Game-Based Learning For Increased Learner Engagement

by CommLab India

Worried about learner disengagement in online courses? Are you looking to equip your employees with the ability to apply the right skill sets to their work? This eBook explores how game-based learning can help in these aspects. Learn how this learning strategy can propel learner engagement and be used in different types of training.

Key Chapters

  1. Game-based Learning: The Magic Wand to Transform Online Training

    Details the myriad benefits game-based learning offers to both employees and organizations – increased learning retention and improved ROI.

  2. Play to Learn: Game-based Learning Adds More Than Fun to Your Training

    A fresh perspective on using game-based learning to invigorate 3 common training areas in organizations – compliance, product sales, and new hire training.

  3. Game-based Learning Can Be the Twist in Your Training Tale

    Learn how games revitalize 3 widely used online training activities – assessments, scenarios, and simulations.

  4. How to Plug Game-based Learning in Your Training

    Gain insights on designing games that facilitate effective knowledge transfer, aligned with organization goals, and ways to include games in online courses.

  5. Game On: Making a Case for Game-based Learning

    Equip yourself with the winning arguments in favor of game-based learning to dispel misconceptions and champion its use in your organization.

Games allow learners to experiment and provide opportunities for self-expression. Learners get opportunities to interact, cause a reaction, and experience failure in a safe environment while playing. This leads to the emotional involvement of the learner, which leads to better learning and retention.

We live in the millennial generation where the workforce is highly tech-savvy and visually oriented. They are quick and sharp in their thinking and demand learning to be just as power-packed and enthusiastic. This eBook is packed with insights and information to meet the needs of trainers and learners, through game-based learning.

Dr. Ayesha Habeeb Omer photo

Dr. Ayesha Habeeb Omer
Co-Founder & COO CommLab India