3 Strategies For Quickly Delivering High Quality eLearning

How To Quickly Deliver High Quality eLearning

Here are 3 strategies to help you quickly deliver high quality eLearning:

1. Reuse branded themes.


Look for opportunities to create eLearning themes that you can use over and over. This will help save time and money as you build more projects. It also makes the development process more efficient and easier for your entire team.

How to reuse branded themes:

  • Use an eLearning authoring tool that provides ready-made themes that you can customize with your own branding. These themes will already be built to industry standards and include design best practices that will save you heaps of time. Some tools like Elucidat provide responsive themes that will automatically adjust to different mobile and tablet devices.
  • Set up your theme and brand the first time, then just focus on the content for future courses. This will speed up eLearning content development because you won’t have to spend any time designing your eLearning.
  • Pick a tool that provides Master courses (or Master templates). Master courses are reusable courses that you can use to quickly build new projects. All changes made to a Master course are automatically synced with the linked projects. This saves your team lots of repetitive work, since they don’t have to manually make changes to each project. Master courses also make localization projects much more efficient. You can quickly create courses in different languages and empower reviewers to comment on and collaborate directly inside the project.

2. Use cloud-based collaboration tools.


Stakeholders will need to review your projects at some stage in the development process. This is often where your work runs into some snags.

How do your stakeholders manage the review and feedback cycles, track changes, and monitor version control?

These tasks can be particularly challenging if you have multiple stakeholders and reviewers working on the project.

How to enhance stakeholder collaboration:

  • Make sure everyone reviewing the project has access to the most up-to-date version. The best way to ensure people are working on the current project is to use a cloud-based eLearning tool that automatically manages updates and keeps the project current.
  • Use a system to track and manage review cycles and changes. eLearning software like Elucidat incorporates this functionality to help you track updates. For example, Elucidat has an easy-to-use comment tool that lets team members, subject matter experts and stakeholders add notes for the rest of the team. You can quickly see what changes or additions have been made and who made those changes. Is it time to throw away that frustrating spreadsheet you use to track changes?
  • Sign off on changes inside the project itself. This makes it easy to keep the updates and the tracked changes together in one place. Never again will you need to use another tool to manage the review process.

3. Reduce maintenance time with Rapid Release republishing.


As an eLearning manager, you’ll likely need to factor in time for maintenance of content and projects. This is especially the case if your company requires annual updates to your compliance courses.

How to speed up eLearning maintenance:

  • Use an authoring tool that enables authors to push updates out directly to their Learning Management Systems. This is a serious time saver. No longer do you need to make the changes, republish the project, and then upload it again in the Learning Management System.
  • Elucidat’s Rapid Release™ republishing feature enables you to quickly update content in your Learning Management System without having to download and upload files to SCORM each time. Changes are processed straight to the Learning Management System – no need for republishing, packaging, or redeploying.

Conclusion: Embrace new technology. 

Embrace new technology that can help you design great-looking eLearning and increase the efficiency of your authoring team. Tools that make the development process more efficient will help you reduce the time it takes to develop eLearning projects. In turn, this will help you to control costs and deliver high quality eLearning, faster.

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