6 Reasons To Create Product Knowledge Online Training Courses

6 Reasons To Create Product Knowledge Online Training Courses
Summary: Want to know why you should move your product knowledge training online? In this article, I will explore the main reasons why product knowledge online training can improve your organization’s bottom line and keep employees “up-to-date” about new products.

The Benefits Of Product Knowledge Online Training

Keeping employees up-to-date about the latest products and services used to be a time consuming and costly endeavor. Not only did it require a great deal of training resources, but giving them the tools and information they needed in a timely manner was almost impossible. However, all of these challenges are a thing of the past, thanks to online training. Here are just a few of the most convincing arguments about the benefits of product knowledge online training for your organization.

  1. Offers employees access to information anytime, anywhere.
    With product knowledge online training, employees have access to information about product updates and features anytime and anywhere. They can log onto the online training course or module at the sales terminal or via their mobile device to learn everything they need to know to make a sale or to help a customer make an informed buying decision. Rather than having to wait until they sit in the training room, they have the power to access resources and tools immediately. As a result, they won’t have to worry about missing out on an important sale or closing a deal, because they have all of the necessary ingredients they need to create a perfect sales pitch.
  2. Reduces training time and costs.
    Training used to involve lengthy PowerPoint presentations, on-site instructors who traveled from location to location, printed training booklets and handouts and the booking of a training space if one was not readily available. Now, organizations can simply upload product knowledge online training content onto their LMS and ask employees to login to the online training course. There are no more flights, hotel accommodations or printing fees to take a bite out of the training budget. Employees do not have to spend hours of their work day listening to a lecture or reading through a manual. Thanks to product knowledge online training, employees can be more productive with their time and organizations don’t have to devote an abundance of resources to ensure that their employees have the necessary information.
  3. Makes training exciting and engaging.
    Let’s be perfectly honest. Traditional product knowledge training is usually right up there with compliance training when it comes to boring and tedious on-the-job experiences. But it doesn’t have to be. In fact, by moving your product knowledge training online, you can make it fun, exciting, engaging and entertaining for every member of your staff. Scenarios and simulations can make even the most complex or frustrating tasks simple and straightforward, while interactive presentations and stories can transform training into a memorable and powerful educational experience. Employees don’t have to sit in a room and stare at a projector screen or listen to lengthy lecture. They can simply log on to the online training platform and get the training they need, minus the boredom.
  4. Simple and straightforward updates and tracking capabilities.
    Companies that frequently update their product lines or continually offer new promotions greatly benefit from product knowledge online training, given that it allows for stress-free updates. If you need to add a new product to the system so that your employees can learn more about its features and functions, you can do so within a matter of minutes, rather than days. If you notice that a particular product offers an unexpected benefit, you can add it to the system so that your sales team can use it as another selling point. In addition, a product knowledge online training course is easy to track. You can quickly view who completed the training, when and how employees performed on assessments or quizzes, etc.
  5. Quick and convenient customization.
    One of the key benefits of product knowledge online training is that it can be fully customized to meet the needs of every department or sales team. For example, if are offering a particular product line in only one geographical market, you can customize the online training so that only those employees will be able to access the module. Or, if you notice that staff members in one department need further training, you can create supplement product knowledge learning materials intended only for them.
  6. Improves knowledge retention and on-the-job performance.
    The only way that product knowledge online training can truly be effective is if your employees actually remember the information you are delivering. If they cannot remember the key features of a product, for example, or tell the customer the benefits of purchasing a service, then your online training strategy will never offer a significant ROI. If employees are engaged and immersed in the online training experience, then they are more likely to remember key pieces of information. They will commit the subject matter to their long term memory, rather than forgetting about it the second they leave the training room. This, in turn, boosts their on-the-job performance. Thanks to the fact that they have the tools and information they need to do their job safely stored away in their memory banks, they can provide better customer service and therefore, they can boost sales. Another side effect of this is improved employee retention. If employees are happy with the training they receive and have the information they need to land the sale, they are more likely to become permanent members of the team.

If you’re still undecided about whether moving your product knowledge training online is the best option for your organization, just think about how all of these benefits can help to the further success of your business!

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