9 Online Tools For Better Writing Skills

9 Online Tools For Better Writing Skills
Summary: In this article, we examine helpful tools and resources for students and teachers. From grammar check to word count!

Top Online Tools For Better Writing Skills

Every year it is the same story: Students are going to college again. They are going to meet old friends and make new ones, start different subjects and discover knowledge in every lecture, find out more and more about themselves. Alongside with these cool things comes the need of writing numerous essays and assignments, not to mention college admission pieces for the high school seniors. In this article, we’ve gathered 9 online tools for better writing skills to help students up their writing game and speed up writing processes.

1. Essay Writing: The Basics

Let’s start from the beginning. Repeating has never hurt anybody! You may feel the need to remember what you’ve previously learned about essay crafting and this trustful resource is great for that. The information on Essay Writing: The Basics is divided into sections and is well structured so you definitely will find what you're looking for there.

2. Study Smart

Study Smart is another great instance of information for those students who prefer the visual presentation of the information over the plain text format. Do you feel totally lost when it comes to essay writing? Don't know where to start? This website will help you out. Watch the video, read the media-rich PDF documents and take an online quiz to test your knowledge.

3. Topic Suggestion Tool

When you've done with reviving the basic rules of an essay composing it's time to choose the topic for your masterpiece. Sometimes a writer's block hits you right at this stage. The Topic Suggestion Tool assists you exactly with that. Just enter your keywords in the search field, choose the filter and get all those ideas in a few seconds. Magic!

4. Strategies For Essay Writing

Strategies for Essay Writing helps you with outlining your paper, which is a great way to structure your thoughts and create writing strategy. Developing a thesis and counterargument is as important as making a final statement and editing the end result. It is easier to build up an argument when you have the basis for it.

5. Grammarly

Spellcheck is always a must to not only avoid misspelling and errors but also to eliminate typos and punctuation mistakes. Grammarly is great for all of those things. You can even type right inside the app to make corrections instantly or upload your document right into the app. It also has the feature of suggesting you the similar words. Just double-click the word and see the synonyms. It's very helpful when you are not feeling that creative.

6. Plagiarism Checker

With this amount of technological tools it is not a surprise that you can detect plagiarism in seconds using online services like Plagiarism Checker. Make sure your work is as unique as possible to gain better grades and overall respect from your professor. Keeping up the good work is a great skill for college and life in general, so work hard on your papers.

7. Wordcounter

Sometimes you can not find enough terms to make your text rich and meaningful. Wordcounter helps you to find repetitions and redundancies in your essay. You can easily count the number of times each word is used to get the idea of what should be changed.

8. Readability Test Tool

With Readability Test Tool you can examine the readability of your text. You don't want your assignment to be too complicated to understand. One of the main points of an essay writing is to deliver your statement in simple yet argumentative manner. So don't overuse difficult and specialized words and check the readability of the paper.

9. Typisto Writing Speed Test

The last but not least is this game app to reward you after you've finished your essay. Imagine yourself as a famous writer and try to beat the typing speed high score to have some fun and also to clear your mind from studying. During the gameplay in Typisto Writing Speed Test, you will need to write famous pieces by world known authors such as Edgar Allan Poe and Leo Tolstoy.

Final Word

College assignments with essay writing can be a bit challenging to complete. But once you start the process it will get easier and your skills will rise. Not everyone enjoys the essay writing process but it is unavoidable in college so try to have the best experience using these tips. Try the tools and don't forget to have fun during your college journey!