14 eLearning Portfolios: A Newcomer's Edition

14 eLearning Portfolios: A Newcomer's Edition
Summary: Looking for eLearning portfolio inspiration? Look no further! Check out these 14 eLearning designer/developer portfolios from those who have been in the field 3 years or less.

A Newcomer's Edition Of 14 eLearning Portfolios

A majority of the articles I write are inspired by colleagues and friends in the learning industry. A few weeks ago, I was chatting with my friend, Devlin Peck, who is in graduate school for instructional systems and educational technologies. He was working on the site for his portfolio. We started chatting about eLearning developer’s portfolio sites when I realized that I could only think of a handful off the top of my head.

I decided to create a series of articles around eLearning portfolio sites, starting with tips for developing a portfolio. Next, I decided to create differently themed articles of curated portfolios, beginning with this one.

The following portfolios are from those who have been in the field for 3 years or less or are currently in grad school in an L&D related program. The portfolio sites are self-selected and have been curated through comments on LinkedIn/Facebook/Twitter. The order these portfolios are displayed holds no meaning:

1. Devlin Peck

Devlin Peck - Screenshot page

Devlin shows variety between eLearning and documentation. I like how Devlin splits up his portfolio tab and tutorial tab. Devlin also coded his portfolio, which makes it a portfolio piece as well!

2. Colleen Griffiths

Colleen does an amazing job of showing variety in her portfolio. She shows online learning, storyboards, project documentation, and analysis, and more.

3. Chackras Lee Smith

Chackras represents his skills well in his portfolio site. I also like the idea of creating a digital resume.

4. Camille Larepe

Camille Larepe - Screenshot page

Camille displays her portfolio pieces in a great way. I like how she takes you through her process on each piece and shares what she has learned. Check out her example of an educational game about the Cretaceous Era.

5. Mike Zielinkskie

Mike's portfolio is clean and easy to navigate. I also enjoy the variety in his examples.

6. Ellen Hayes

I enjoy how Ellen makes it easy to filter through her portfolio pieces. One of my favorites has to be the Alexa Prompt, seen below.

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7. Houra Amin

Houra has a clean, modern, and easy to navigate portfolio. I love how you never have to leave the page to find anything.

8. Beth Myers

Beth Myers - Screenshot page

Beth shows her personality and brand through her portfolio. I love the gamified looking design. She also shares her accomplishments, like winning the student award at DemoFest - DevLearn 2017.

9. Mike Deschaine

I like that Mike tells us right up front who he is, how to connect with him, and the skills he has. His portfolio also shows a lot of variety in his work.

10. Kaitlin Meme

Kaitlin Meme - Screenshot page

Kaitlin's portfolio is modern and cheerful. As soon as you land on her page, you can tell that she's an artist. She's got fantastic eLearning examples but check out her lettering page too!

11. Samantha Nagy

Samantha's site is easy to navigate and has a clean design. She shares in-depth overviews of her portfolio pieces, including sharing templates and documentation on her design process.

12. Roberta Dombrowski

I like how Roberta categorizes her portfolio pieces. She shows examples of in product learning, microlearning, and more!

13. Erik Herberg

Erik does a great job of showing his video production skills, as well as writing examples. His site is easy to navigate and he even coded it from scratch!

14. Matt Marsaglia

Matt shows a lot of variety in his portfolio. I like the format of sharing the challenge, solution, and results for each portfolio piece.


What do a majority of these portfolios have in common? Some of the best aspects of these portfolios are:

  • You know the name of the eLearning designer/developer right away.
  • You are able to contact or connect with the eLearning/developer designer.
  • The portfolio is easy to navigate.
  • The portfolio shows a bit of their personality.
  • There are a variety of mediums (documentation, graphics, video, eLearning, etc.) in the portfolio pieces.
  • There are overviews of the process they used to create the portfolio pieces.
  • They include accomplishments, skills, or other valuable information about the eLearning designer/developer.