5 Awesome Instructional Design Infographics

5 Awesome Instructional Design Infographics
Summary: From instructional design history to instructional systems design at this post you will find 5 awesome instructional design infographics!

5 Awesome Infographics About Instructional Design

It is extremely interesting how you can communicate a complex set of instructional design models, systems, history, and even more in visual terms. The following 5 instructional design infographics are my favorite and I thought to share them with you. In case that you would like to create an Instructional Design infographic you may find valuable the List of 18 Free Tools to Create Infographics. Last but not least, you are more than welcome to submit your favorite Instructional Design Infographic at eLearning Infographics!

  1. ASU Instructional Designers Infographic I really like this instructional design infographic produced by Arizona State Univeristy (ASU). A large group of ASU Instructional Designers and Technologists were asked to tell about the work they do and the ASU Instructional Designers Infographic is based on these findings.
  2. Instructional Systems Design Infographic Built from the topics covered at Cj’s Instructional Systems Design blog, the Instructional Systems Design infographic begins with the supporting instructional design theory basis and displays the depth and breadth of the instructional design profession’s art and science.
  3. Robert Gagne’s Instruction Design Model; “The Nine Events of Instruction Infographic” According to Robert Gagne, there are nine events that activate processes needed for effective learning. Check the 9 Events of Instruction Infographic plus a great PowerPoint presentation that you can embed at your site or blog.
  4. Instructional Design History Infographic At the Instructional Design History Infographic you will find the brief history of Instructional Design. Enjoy and let me know your thoughts!
  5. The ADDIE Instructional Design Model Infographic Do you really want me to talk about ADDIE? Ok lets do it for the freebies. The ADDIE model refers to Analyze, Design, Develop, Implement, and Evaluate. Furthermore, provides a step-by-step process that helps instructional designers plan and create training programs with a framework in order to make sure that their instructional products are effective and that their processes are as efficient as they can possibly be. At the ADDIE Instructional Design Model Infographic you will find and a PowerPoint presentation that you can embed at your site or blog.