6 Tips To Strike The Perfect eLearning Professional's Work-Life Balance

6 Tips To Strike The Perfect eLearning Professional's Work-Life Balance
Summary: Juggling a full-time career as an eLearning professional and a satisfying personal life can be a challenging feat. Luckily, there are some ways that you can strike a work-life balance and maintain your sanity while you pursue professional success. In this article, I'll share 6 tips for achieving harmony as an eLearning professional.

How To Strike The Perfect eLearning Professional's Work-Life Balance

We live in a tech-centric, mobile-friendly world that makes it difficult to steal some time for ourselves. Unplugging and stepping away from work responsibilities may come at the cost of missed opportunities. On the other hand, putting your family life and personal obligations on the back burner can lead to a stockpile of stress and regrets. The secret is finding an eLearning professional's work-life balance so that you can live each day to the fullest and enjoy a well-rounded lifestyle.

1. Know Your Limits

You are only human, just as there are only so many hours in the day. For this very reason, it's essential to know your limits and work within the confines of them. There are times when "no" is the only appropriate reply to someone's request, and that's perfectly fine. If you feel that you may be pushing past your boundaries and going overboard, then step away from the situation to get a fresh perspective. Think about how your current obligations and commitments make you feel, and determine if the stress is really worth it in the grand scheme of things. Ultimately, opportunities are only worth seizing if they won't put your emotional or mental wellbeing at risk.

2. Be Clear About Your Expectations

Be perfectly honest with yourself and others when it comes to what you want and what you expect from the situation. If you aren't able to work weekends in order to finish an eLearning project, then let your employer know this in advance. If a client's eLearning budget isn't big enough to accommodate all of their requests, then make it clear that they'll have to adjust their requirements or increase their budget. Maintaining an open line of communication is extremely important. In fact, conflicts and confusion are usually the results of ambiguity and miscommunication. Others are simply unaware of what you expect or what you need, and this can lead to resentment or disappointment. Keep in mind that this should be a two-way street. Encourage those around you to be open about how they feel and their expectations so that there aren't any misunderstandings further down the line.

3. Set Your Priorities

What really matters most? This is the question you must ask yourself before you can truly achieve success in life. The answer will reveal a great deal about your priorities and personal values. In some cases, you may realize that your family life has to temporarily take a backseat to your eLearning career, while the exact opposite may be true in other situations. Many people assume that priorities are concrete and constant, but they actually change based on the circumstances. You have to be flexible when setting your priorities and understand that it's all about maintaining harmony among all of the roles you must fulfill.

4. Don't Be Afraid To Disconnect

Unplugging can be difficult in today's world, especially if you are working remotely. However, there are times when you simply need to get away from it all and take a much-needed break from technology. If you are feeling overwhelmed, try scheduling one day a week that is tech-free. Turn off your mobile devices, step away from the computer, and enjoy time with your friends or family. You may even set aside some "me time" where you can relax and unwind. It may feel like you're missing out on opportunities at first, but just remember that being well rested and refreshed will open up more doors than working at half-capacity. If you're finding it challenging to unplug and take a break, ease yourself into it by starting off with an hour of downtime and work your way up to a full day.

5. Work From Home Whenever Possible

If you own your own eLearning firm or work at an office, it may be wise to work from home whenever you can. This offers you the chance to take commuting time out of the equation and work in a more relaxed atmosphere. There are some ground rules that you should follow, though, such as creating a distraction-free workspace and carefully distinguishing work hours from family time. Also, find the ideal tools for the job, like video conferencing and Project Management platforms that enable you to collaborate with your eLearning team remotely. Make everyone aware of how they can communicate with you and when you will be available so that there isn't any confusion.

6. Go Easy On Yourself

As much as we would like to be, nobody is perfect. We can all strive for perfection, but trying to reach your true potential is the ideal goal. Don't be too hard on yourself if you take longer than expected to achieve your objectives or if you simply don't have enough time to take on every task. You should also be willing to relinquish some control over certain to-do's on your list, and accept the fact that they may be done differently. For example, if you have worked overtime, let someone else prepare meals and take care of the household chores. The same applies to work tasks. If you cannot handle it all by yourself, then delegate it to someone else and let them take their own approach.

The poet and social activist, Thomas Merton, summed up the work-life balance perfectly when he said: "happiness is not a matter of intensity but of balance, order, rhythm and harmony". It's all about finding out what matters most to you, setting boundaries, and opening up the lines of communication.

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