6 Reasons That A Cloud Based LMS Is A Good Starting Point For Startups

6 Reasons That A Cloud Based LMS Is A Good Starting Point For Startups
Summary: This article discusses how a cloud based lms is a good starting point for startups and small businesses to prepare for growth.

How A Cloud Based LMS Is A Good Starting Point For Startups

I travel quite a bit as a sales guy and a must have in my travel bag is Richard Bach’s “Jonathan Livingston Seagull.” Amazingly simple as it is, this book never fails in giving me a fresh perspective to look at things every single time I read it. So this time it was about how Jonathan folds most of his wings to resemble those of a falcon and flies on the tips alone to break the speed barrier. Many times even businesses need just minor adjustments and additions that do the trick for them to break a glass ceiling.

So if you are a startup with starry eyes and fire in the belly, a small worthy investment or a calculative bold decision is all it takes to boost your organization’s self-belief. Startups or small businesses are awesome places to work at. The constant buzz, the camaraderie, the recognition, the sweet smell of success, the tensions, the agony and the ecstasy often bring out the best in individuals. Now imagine if something gives method to the madness. Like a neighborhood baseball pitcher who is raising eyebrows amongst the locals. Now if he gets a little touch of technique, like he adds a change-up and a curve-ball to his repertoire or improves the wind-up to add a couple of yards of pace, that is quite enough for a prodigy to get to the next level.

Now let us see how a prodigal startup can make it to a different league with a small technique called “Cloud based LMS.”

  1. A cloud based LMS can be an ideal starting point to lay a processes in place as it is about a topic of common interest – Learning. EVERYONE in the organization – junior or manager, sales or operations, employee or client – stands to benefit from the solution.
  2. It helps create an order. Startups often have a skewed reporting and responsibility structure. A cloud based LMS can be a good start in establishing a hierarchy and flow of information. That in turn helps in defining and assigning responsibilities.
  3. Most of the cloud based LMSs these days come with the social learning features – blogs, forums, gamification et al. That helps the otherwise silent employee voice her/his thoughts. The more the participation from the users, the better it is for the team and thereby for the organization.
  4. As the number of employees in an organization goes on increasing, it’s natural for the company leadership to lose sight of the ground level. Cloud based LMS can be used by the leadership to stay in touch with the employees, may it be through a small blog post, a news or a link shared, a discussion initiated or even a web session for employees at different locations.
  5. Each organization has its own unique way of functioning and ditto about sharing experiences and information. An LMS helps you share your own content – power-point presentations, videos, audios, pdfs, documents and at the same time allows ASSESSMENT of the understanding of the recipients. Now it becomes a mutual event unlike a unilateral process of SHARING information. Additionally, access to other courseware is always available.
  6. You need to take a look at the costs of LMSs these days. Cloud based LMSs are quite literally cheaper than ordering a pizza. This gives you ample time to experiment, evaluate and absorb the learning culture into your organization.

The very basic principles, procedures and practices like hierarchy, information repository, standardization of processes, employee participation and gratification and most importantly a learning culture can be inculcated in an organization by a simple and extremely affordable tool like a cloud based LMS. The professionalism, the team spirit and the positivity such small adjustments bring to a startup are worth their weight in gold. After all, if a simple elbow adjustment is adding a whip to your pitch, why not?