8 Free iPad Apps For Exploring Environmental Earth Science

8 Free iPad Apps For Exploring Environmental Earth Science
Summary: If you want enrich your general education knowledge concerning the Earth and how the environment functions the following applications are exactly what you are looking for. Use these free iPad Apps to learn the historical interest of rocks or the water cycle for example, and have a really good time while interacting with them.

Teaching Environmental Earth Science With Free iPad Apps for Teachers and Parents

1. Common Rocks Reference - free
You depend on rocks for many things so wouldn’t it be nice to know more about them? This application provides a starting point for learning about rocks without being a course in geology. A small collection of common rocks is provided with photographs and descriptions. There are five quizzes of increasing difficulty, that you can use to test your knowledge about rocks, before or after, looking at the information provided. Most of this collection comes from Scotland but the same rock-types occur world-wide.

2. Earth Viewer - free
What did Earth’s continents and oceans look like 250 million years ago, or 1 billion years ago for that matter? Can we say anything about Earth’s climate as far back as our planet’s origin? Use your fingertips to scroll through Earth history for the last 4.5 billion years! EarthViewer is like a time machine for exploring the deep history of planet Earth, a tool based on the latest scientific research.

3. iQuakeLite - free
This version of iQuakeLite supports iPhone and iPad and will let you monitor earthquakes around the world. iQuakeLite displays the latest quakes using heat map graphics showing you instantly where, how big and when an event happened. You can Zoom, pan and add a Tectonic plates overlay, snap pictures of the map with the annotations.

4. Language Central for Science Earth Edition - free
Make studying vocabulary terms fun and engaging with Pearson’s Language Central for Science app featuring the Word Fly game experience! First, boost your memory with Interactive Science Flash Cards that span Life, Earth and Physical science topics. Next, test your skills and take the Trivia challenge! Finally, have fun and play the Word Fly game to impress your teacher with your hunger for science knowledge! This app is great for kids and parents to practice and refresh science vocabulary skills.

5. Popular Mechanics Quake Tracker - free
Watch U.S. earthquakes unfold, just seconds after they occur. QuakeTracker displays data from the United States Geological Survey on an interactive map, using pulsing yellow circles to indicate a quake's magnitude. Tilt the map using a two-finger swipe to see the quake's depth. Zoom in to see more detail.

6. Rock Cycle - Interactive Story, The - free
The Rock Cycle is an interactive story about the life of a rock. Weathered and aged, he tells his life story in this elegant poem. Each stanza is supplemented with interactive images, diagrams, and mini-games.

7. Rock Operator - free
Rock Operator is a location-based app that guides groups and individuals of all ages through the now extinct volcano of Arthurs Seat in Edinburgh, exploring the points of historical interest along the way.

8. Water Cycle, The - free
Enjoy our interactive showing the four stages of a Water Cycle in a simplified visual manner.