10 Tips To Help You Find The Right eLearning Development Company

Which is The Right eLearning Development Company For You?

More and more companies are looking toward eLearning as their professional development method of choice because it’s effective, convenient, and less costly than developing in-house training. In this global, knowledge-based economy where learning on the job has become part of the job, it’s only natural that eLearning for companies is outpacing traditional classroom learning. Because eLearning has been growing by leaps and bounds, there are now many different choices available for outsourcing your custom eLearning development. There are several factors to take into consideration when evaluating a custom eLearning development company, but the bottom line is that you need to find one that will help shape your company’s workforce and produce measurable results for your business. Here are 10 tips on how to find the right eLearning development company:

1. Look For A Well-Defined Skill Set 

The right eLearning development company will be able to communicate exactly what their skill set includes. The team should be made up of experts who bring a wide range of specialized capabilities to your project, such as Instructional Design, graphic design, technology, writing, and project management. You’ll want to explore the team’s depth of experience as well as its track record for staying on top of best practices.

2. Request Work Samples Using The Authoring Tool Your Organization Uses 

If your company has already invested in an eLearning authoring tool, make sure to look for an eLearning developer that has produced samples on the platform you employ. It’s best to think about your eLearning developer as a long-term partner: One whose understanding of your needs deepens over time and has the potential to grow with you. Dig deeper than just looking at screen shots and the company’s client list. Look for an eLearning portfolio you can access and explore.

3. Insist On A Clearly-Defined Pricing Structure 

Pricing can really get away from you when embarking on any development project. A company with transparent pricing is one that can rein in project creep to help keep your costs on course. Custom eLearning development is an investment that requires careful monitoring.

4. Insist On A Collaborative Process 

Collaborating with your development team is essential to the creation of eLearning materials that specifically teach what you need your employees to know. Your developer should have a process for collaboration in place for all phases of your project.

5. Require Experience Developing For Different Industries 

Developers who are specialists in a particular industry will be experts in that industry. If the team has worked in many industries, it’s a good indication that they are eLearning specialists – and that’s the skill set you need to complement yours. Is the eLearning developer equally comfortable developing technical training as it is with customer service training? Are the company’s experts versatile and knowledgeable enough to work in K12 as they are in the food and beverage industry? While you might be in the software industry, you still need your eLearning developer to be able to create courses to teach your marketers, salespeople, bookkeepers, and more.

6. Require Experience Working With A Variety Of Interactive Content 

You want more from your eLearning development company than simple, bulleted slide shows. Look for a developer who can integrate simulations, videos, screencasts, and scenario-driven content. This content should be tailored to your industry so your employees will be able to see how their choices affect real scenarios that they are likely to encounter.

7. Look For A Sales Rep Who Understands Learning And Development 

A sales rep who knows more than how to land you as a client can remain a productive member of your team long after you sign the contract. If your sales rep understands Learning and Development, he or she will be able to effectively communicate with you in helping to determine the right solutions for your situation and goals.

8. If You Decide Not To Hire An eLearning Development Company, Choose A Freelancer Who Knows Graphic Design 

If you prefer a freelance developer over an eLearning development company, make sure your freelancer is equally adept at both eLearning technology and graphic design. How your information is presented is the key to how well your employees remain engaged and focused on the training. Good graphic design can inspire learning and enhance retention.

9. Seek Training And Support 

The eLearning development company you choose should be able to train employees and provide support for a smooth implementation. The developer should also remain available for troubleshooting.

10. Request A Course Prototype Before Beginning The Development Process 

This is a good development practice to follow for both the client and eLearning developer. Great eLearning courses that meet the expectations and goals of both the client and the learners takes not only expertise, but also trial and error. A course prototype is an effective way to see what works, what doesn’t work, and what more can be done to maximize the learning experience.

Today’s business landscape is in constant flux. With a trusted and capable eLearning development company, the knowledge your employees will gain can allow your company to remain resilient and innovative in the marketplace.