5 Online Courses To Learn How To Manage Work-Related Stress

5 Online Courses To Learn How To Manage Work-Related Stress
Summary: It makes sense that you want to know how to manage work-related stress as much as possible; the following 5 courses should help you do just that.

How To Manage Work-Related Stress? These 5 Online Courses Will Help You Do It

Stress needs to be dealt with at all cost because it could end up costing you more than you can imagine. Stress has been associated with high blood pressure, diminished cognitive functionality, and even depression. A study showed that the rate of employees that suffer from anxiety or depression due to stress is about 1,380 for every 100,000 workers. You have to understand that a worker can claim for stress under workcover, in case the stress that your job is putting you under is abusive. So it makes sense that you need to know how to manage work-related stress. Here are 5 online courses that should help you do just that.

1. Try E-Stress Management

E-Stress Management should help you meet your goals towards reducing stress in the workplace through some of their many expert-tailored exercises. For one, the program focuses on making sure you understand how you deal with stress. Knowing the way you deal with issues can help you develop this particular skill so that it reduces the effect that stress has on you at work.

There is also going to be a focus placed on specific breathing exercises that should make it easier to deal with a particular stressful situation and may extinguish feelings of stress if they already started. What you can expect from E-Stress Management is a full guide that is mixed with both introspective exercises and new stress-management skills. Keep in mind that the program has a free and paid version.

2. UNUM Might Be the Answer For Your Stress

Another option is using UNUM stress management program, which also offers a free version. What UNUM offers is a Stress Awareness Program that allows you to manage work-related stress by understanding where the stress is coming from. Yes, you will learn how to cope with it, but you will also discover why your job is so stressful. Identifying the issue can help you approach the problem in a different way. It may help you deal with that particular part of your job while actively attempting to keep you calm, or you can talk to your employer to see if there is any way to relieve yourself from that part of your job.

What you should understand is that your employer does bear some responsibility for your stress, especially if unreasonable pressure is placed on you or if he or she ignores your work-related stress. These are some of the reasons why work-related stress compensation actually exist. Of course, it is important that you talk to a few personal injury lawyers before engaging in stress claims against employers.

3. The Total Success Course Option

The next option that might help is the Total Success Course, which is aimed to help you recognize stress and how it affects you in more detail. For one, you will learn the different stages of stress that you might experience.

There are three basic stages that start with the Alarm, which is followed by Resistance, and ends with Exhaustion. The Exhaustion stage is perhaps the most problematic stage, because it is likely to put you in a numb-like state of mind. It takes a long time to recover from such a stage, which can lead to poor performance at work. The Total Success course should help you figure out how to deal with these stages of stress.

4. Maybe Online Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Is For You

Another extensive e-course that might be helpful is the Online Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction e-course. The course is offered by a fully certified psychotherapist and a MBSR certified instructor. The lessons are completely free and help you deal with identification, targeting, and ultimate reduction of different types of work-related stresses.

The courses do focus more on inventive and proven stress-relieving techniques that may help you combat these feelings as much as possible. The lessons will touch on different types of mediations, yoga, and living-kindness practices. There is definitely a lot to be learned that could help you deal with stress should the stress be reasonable, of course.

Keep in mind that just because work is stressful does not mean that you should be subjected to unreasonable stress. Be sure to contact your personal injury compensation lawyer if you suspect that you are a victim of abusive stress.

5. The Answer Could be Carole Spiers Group

The Carole Spiers Group or CSG, for short, is a group of professionals who deal with stress in a slightly different way. What the site focuses on is helping you prevent stresses through one of their free online courses. The course focuses more on the pressures that lead to stress. These pressure slowly build up and cause stress to boil over.

The CSG also offers personalized coaching to help you manage work-related stress. CSG is also committed to highlighting some of the little things that can be done to help you become more resilient to stress like incorporating exercises and changing your diet. For example, dark chocolate contains a chemical that helps make a person feel a little happier.