5 Ways To Convince Your Boss You Need An Authoring Tool

5 Ways To Convince Your Boss You Need An Authoring Tool
Summary: Are you struggling to get support when making your business case for in-house eLearning authoring tools? It's not just about the costs. When you need an authoring tool, you have to have a game plan that shows how these collaborative tools foster employee sharing.

How To Convince Your Boss You Need An Authoring Tool

Here are 5 simple ways for convincing your boss you need an authoring tool. All you need to do is tell them that eLearning authoring tools...

1. Share Top Performers' Knowledge (Before It Disappears)

Due to the inevitable retirement of millions of Baby Boomers in the coming years, businesses risk losing access to a wealth of skills and knowledge. However, this threat of talent departure can be mitigated with the help of elearning software that supports knowledge sharing. Present your business case for using a collaborative authoring tool by demonstrating how it empowers experts and mentors to share what they know and how they do things. These collaborative authoring platforms feature a modern, effective format and can be used across multiple devices. Moreover, you can keep this data, use it again, translate it or modify it.

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2. Deal With Needs And Crises 200% Faster

New challenges frequently require more than fast communication to respond to environmental business challenges, such as cyberattacks and competitors with innovative products. You also want to ensure you're prepared to recognize and handle new business opportunities. Accomplish this by acquiring skills fast and adapting new work methods. Have experts use your eLearning authoring tool to swiftly provide action plans to individual groups, regardless of their locations or devices.

Using modern tools like cloud-based elearning software comes with the huge benefit of personalized learning. Targeted learning that meets individual needs is far better than generic, all-in-one content, and it's easy to update.

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3. Reduce Outsourcing Costs

With a cloud-based, smart authoring tool, you can control when you use in-house and outsourced help. Contractors can use this same tool to create content.

Reduce outsourcing costs with the right tool by:

  • Reusing and duplicating pages or entire projects across your whole team.
  • Translating versions of a master project without needing to recreate projects in different languages from scratch.
  • Editing directly through internal experts who can use the comments tool to make changes to content.
  • Using the built-in assets library, where assets created by anyone and reused in projects by anyone.
  • Streamlining the review process with tools that have comments features and built-in reviews, cutting costs for communication between in-house and outsourced production teams.

4. Enable In-House Collaboration

A Brand Learning study linked employee involvement in personal development, improvement and growth as one of three important elements of business growth. Studies from Accenture, Forbes, Harvard Business Review and Deloitte support collaborative tool use as a force that explains the success of several organizations.

Embracing employee-driven learning drives innovation, retention, productivity and overall business growth. Look for tools that empower learners to create, review and comment on content made for them.

5. Give Employees Relevant, Mobile Content

Modern learners want relevant, self-paced content they can use on any device. Social, web-based and mobile platforms provide on-demand learning and are essential for modern learners; 70 percent believe that online learning positively impacts their job performance.

That's why it's vital to choose tools that enable:

Final Thoughts

Making the case for an investment in an authoring tool can be easier if you understand the benefits and come with a game plan. By explaining the benefits of investing in a collaborative authoring tool, you can demonstrate how it can positively impact business growth and reduce costs.

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