4 Questions That Drive Learning Results

4 Questions That Drive Learning Results
Summary: All learning includes the asking and answering of four questions. These questions form a cycle of learning. This four-part cycle applies to learning anything. Check the article to find more!

You followed this cycle when you learned to ride a bike, when you learned that second language in high school and when you figured out that new software last week. Ok, maybe, you didn’t really learn that second language. However, I bet if you figured out why it would have something to do with one part of the cycle being skipped.

4 Important Questions That Form The Cycle of Learning

What happens when we learn?Current brain research confirms that we travel a four-part cycle when we take in and make meaning of new information. We call this learning cycle 4MAT®. Think of something new that you learned recently and ask yourself how you moved through this learning cycle:

  1. Step 1 – Engage
    Something happened and your attention is gained. You explore the question “Why?” Why should I pay attention to this? Why is it important? Meaningful? Relevant?
  2. Step 2 – Share
    You watch, reflect and think about this new information.  You seek out expert thinking. You explore the question, “What?” What should I know about this? What do the experts have to say? What data exists?
  3. Step 3 – Practice
    You move into action. You practice. You explore the question, “How?”  How is this useful? How will I apply it? How does it work?
  4. Step 4 – Perform
    You assess the results of your action and adjust. You do it your way. You explore the question, “If?” If I apply this, what new results will be generated? If I am to be successful in applying this, what accommodations or adaptations will I have to make for my real-world environment?

When any of the four steps of this process is skipped, learning suffers.This 4-step process is called 4MAT®. If you are designing courses that you market online, register and join me for a Free Webinar Training, The 7 Steps to Creating and Launching a Profitable Online Course, next Tuesday, March 11 at 1:00 pm Eastern. Here is the link to free webinar training registration page: www.create6figurecourses.com/webinar. We will send the recording to anyone who registers.