8 Efficient Ways To Improve Learner Engagement In eLearning Using Articulate Storyline

by CommLab India

The proliferation of technology and digital devices has had two immediate effects on online learning. Learner disengagement due to constant disruptions and the need to access learning resources on multiple devices, at the point of need. Articulate Storyline is a wholesome eLearning authoring tool that facilitates the rapid development of highly interactive online courses. Explore its various features in this exploratory guide.

Key Chapters

  1. Missing Learner Engagement? Try Articulate Storyline

    When a lack of direct interaction, flexibility in course structure, and learning styles disengage learners, learn how Storyline helps generate the much-needed interaction and involvement in online courses.

  2. Build Custom GUI with Articulate Storyline

    Take a close look at the limitations of default Graphical User Interfaces offered by most authoring tools and the customization options available in Articulate Storyline.

  3. Simplifying the Creation of Flash-like Animations – The Storyline Way

    With Flash nearing the end of its life span, explore how Storyline replicates its stunning animation and course development facilities, without the need for extensive programming knowledge.

  4. Intuitive Interactivities that Enhance Learning

    Gain insights on designing interactivities that beat distractions in a self-paced environment and make learning an active process of inquiry, discovery, investigation, and interpretation.

  5. Improve Decision-making Skills with Branching Scenarios

    Read how Storyline makes it possible to design scenarios with multiple narratives and choices to build the decision-making skills of learners and help them learn by self-discovery.

  6. Add the Fun Element to Your Learning with Gamified Storyline Courses

    How you do you apply gamification elements to your online courses using Articulate Storyline? What are the supported features? Discover the answers.

  7. Cohorts of Success: Experience Interactive Simulations with Storyline

    Learn how to use Storyline to insert screencasts of your software application in online courses. Explore the features offered by Storyline 360.

  8. Unleash the Power of Interactive Videos

    Read how to integrate interactive elements such as annotations, hyperlinks, polls, and quizzes in videos to involve learners deeply in the learning process.

  9. Make eLearning Translations Super Easy

    Take a look at how Articulate Storyline eases the online course translation process and the support offered to languages with right-to-left orientation.

With Articulate Storyline, you don’t need programming knowledge to create Flash-like animations. They can be developed using inbuilt templates, triggers, slide layers, object states, and variables. You can also gamify assessments using these features for better learner engagement. Articulate Storyline also offers a wide range of built-in templates, including slide layouts. However, you can customize these templates according to your learning requirements.

Articulate Storyline is a highly versatile tool that has benefits in store for all. Learning designers have the flexibility to develop immersive courses, rapidly, harnessing its easy-to-use features. It supports a wide variety of learning strategies. Learners are better engaged, leading to better learning, that ultimately translates to improved performance at the workplace – fulfilled business outcomes.

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Dr. Ayesha Habeeb Omer
COO & Co-Founder CommLab India