4 Free Educational Tools To Enhance Your Academic Skills

5 Free Educational Tools To Enhance Your Academic Skills
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Summary: Looking for free platforms that can inhance your academic skills and help you save time? Here are 4 of them everyone should be using now.

The Top Free Educational Tools For Enhancing Academic Work

We can’t deny the contribution of smartphone apps in the academic work. One moment or the other, we open up an app for everything for anything we do. Same is the case with academics; apps, whether free or paid, for iOS or Android, they all have really made a huge difference in the education today. Companies and firms that provide various services have also apps for mobiles. There is an app for almost anything, so at times it becomes a little harder to pick the few that you really need based on the requirements of your work and purpose, and we can’t hoard each one of those to make our devices slower. I have some favorites to help you sort the clutter. Apart from Google apps and oneDrive, I really recommend a couple of them to help you in your academic career.

1. Dragon Dictation

I like Dragon Dictation and I hate writing/typing endlessly like mad. If you don’t like to write, or you forget the entire sentence structure that you have in your mind and that you forget along the way, you can dictate it and this app with convert it into written words for you, saving you for a lot of typing. This can be really benefiting to do long written tasks such as essay writing. You can do the formatting later according to your needs. This app enables you to lay back and close your eyes and speak, when you are done the talking, format and save it.

2. Dictonary.com

You know various apps that house a lot of words and quizzes to keep you on the toes and improve your spellings and increase vocabulary, but what about the stuff you need to know right away and a difficult word you came across? Or, what did that word mean in the quiz you took yesterday? Dictionary.com is the ultimate place for on the go vocabulary and their meanings and it keeps a history of the words. It has over 200,000 definitions and meanings and you can get a free app for your phone that includes ad banners. They don’t interfere with your work or open up between the works. It is pretty basic to use and very easy to work with. It will make your academic work and essay writing easy.

3. Google Drive

The possibilities with this app are endless. There is simply so much in this app, you can do any sort of spreadsheets, diagrams, slides, assignment writing, essay writing and secure them by the autosave feature. It is absolutely free and you can get seriously addicted to using it and rely on it a lot.

It is not an innovational technology, but it is practical, legal, free, and convenient. Moreover, it's safe and easy to use, even when you have heaps of files and tasks.

4. Google Slides

Make your presentations on the go with Google Slides. You don’t have to pay for the paid software or need a laptop around if you have a presentation making emergency. You can make a decent looking presentation and share it online without having to email the attachment or allow editing with whomever you share it with.

Make your presentation simple but elegant with Google Slides. Saving and sharing presentations with your colleagues, students, etc. may be faster and more convenient.

Some of you may consider those platforms old-fashioned, but they are stable and always handy. I've been trying various apps and tools, but nothing can substitute quick and easy access and limitless usage. In the era of technology, we should be so proud to have something worthy for free. Don't miss the opportunity.

Have you been using those already?