7 Attractions Teachers Find In A Blended Learning System

What Teachers Find Attractive In Blended Learning 

Teaching is really a tough job: Every teacher has to take the big responsibility of educating many students at the same time and budget cuts have made things more complicated. On the other hand, teachers are also getting pressure from their school administrators to ensure personalize learning so their students’ achievements can be boosted. Unfortunately, most of the teachers don’t have proper tools to personalize learning.

The good news is that most schools have now realized the importance of blended learning, which has made things much easier not just for the teachers but also for the students who love to study in an interactive learning environment. Teachers find blended learning an ideal option and there is a variety of reasons behind it. In this article I am going to discuss some of most common reasons why blended learning has become so much popular these days:

  1. Easy management of classroom activities.
    When students are being taught, they are already ready to learn the lesson because they work in small groups, which lets them go through the right kind of lesson at the right time of the day. Every school administration tries to achieve excellence in everything they do in years to come and blended learning is what allows them to incorporate dynamic scheduling and right policies based on competency. Effective strategies make things easier not just for school administration but also for teachers who find it much easier to manage small groups in their own convenience.
  2. Easy implementation of learning strategies.
    You can’t teach every student in the same way because every one of them learns things differently and there might be a variety of reasons behind it. However, blended learning enables teachers to implement different types of learning strategies as per the need of their students such as match developmental courses, tutorials, instructional videos, voice over text, fun games, and a variety of other features. Personalized and engaging content will greatly help kids learn even the most complicated topics. In this way, every kid gets equal opportunities to improve his/her skills and knowledge base.
  3. Effective use of classroom time.
    Many schools have made it essential for students to spend 1-2 hours every day on building their online skills and this technique has actually given more flexibility to teachers who can now have more of their class time for spending in critical thinking and most importantly classroom problem solving issues. Teachers can create an instructional resources playlist and send it to students to go through it at home, which means that when the content is already delivered to them, the rest of their classroom time can be used for solving problems.
  4. Proper progress monitoring system.
    Teachers can assign their students subject-based digital games as their homework assignment and the next morning they can overview the dashboard to see their achievements. Students can easily get instant feedback on completion of their assignments and, on the other hand, teachers can have easy access to an evidence-based gradebook. This transformation of curriculum from print to digital version will also get digital dashboards and embedded assessments into use and it will enable teachers to monitor every student’s progress more easily.
  5. Use of adaptive testing systems.
    There are various adaptive testing systems that can quickly give careful assessment on overall progress of every student. One of the popular options is NWEA which claims to provide you educational assessments that you can easily trust. NWEA’s Measures of Academic Progress (MAP) tool can create a fully personalized assessment result. In addition to the MAP tool, you can also use the Skill Navigator tool and various other features to figure out the overall learning growth of your school kids.
  6. Ability to work remotely.
    One of the greatest advantages of blended learning is that the teachers can also work remotely. For example, if you are an English teacher living in New York City, you can teach online to those students who are living in North Carolina and can’t attend your classes in person. In fact, you can work from everywhere you want which will surely get you a big opportunity to generate a source of income through online channels. Blended learning has actually made difficult jobs much easier.
  7. Opportunity to add earning.
    A big attraction that many teachers see in blended learning is the opportunity to earn more than by following the traditional ways of teaching. Teachers have new roles to perform and new patterns to follow, which don’t just build their confidence but also improve their lifestyle and the ability to get advantage of extended learning, which helps them add to their earning resources. In many states, teachers don’t get paid a sufficient amount of money against the services they render to the schools. However, increasing popularity of blended and extended systems has brought them better opportunities.