Analyze eLearning Course Audience

Analyze eLearning Course Audience: Best practices, assessments, questions to ask, tips and benefits of analyzing your audience. Find out much more in the most thorough collection of eLearning articles, written by the best eLearning authors!

March 8, 2018

Using Training Audience Analysis To Inform Training Design

Audience analysis is the process of gathering information about the targeted training audience in to design effective training programs that cater to the learners’ preferences and motivations. Data gathered can determine barriers to success as well as which training methods will be most effective.
by Nell Gelhaus
July 13, 2017

Designing Instruction For Authentic Learning

An applied approach to Instructional Design where the Backwards Design model is integrated into the design phase of ADDIE to create Authentic Learning. Increase the transfer of knowledge effectiveness rate by allowing students to become active learners instead of passive receivers of information.
by Jeremy O'Toole