4 Best eLearning Mobile Apps For Your Employees

4 Best eLearning Mobile Apps For Your Employees
Summary: The challenge for human resources officers to provide upgraded training materials to a workforce that can be scattered across many states and countries is tough, especially when budgets are limited. By using eLearning mobile apps that allow employees to learn on their terms and their location choices, you can take down impediments to ensuring each employee has the same access to learning materials, regardless of where they work and what shift they are on.

eLearning Mobile Apps Your Employees Can Use 

Here are four of the most innovative eLearning mobile apps for your employees. They will allow you to implement innovative training programs without starting from scratch to build your own app or crippling your budget. Some are even free. If you have to revolutionize the way you train employees but don't want to re-invent the wheel, these apps are for you.

  1. Udemy
    If two million people are already learning online from a site, they must be doing something right. Not content to feed the curiosity of the individual client, this innovative firm has come up with “Udemy for Organizations”, that is geared more to corporate training and business topics. This free app is worthy of your attention especially if you want to incorporate MOOCS (Massive Open Online Courses) into your human resources training. The Udemy app can be accessed in both iOS and Android versions. Above all, it allows your employees to take any of the thousands of courses available through Udemy, some of which are excellent. Be aware that there is a fee for many of the courses.
  2. Skill Pill
    This free app serves up quick training videos (“pills”) to employees using iOS, Android, Windows phones, and Blackberry. They offer a good selection of topics for training including management, sales and marketing and other specific topics. As with Udemy, while the app is free, there is a fee for the courses. They will also develop customized courses to meet your specific training needs.
  3. DesignJot
    Created by Allen Communication Learning Services Inc., this is the first app made to help Instructional Designers, trainers, and performance consultants build better training. For an investment of $4.99, this app helps both new and experienced Instructional Designers collaborate with their clients to create new training courses.
  4. BoostHQ
    BoostHQ is a different concept from the apps mentioned above as it is a free content sharing app that allows you to push useful information to select people around you. It allows you to share your content with a larger audience, or use BoostHQ collaboratively in smaller circles. It allows you to choose the content that you want to push to your employees and even allows your employees to push content to other employees, if you give them permission. Content can be sourced from any resource, and is then organized into channels. BoostHQ's analytics then gives you feedback and lets you know what is effective for your employees and what isn't. BoostHQ is available for web, iOS, and Android.
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