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Microlearning: A Beginner’s Guide To Powerful Corporate Training


Microlearning: A Beginner’s Guide To Powerful Corporate Training

by CommLab India / Published: May 31 2017

What it's about

Want to offer short learning bytes that employees can access at the point of need, in the field or at the customer's office? Explore how microlearning - the latest training paradigm - will let you all this and more.

Key chapters

  • Introduction

  • What is Microlearning?

    A close look at microlearning, reasons for its emergence, its features, and common myths debunked.
  • Why Does Microlearning Work?

    Reasons behind its success explained – foundation in adult learning principles, appeal to the millennial workforce, benefits it affords organizations and employees, and utility for informal training.
  • Where Does Microlearning Work?

    Explore the corporate training types microlearning can address and how it can be used in all stages of the learning cycle.
  • What are Microlearning Assets, and Where Can They be Used?

    A bird’s eye view of the various microlearning formats – where each can be used in the learning cycle and the learning styles they best cater to.
  • Success Stories from Around the World

    A brief analysis of how organizations across different industries deployed microlearning successfully, catering to varied audiences and topics.

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