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Decoding Mobile Learning - A Handy Guide


Decoding Mobile Learning - A Handy Guide

by CommLab India / Published: Apr 24 2018

What it's about

Mobile phones have become an integral part of our lives, touching everyday activities such as shopping, traveling, and staying fit. Work life has become hectic – employees are prone to short attention spans and distractions. How can organizations retain the competitive edge in this scenario? Offering engaging training on mobiles is ‘the’ thing to do. Explore the potential of mobile learning in this guide.

Key chapters

  • Four Top Considerations before Adopting Mobile Learning

    Get started in the right direction by gaining cognizance of the factors you need to consider before waving the Green flag for mobile learning implementation in your organization.
  • Mobile Learning – Performance Support’s New Best Friend

    With nearly 70% of learning happening on-the-job, mobiles are the perfect medium to connect learners to information at the moment of need, improving task efficiencies.
  • Four Reasons to Choose Mobile Learning for Corporate Training

    If you are unsure of going ahead with m-learning or need to convince top management, delve into the advantages it offers, including reaching remote workforce, distributing updates quickly, and more.
  • Audience, Content, Device: Keys to a Successful Mobile Learning Strategy

    Designing for m-learning is a different ball game compared to e-learning. It’s not about fitting e-learning to mobile screens. Take a quick look at the crucial design elements for a successful mobile strategy.
  • 3 More Crucial Aspects of Your Mobile Learning Strategy

    What do you gain with mobile learning? Think data analytics, social engagement, dynamic assessment snippets – sounds interesting right? Gain detailed insights.
  • Choosing the Right Authoring Tool for Mobile Learning

    Responsive design is the core of mobile learning because it makes online training available on any device seamlessly. Learn of 4 popular authoring tools that help develop effective m-learning courses.
  • Deliver Mobile Learning the Right Way

    Mobile learning has extended learning beyond the classroom but first, it has to be delivered the right way to reach learners. Discover 3 delivery options you can choose from.
  • Five Best Formats to Deliver Mobile Learning

    Mobile nuggets should be short and engaging, to overcome distractions and convey learning. To create an impact, you must judiciously choose the type of m-learning asset.

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