3 Interactive Video Platforms For Your eLearning

3 Interactive Video Platforms For Your eLearning
Summary: 3 of the market prime, interactive video-development tool providers explain us why interactive video is such an important tool in today's eLearning.

Interactive Video Platforms For Your eLearning: Why Interactive Video Is Key In Online Education

The Q-Rating of video is off the charts. It’s hard to go out for an evening without having someone shove their phone in your face with a video from YouTube, Snap Chat, Instagram, or other video sharing platform. The only thing that is better than the video is the interactive video. That is, a video that is interactive and immersive. Not surprisingly, there’s a growing demand to add video and interactive video to eLearning. The good news is that there is a growing list of tools that makes the creation of fun and engaging interactive video, not only affordable, but also accessible to even the most techno-phobic among us.

To take a closer look, we asked 3 top interactive video platforms to tell us why interactive video is such a key tool in online education and also explain to us what differentiates them in the market. Here's what they said:


WIREWAX describes itself as a "connected video technology", providing interactive videos to 25,000 users, which includes more than 500 brands and agencies.

"The classic video is a one-way conversation. You are quite literally broadcasting out to your audience, but they cannot respond", WIREWAX explains. "The interactive video changes the landscape, as it allows your viewers to engage with your video content directly. Users can access relevant information as and when they’re interested".

WIREWAX has built a tool that allows its users to create and develop their own interactive video. WIREWAX, then, works to ensure the clickable elements are designed to call out to the viewer through design and animations and the interactivity is clear and concise. Some of its features include static tags, automatically pausing video and looping video to require more engagement.

The "connected" part is WIREWAX's award-winning artificial intelligence that automatically makes people, products, and scenes in video clickable and touchable. Then, it connects those video parts to the rest of the web.

Why Choose WIREWAX?

  • Customization and functionality.
    WIREWAX allows users to create custom interactive content that looks and feels like their brand.
  • Motion-tracking technology.
    WIREWAX offers the only technology that motion-tracks people, objects, and scenes in video to provide a tangible link between what the viewer sees, and what they engage with, which leads to 9 times more engagement on average.
  • Scalability.
    The WIREWAX tool allows users to create interactive video at any scale, for any platform or device.

2. Rapt Media

Rapt Media thinks of an interactive video as a user experience first, and as a video, second.

The company's cloud-based interactive video platform enables others to easily create navigable (like a website) interactive video experiences, which is proven to drive deeper engagement, enhanced learning, and measurable behavior change among end users.

"People are no longer a passive audience. We have become a group of interactive users with the expectation to always be in the driver’s seat, when it comes to gathering knowledge and information. Tapping, touching and swiping our way to live a better life or do a better job is now the norm", Rapt Media explains. "Passively consuming content, be it video or otherwise, no longer fits our needs, when trying to learn or absorb complex information”.

Fortune 500 enterprise customers subscribe and use Rapt Media’s platform to build, host, and publish interactive experiences that recruit, onboard, and train employees with measurable results.

Why Choose Rapt Media?

  • Rapid development.
    Rapt Media's drag-and-drop User Interface is the easiest and most intuitive User Interface in the marketplace today, with no need to custom code interactivity. The ability to iterate in real-time impacts every instance of the interactive experiences.
  • User experience.
    Branching and user experience is Rapt Media's core competency. Rapt Media's platform allows the creator to put the user at the center of the experience, enabling them to choose their own path of content versus a traditional linear video with hotspots.
  • Data-driven.
    Using Rapt Media's analytics dashboard you can measure conversions and behaviors and derive meaningful insights from paths taken in videos. Rapt Media helps organizations be more effective and efficient by optimizing both the experience and channel for different users by ensuring the experiences built focus on driving desired behaviors, on setting real metrics/goals, and on delivering on them.

3. HapYak

HapYak provides an intuitive, interactive video platform for organizations to simplify and deepen the way they engage people through web video. Fortune 500 companies use HapYak's interactive video to engage prospects, train employees and measure their content marketing strategies. Universities use it to better engage learners, quantify online participation and implement flipped classrooms. And the list goes on.

"Interactivity turns a video from a monologue to a dialogue, and allows the video to achieve business goals ranging from ensuring knowledge transfer to allowing the direct purchase of products directly on the video canvas", the company says.

HapYak works with all existing videos, across all video platforms. It is built on HTML5 with customization, extension, measurable data, and integration in mind.

Why Choose HapYak?

  • Scalability.
    HapYak's platform is built for 1 or 1,000 videos.
  • Measurability.
    HapYak's SaaS platform provides the deepest data, easiest tools and most flexible integration options on which to build your video strategy.
  • Flexibility.
    HapYak tools are used for video where the end goal is lead generation, lead nurturing and eLearning and training.

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