4 Ways To Use Your Mobile Polling App

Using Your Mobile Polling Application

Mobile polling is an easy way to ask your audience for feedback or their opinions about the material you are presenting. This can be done with the use of yes or no questions, or you can select multiple choice options to provide a range of limited answers to participants. However, there are many other ways to use live polling within a Learning Management System that can further enhance your presentations and classes with the advantages of contemporary communication that is inclusive and accurate.

1. Push PowerPoint Presentations.

With a mobile polling application, it’s easy to send your PowerPoint presentation directly to smartphones, tablets, laptops, and desktops. This means you can create presentations that are easily distributed to remote participants, or you can simply make your presentation easily visible on a personal device to everyone in your live audience. Polling options interface with your presentation to make gathering audience feedback a simple process with the touch of a button. There is no need for preparation of hard copy notes, and audience members will no longer need to furiously scribble notes when they have your presentation at their fingertips.

2. Send And Receive Text Messages.

The ability to send and receive text messages with a live polling application means you can easily ask and answer audience questions throughout your class or presentation. The ability to communicate individually or in groups makes it a flexible and functional way to engage and communicate with all or part of your audience. Questions and answers can remain private, or the can be shared with the group to create dynamic discussions or question-and-answer sessions.

The possibilities for practical application of text message communication are endless; you can communicate specific information to groups who require it or use it for structured exercises within an educational presentation. Groups can be split in a variety of ways by the polling function, and communication with those groups can be specific to their opinions or interests. Communication is easy with a cell phone polling application, and the opportunity to involve your audience can ensure that they are absorbing the material and asking questions that fill in any gaps in your presentation.

3. Projector View.

Communications with audience members can remain private, or they can be revealed to all of the audience members with the use of a projector view feature and live polling. Questions and answers worth sharing can be easily displayed, which leads to further interest in the topic and engagement of the participants. This can be especially useful in the workplace, as the mobile polling application https://www.cloudvote.com/live-event-mobile-app/mobile-polling-app/  documents questions and answers to ensure compliance. Feedback from questions can also help guide your presentation or class to ensure that the information is being absorbed and is well received. The opportunity to view the questions and discussions of others may help other participants to develop their own ideas and add to the conversation.

4. Create Charts And Graphs.

Polling results can easily be displayed to all participants in a useful format, including vertical, horizontal, or pie charts. The visual ease of immediately understanding the results of voting and questions helps the audience to quickly see if their views or answers match the majority. If you prefer, you can keep the results private, but use the graphs to quickly understand the results of your poll. To help students who need additional support, the ability to anonymously understand how they match up to their peers can help them to know if they are learning the material at an adequate rate of speed, or if they need additional help to catch up.

Do More With Live Polling

Mobile polling applications offer a variety of uses that allow you to engage with your audience for a wide range of purposes. Whether you are collecting opinions, ensuring compliance, gauging learning progress, or determining the progress of your presentation, live polling is a versatile and simple way to immediately assess your audience and gain useful information for your needs.