5 Mobile Learning Questions To Ask: How To Unleash The Power Of mLearning

5 Mobile Learning Questions To Ask: How To Unleash The Power Of mLearning
Summary: Here are some common doubts regarding mobile learning to help you ensure that you unleash the full potential of this incredibly effective micro medium.

Mobile Learning Questions To Ask To Unleash mLearning’s Full Potential

The world is going mobile. Today, we effortlessly do everyday tasks such as shopping, ordering food, and hailing a cab through mobile devices. Mobiles have pervaded the workplace too, transforming the way we perform professional tasks because so much is possible through smartphones. This also has direct implications on the way employees learn, and organizations need to make the most of this mobile revolution.

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However, when it comes to using them for corporate training, mobile devices, due to their informal and personal nature, have always raised eyebrows. For organizations that have recently adapted a digital learning program, venturing further into the digital world through mobile learning can seem disconcerting. That’s why this article aims to address some common doubts regarding mobile learning and shows how its full potential can be unleashed:

1. Is My Organization Ready For Mobile Learning?

The work schedule of most employees across most industries is changing. No longer are employees glued to their desks to perform their duties. Rather, they are adapting a more dynamic work approach that is better suited to their clients and customers. With more employees on the move, organizations are finding it increasingly difficult to implement training that requires learners to access a desktop or a laptop.

Such a paradigm shift in work cultures should act as the necessary push for you to adapt full-fledged mobile learning modules. Also, the average employee age across the world is reducing. Millennial employees are increasingly forming the core of a workplace. Remember, this is a generation who has been raised on mobile technology, and learning through it will come as second nature to them.

2. Can Mobile Learning Really Enhance Employee Performance?

The entire purpose of employee training is to enhance their skills and knowledge, and thereby performance. When you adopt mobile learning in your digital training program, you have a unique advantage to offer: 24x7 availability.

Mobile learning takes your courses where no training method can reach. Whenever your employees are about to perform an important task, for instance, perform maintenance on complicated machinery at the client location, or give a sales pitch about the latest product, or meet a prospective client, they can quickly whip out their mobile phone and take a short course that helps them brush up key concepts. As knowledge retention from a desktop e-learning course may not be 100%, such just-in-time performance support lays a strong foundation in your employees.

3. Won’t Mobile Learning Be Dismissed As Being Too Informal For The Corporate Environment?

Many organizations have the notion that mobile phones, with social media and gaming apps, can be a distraction to meaningful work. This might be true in situations where professionals can’t use their smartphones for any work-related activity. But when you decide to use mobile learning modules, employees will start viewing smartphones as an essential tool in their workplace arsenal and not as a time-killing add-on.

Since mobile phones can provide useful learning content on-demand, along with regular updates, they are worth using in a high-functioning corporate environment. The icing on the cake is that mobile devices can also provide offline support, through apps, enabling employees to learn even when at remote on-site locations.

4. How Can I Create A Successful Mobile Learning Strategy?

To utilize mobile learning to the fullest, you must devise a strategy to deliver content most optimally. To do this, you must carefully analyze your target audience by determining the average age, time spent on devices, popular smartphone type in use, and any other company-specific parameters that may be relevant.

Based on these parameters, you can create a wide array of content. By applying effective content chunking, you can create short text-based modules for quick revisions. Along with that, you can make extensive use of multimedia elements such as videos, audio clips, infographics, animations, game-based content, etc. to impart maximum knowledge in the most efficient manner.

5. Can I Do It All Myself?

All things considered, creating an impactful mobile learning program can be a difficult task. Sure, there are many powerful authoring tools such as Lectora Inspire, Articulate Storyline, Adobe Captivate, and iSpring Suite that can make creating mobile-friendly courses a breeze. But, you will need to significantly adjust your instructional design strategy to suit the smaller screen size, along with implementing a mobile-friendly LMS.

That’s why you should consider taking the help of an experienced e-learning vendor who can undertake the mobile learning development process and help you make the most of this medium.

With advances in technology, the future looks very exciting for mobile learning, with endless possibilities for creating better learning experiences for learners. So, jump on this wagon if you haven’t already done so, and make the power of smartphones yours.

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