public liability insurance definition as many large and small companies will depend on your expertise when choosing a policy. Let's take a look at some insurance online training courses to familiarize yourself with the different insurance policies available to the public.

Business Insurance Training Courses

1. The Institutes

The Institutes offers one of the best online business insurance courses in the country. It will teach you how to manage risk when deciding which companies to insure and what type of coverage to offer to a customer. It will also teach you how to help companies minimize their risks and reduce the odds that they file a claim. Finally, it will teach you how to create a Commercial Package Policy (CPP) that may include more than just general liability coverage.

2. International Risk Management Institute (IRMI)

The International Risk Management Institute (IRMI) teaches claims adjusters how to identify suspicious or fraudulent claims. They will also provide guidance as to the legal issues that an insurance company should look out for when offering a policy. Courses can be purchased in bulk or individually depending on the needs of the customer.

Life Insurance Training Courses

3. National Online Insurance School

Online life insurance courses offered by the National Online Insurance School allow you to learn everything that you need to know about the subject from your computer. After one to two weeks, you will be ready to take any licensing exams that may be necessary to sell insurance on your own or as part of an insurance company.

4. Kaplan Financial

Kaplan Financial makes it possible for students to take prelicensing courses that are tailored to the laws in their state. Courses are offered to students in all 50 states, and they are taught by a method known as The Kaplan Way. It claims that proper practice and preparation will lead to successful results on a test.

General Insurance Training Courses

5. The Insurance Institute

The Insurance Institute provides a two-course program that covers both property and casualty insurance in-depth. In addition to an online distance learning option, it may also be possible for employers to provide the course to their employees. Employers may be able to have their own workers complete the program, get a certification and then teach the program to others.

6. ExamFX

For those who are interested in continuing education opportunities, it may be a good idea to check out general insurance courses provided by ExamFX. In addition to relevant and up-to-date study material, the ExamFX offers practice tests and other materials to help you master the concepts that you are being taught.

Insurance Claims Training Courses

7. U.S. Career Institute (USCI)

Those who are looking to be claims adjusters may want to begin their education with courses offered by the U.S. Career Institute (USCI). Most students will finish the training program in about four months, but other options may be available depending on your needs as a student.


Most people know that FEMA is one of the first agencies on the ground after a natural disaster strikes. If you are thinking about becoming a claims adjuster, you may want to consider online classes and webinars that the group offers. It can provide you with valuable insight into how the insurance industry functions in times when dozens or even hundreds of claims may be filed at once.

Auto Insurance Training Courses

9. Infinity Schools

Without a license, you won't be able to sell auto insurance policies in most states in the country. Even if a state doesn't require a formal license, it will likely require that you have some knowledge of the product that you are selling. Online courses offered by Infinity Schools can help you learn more about how to get a license or take classes that will put you on the path to getting it. In fact, Infinity Schools allows you to create a course yourself or teach an existing one.

10. CPMI

CPMI offers a detailed and comprehensive look at the auto insurance industry and what you need to get your license. In addition to being able to take classes online, you can also ask to receive physical textbooks or a DVD version of a textbook for use at home. This allows you to study outside of the traditional classroom setting even if you don't have reliable internet capabilities.

Final Word

Whether you are looking to get an insurance license or simply want to know more about the products available on the market, the internet is a great place to get an education. You can study material on your own time and at your own pace, which may help you get more from your scholarly efforts. Furthermore, most courses offer student or customer support, which means that you have someone to answer your questions by phone or email at any time.