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August 4, 2015

Becoming A Super Designer: 7 Ways To Help You Get And Stay There

Today’s curriculum designers can be tomorrow's Super Designers, incorporating both their knowledge of andragogy or pedagogy and their tech savviness to stay competitive in the ever-progressing field of eLearning. In this article I’ll introduce you to the concept of the Super Designer and offer 7 strategies to help effectively you become and remain one of these “crusaders for excellence in curriculum and technology”!
by Alexandra Barnett
February 3, 2015

Why Do You Need An Instructional Design Degree?

The issue of whether an Instructional Design degree should be a prerequisite is a hotly debated topic in the eLearning industry. Some believe that earning a degree gives instructional designers the model, theory, and tech knowledge they need. Others are of the opinion that on-the-job experience and self-study can instill that same knowledge. In this article I will take a look at why you may want to consider an Instructional Design degree.
by Christopher Pappas