8 Learning Management System Features For Businesses

The Essential Learning Management System Features For Businesses

Training Management Systems and Learning Management Systems are such powerful accessible tools for training staff. Today’s employees are demanding a new experience that combines intuitive technology with personalized content optimizing your training standards, improving employees skillset, and keeping in tune with today’s unique advancement in technology to fortify your department and engaging the workforce. Some of the suggested unique features that brings added-value to having a LMS/TMS are:

1. Gamification

Your employees are your valuable asset, that’s why a training management system should have them enjoy what they do by adding a very exciting feature to the system which is gamification. Gamification is the ideal tool that uses game theory to maximize business outcomes with less expenses than incentives yet more effective at increasing productivity.

2. Digital Flipping Books

When you think about how much time you spend surfing the internet and social media on your phone, why not read, listen, or watch your books the same way, digitally? Digital Flipping Books as we call it are versatile, efficient, and portable. You can read them on your laptop, smartphone, or tablet. What makes them unique is that they bring books to life by complementing text with rich media such as videos to support your reading, and quizzes to test you on your reading. Yes! You heard right, it’s all possible with us! If you think reading books is boring, think again, as we have revolutionized the way in which Learner’s read today.

3. Booking Engine

Another important feature is the ability to schedule a meeting online! Booking System for Field Training can allow a tutor/training to set-up a meeting with their students instantly. Whether you want to organize a seminar, a workshop for your staff/students, or simply a meeting room within your organization, the system allows you to set that up seamlessly while notifying everyone (RSVP), while allowing you to generate and track attendance.

4. Smart Exam Engine

With the famous Smart Exam Engine feature, exams can be fully analyzed and marked online for an easy exam process whether you want to better assess staff across the organization, or you are curious to know the level of skill-set your staff has in order to know how and have a through gap analysis.

5. Single Sign-On

LMS allows for Singly Sign-on? Single sign-on integration with active directory SSO lets you create any number of logins to the same type of application within your network that use a common authentication mechanism. These services request and verify your credentials after you log into the network, and use your credentials to determine the actions that you can perform based on your user rights.

6. Chat Room

Handling more than only one session at a time, Chat Room Service is designed to make communications between learners, instructors, and managers easier. Discussing different topics, and getting clarifications, answers to queries all from within the system. Since the system is optimized to mobile devices, you can keep chatting with your peers and instructors keeping it professional without the need to invade anyone’s privacy by having to revert to WhatsApp or other private chatting services. Engage in various group topical discussions, and be part of the whole social learning experience.

7. Blended Learning

Blended learning offers the best of both worlds by combining eLearning with face-to-face instructors which provides a personalized training experience with high performance for an organization and most of all, at a very low cost. It's best to offer big organizations such feature where we incorporate a Training Management System that streamlined the whole organization’s training process, and adding the required tools and support to their existing conventional training process.

8. Payment Gateways

And to make it all easy, we’d like to thank eLearning store with payment gateway that allows learners to pay for their desired courses over the internet with secured transaction. You can have access to various pool of eLearning courses within few clicks and further your knowledge and skill-set in various fields such as Oil & Gas, security, HSE, and more industries at an affordable price.


These are just to name a few, but  the above featured can easily allow you to customize and build a tailored and standardized training experience for your organization’s needs.