10 Online Learning Resources You Need To Follow In 2017

10 Online Learning Resources You Need To Follow In 2017
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Summary: Read more about 10 best online learning resources and try them! Be smart, it is always on trend.

The Online Learning Resources You Need To Follow This Year 

You can practically find everything online these days, and it does make our lives more convenient. On the flip side, you have to be able to find the best way to use the internet to avoid going down that rabbit hole. Looking for an annotated apa bibliography template? You’ll probably find it on one of these fantastic sites. Use your online time on positive and beneficial online learning resources.

1. EdX 

EdX  has everything you need if you are not attending classes full time. You are able to save so much time while having access to a host of information. From Berkley to Harvard, several courses will be found on this website. These education courses are offered to you free of charge. It does not get better than that.

2. Microsoft Virtual Academy

Most things created by Microsoft becomes a great success. There are many courses offered to people eager to learn. Courses range from IT, Cloud Computing, or all things internet. The world is moving more and more online, and it is important to educate ourselves with as much information as possible. Register in Microsoft Virtual Academy for some of the live events and follow a tutorial in real time.

3. Duolingo

Whether you are a student or own your own business (sometimes both), language is a vital part of your success. If you aren’t yet fluent in English, Duolingo will get you there. If you are already busy learning a second or third language, there are multiple tests you can take to help you improve your language skills.

4. Open Yale Courses

Many students cannot afford full time university, but to receive all the knowledge offered by full time learning from home is a bonus. There are many online introductory courses through Open Yale Courses. You will be able to gain a lot of valuable information from these free courses.

5. Purdue Owl 

This go-to guide will help you improve your writing skills immensely. Going for writing lessons are expensive and usually not worth the money. There are many scams out there but Purdue Owl is one of the more trusted platforms. They offer tips through every stage of writing presented in a neat and organised format.

6.  Science Daily

Some of us dread even attempting science classes. With Science Daily, you do not have to feel the pressure of learning in class. You can almost look at it as the science version of the New York Times. If you have researching to do on a science topic, this is a great place to start. They have a ton of valuable information on their website.

7. Purple Math

I suppose before the fear of science comes the fear of math. I always seem to need help with math and this is my go-to resource when I am stuck. Sometimes I use Purple Math just to learn something new. This keep me ahead of my peers at all times. The explanations are great which helps me grasp things much quicker.

8. Drawspace

We all have a little creative soul inside of us. If drawing is something you enjoy to do or want to perfect, you should consider Drawspace. You have a few options of packages you could choose. There is a free, paid self-study and an instructor guided option. You really need to decide how much learning to draw is worth to you and chose your package.

9. Codecademy 

Knowing how to write code is very important for everyone living in these times. People highly underestimate the importance of teaching kids code. If I had my way I’d have a class in Code in every school around the world. Codecademy helps teach code to individuals of all age groups. An in-browser coding features helps when you are just starting out learning code.

10. W3Schools

W3Schools is another code learning tool because I am so passionate about everyone opening this door. You could be a web developer in no time using this resource. Every major aspect of web development is covered in their tutorials and web courses. They also offer an online certification program which is just amazing.


You do not have to be a college graduate to learn new things. Educate yourself when you do not have the funds or time to attend classes at a top notch University. Before you know it, you would have covered so much work that an annotated bibliography APA will be a perfect way to reflect your package.

The possibility of gaining as much knowledge as you can is in your hands.