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Practical eLearning Translation Strategies For Global Training


Practical eLearning Translation Strategies For Global Training

by CommLab India / Published: Aug 09 2017

What it's about

Want to train your global workforce consistently and effectively? Translating your online courses is the optimal solution. How do you ensure your translated courses are accurate linguistically and subject-wise? How do you ensure they cater to the sensibilities of regional audiences? This eBook shares effective translation and localization strategies, the efficacy of human translators over machine translators, and more.

Key chapters

  • The Translation and Localization Challenges Associated with Training a Global Workforce

    A look at the 4 primary challenges organizations face when they rely on internal resources to translate and localize online courses.
  • Strategies for Global Training

    Understand the role of translation and localization in training a global workforce and the crucial difference between the two.
  • Machine Translations or Human Translations?

    A comparison of the efficacy of machine translations and human translations.
  • Effective Online Translation Strategies

    A detailed look at the strategies that must be taken into consideration to make a course ready for a global audience. Read about instructional, content, visual, outsourcing strategies, and more.
  • Effective Localization Strategies

    Explore how cultural sensitivity plays a key role in localization and defines the success of a global training process. Understand the importance of adhering to cultural nuances, international formats, among others.
  • Translation Tools to Ease Translations

    A brief look at the various translation tools available and how they help human translators ensure the accuracy and consistency of international translations.
  • Cost-Saving Translation Tips

    Contrary to popular belief, translation and localization of courses do not need to cost a fortune. Read how a few smart decisions taken while developing the source course will bring down costs.
  • How to Choose a Translation Vendor

    A set of criteria to help you choose a translation vendor who can meet your expectations at a reasonable cost – without compromising on quality.

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