6 Elements for Awesome eLearning Games

6 Elements for Awesome eLearning Games
Summary: Elearning games are engaging and fun when done right. That is why understanding elements of gaming can dramatically take your course from lame to fame. Learn these 6 awesome eLearning game elements and be awesome.

Games can be a great way to make online training more exciting. Let's explore what elements can be used when creating games. You don't need to have all of these elements in each game however adding them can make your game more exciting and engaging.

Here are the 6 elements for awesome eLearning games

  1. Visually Explosive Graphics
    Elearning games must look " visually explosive" and pop. An awesome game has professional visuals that excite and engage the users. They can look like cartoons or photo realistic. The key is to add visual elements that make it feel like a game.Beat the Banker GameBeat the Banker Game
  2. Sounds
    Adding sounds can take your game to the next level. Sounds are not a noticeable at first but are an important part of "gamification". Consider using a clip during the game introduction and conclusion. You can also add audio for things, such as: correct/incorrect, earning points, obtaining special levels, movement/progressing, timers, etc.
  3. Avatars or Character
    Add some characters to the game. You could add avatars, cutout people, or cartoon people. A cool idea could be to let the user pick their own and become part of the game. Either way, having characters changes the feel of the game.
  4. Progress Bars or Maps
    Let the users feel that they are progressing through the game. This will keep them engaged. There are many ways to show progress, such as: gray out certain areas/zones, use characters to advance around the environment/map, use a progress bar/indicator that fills up, etc. Word Race HTML5 eLearning Game
  5. Score Competition
    Games need a score. A score drives the users to get engaged and to compete. It also allows him/her to know how they are doing. Scores can be a great way to drive engagement and friendly competition across the company. Try tapping into a "high score" panel and watch the users fight for #1. Be creative with scores. Try using a timer, points, medals, carrots, character accessories, etc.
  6. Timers
    Add a sense of urgency to the game. Make the user feel the pressure to perform. You could use an overall timer during the game that counts elapsed time until the game or an event is complete. Another alternative would be to have a count down timer and force the user to make choices quickly.

There are lots of ways to make eLearning games engaging. What other game elements would you use? What's missing from this list? Let me know in your comments below.