6 Tips On How To Get Into An eLearning Industry Job

6 Tips On How To Get Into An eLearning Industry Job
Summary: Finding a career in eLearning is a lucrative option with the rapid growth of the eLearning industry due to increase in the internet usage. Therefore, it seems to be a right time to consider a career in eLearning. The following article shares some useful tips on how to get into an eLearning industry job. Read on…

How To Get Into An eLearning Industry Job

Whether you wish to find a job in traditional instructional designing or you just want to become a trainer, eLearning industry brings in a wide range of career opportunities waiting for you. These days, education has witnessed a sea change over the years, thus transforming into a learning style that is online, instant, and self-driven.

  1. Acquire the knowledge.
    Applying for an eLearning industry job means that you are competing with others for the same position. Undoubtedly, the job candidate with the best qualification and knowledge gets the offer. While you cannot control the qualification level of others, you can definitely acquire qualification and certifications to add on to your knowledge pool. Hence, find out your area of work interest and get the knowledge to compete for the job. It is important to keep learning by reading books or following bloggers in eLearning industry to update your knowledge.
  2. Assess your skills.
    Figure out what specific skills you need to develop for the job description. If you don’t have the required skills, acquire them by getting some entry-level job experience. If required, you can also join a relevant training program to build up the skills valued in eLearning industry, such as Graphic Design and Rapid Development. Another great way to gain experience in the industry is to be an intern or a volunteer and build some good eLearning courses.
  3. Maintain a portfolio.
    A portfolio that can readily document your work is always a preferred option for the employer. Keep all of your work, that clearly presents the skills and knowledge demanded in the field, available. A simple 3-step approach (Mention Project Goals, Explain what you did, and The Result) is a right fit for a perfect portfolio. At last, it is vital to keep it short. Remember, no one has time to read a ten-page demo course or portfolio.
  4. Connect with the right people.
    In today’s job market, social network works really well in finding a job. Engage and meet people in the industry who can help you understand and build skills. You may also come to know about some lucrative eLearning industry job openings inside or outside their organization. However, this does not mean that you should start pestering your contacts to know about what opportunities exist.
  5. Practice, practice and practice.
    To make some valuable additions to your portfolio, it is imperative to follow the rule of “practice, practice and practice”. Working on several modules or courses, can improve your skills. With practice, you can become a right resource for your desired job role in the industry.
  6. Become an expert.
    To be an expert,does not necessarily mean to be a veteran of eLearning.  Today, it has become much easier to build your expertise by following these simple tips:

    • Document your learning.
      Build a blog to document what you are learning and combine it with your portfolio. Making a simple module is a useful option to show what you have learned and what you have delivered.
    • Help your eLearning community.
      Helping others by answering a few questions of the members in your eLearning community helps you to test your learning and gradually develop expertise. In lesser time, you can be seen as an expert in your field.
    • Try creating tutorials.
      Learn to create some simple tutorials in order to gain experience. While you will gain some practical exposure, this will allow you to look for relevant job opportunities in the industry.

Your knowledge, experience, and skills will help you pass the filter test of the recruiter. Remember, when you are aware about the right way to find your desired job, nothing can stop your way. Hopefully, these tips will prove helpful to land into your dream eLearning job.

All the best.