9 Online Resources To Learn Web Design

9 Online Resources To Learn Web Design
Summary: Want to learn web design? Which sites you choose is dependent on your answers to certain questions.

Learn Web Design With These 9 Online Sources 

Web design is an excellent skill to know in the digital age. More companies than ever realize they are going to fall behind if they do not have a strong web presence. Still others may have been online for years and know they need to upgrade to stay ahead of their competitors. Luckily the internet is a digital library at your service. However, with all of the web design online schools, how in the world do you know which ones to pick? Save yourself a headache, we have you covered!

  1. Udemy
    For those just starting out in web design to those wanting to expand their knowledge, Udemy can be an excellent resource. Courses range from free to hundreds of dollars, and the training varies as widely as the cost.
  2. Lynda
    If you are looking for instructor-led web design tutorials, CSS online training or even photography or 3D animation skills, this LinkedIn company can provide the tools you need for success. The site hosts thousands of videos that can be viewed anywhere at your convenience for the ultimate in on-the-go learning.
  3. W3 Schools
    Perhaps the Holy Grail of learning all things web design online, W3 schools have been around since what seems like the beginning of the internet itself. While they have not, of course, they are still the go-to site for those starting out in learning, anyone needing quick refreshers, up to and including the experienced professional.
  4. Codecademy
    If all you want to do is learn to code in various languages without breaking the bank, Codecademy may be the best choice. Over 25 million online learners worldwide have put them to the test.
  5. Tuts+
    This site offers over 20 thousand free tutorials - way more than enough to get your feet wet and decide if coding is for you. When you are ready to commit to your learning, you can pick a paid plan as well.
  6. Dev.Opera
    Dev.Opera offers a vast digital library of articles that can expand your knowledge on everything Opera-related and on topics ranging from 3D to X86 and everything in between.
  7. Khan Academy
    This is one site you will want to bookmark not only for design skills but as a digital library for anything you could want to learn. Only a few years old, it is setting the pace for eLearning. Bonus: If you have kids, you are going to want to share this site with them as well; no more algebra headaches for you!
  8. Smashing Magazine
    This site is not a school, per se; they do however offer a wealth of information to designers who want to stay on top of new trends.
  9. Google, Bing, and Yahoo
    Go to your favorite search engine and type in “web design schools online”. This may sound redundant in this article, but it isn't. Doing this will open your eyes to all available options including those that offer legitimate learning experiences in hands-on classroom settings.

Which site you choose is dependent on your answers to certain questions. Do you want the skills and the degree or diploma to back it up that companies may look for? Do you just want to build sites for yourself and maybe a few clients as a freelancer? If you are undecided about becoming a web designer read this, it is an excellent article that may help solidify and guide your decision!

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