A New Tablet Ready, Single Page Web App For E-Learning Comes From Docebo

Single Page Web App For E-Learning Comes From Docebo

The Docebo’s E-Learning platform is today one of the most used Learning Management System at international level, due to its strong cloud technology, management and reporting features, as well as the granular pricing that fits the training needs of Small-Mid sized Businesses.In order to push its E-Learning platform even further, the company released a major updated edition of the LMS, dramatically improved from the User Experience and Tablet compliance point of view.

LMS UIX - Smart & Simple

The idea behind the so-called “New Docebo” is to revolutionize the actual users behavior and experience inside the Learning Management System. This is why the LMS has been completely redesigned in order to offer a simplified access to the course fruition.Everything learners should need is now delivered via a single-page approach, with no need to browse pages or menus. This definitely makes it easier and more comfortable for students and users the whole learning process.But the new Docebo is designed to make administrator's life easier as well, thanks to an Admin area that gives them full control over the Training Project (users activities, stats, reports, etc.).

Tablets and Mobile Learning

As the Online Training is now increasingly gearing towards mobile devices, the new Docebo comes with a native compliance with Tablets.The Learning Management System interface is now designed to take full advantage of Tablets’ screens, with a full-responsiveness approach that dramatically improves the “look and feel”, as well as the users experience.Students are now able to log into the Docebo E-Learning platform from any tablets, attend their online courses and complete the training programmes anytime, anywhere, with no time or geographical boundaries.

Integrated LMS Ecosystem

The new Docebo inherited the cool things already well-known about this Learning Management System, such as the full integration of the Docebo eco-system with other software or environments.The LMS is completely integrated with a Marketplace of Apps and Courses, allowing administrators to add features (like E-Commerce) in a click, or even buy an online course (among the +500 available “off-the-shelf”) to be delivered within minutes.This Apps marketplace makes really easy the integration among Docebo and third parties software like CMS (WordPress, Joomla), Video Conference (Cisco WebEx, GoToMeeting, BigBlueButton, Adobe Connect, OnSync, TeleSkill Live) or Social Networks (Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter), as well as cloud productivity suite like Google Apps for Business.Docebo gives the opportunity to try this new Learning Management System for free, by activating a 14-day online trial. You can have your free hands-on by clicking New Learning Management for Free.

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