Administrate Training Management Platform: 9 Ways We Help Training Companies

Administrate Training Management Platform: 9 Ways We Help Training Companies
Summary: Administrate is a training management platform delivered from the cloud, and designed to help training companies manage all their training administration on one place. Check out all the ways we help training companies run their business below!

9 Ways The Administrate Training Management Platform Helps Training Companies

Here at Administrate, we’re all about our customers, and a lot of those customers are training companies! Our training management platform is designed to help training companies manage all of their training administration, to help enable their business to run smoother, and make sure they aren’t wasting lots of time on things like duplicate data entry. Here are just some of the ways we help our training companies perform better and improve the business through the use of our Administrate training management platform:

How An All-In-One Training Management Platform Can Benefit Your Business
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1. Sell Courses Online

One huge benefit of Administrate is the fact we have an online course booking system as part of our training management platform. This means you can easily integrate the course booking system with your website to allow you to sell your courses online.

All the information is then automatically pulled through and stored within Administrate, meaning no additional legwork for you once a sale is complete – such as passing the details on to your Sales team and them having to record the details in a separate system.

2. Accept Online Payments

Not only can your customers book a place on your courses online with Administrate, you can also offer secure online payment. This cuts down any extra work for you, as you’re not having to follow up with customers to complete the sale, and your customers feel confident that they’re payment is being taken securely. Administrate also integrates with a number of popular payment providers such as PayPal, SagePay, and Stripe.

3. Simple Course Administration

Our integrated course booking system means you only have to enter all the details for all your courses once, as they are all pulled across to your website – no more duplicate data entry! It also means that your website will always be completely up-to-date.

We also let you create course templates for all your courses, meaning that if you run the same course multiple times, you can simply copy the template and all the standard information will already be in place for you.

4. Easy Resource Management

One thing that can be a total headache in a training company is keeping track of all your resources. Administrate’s resource manager means you can record all the resources you have as a business and quickly assign them to any courses that you schedule. Our system also prevents you from ever double booking your resources, so you can always be confident all your courses are going to have everything they need to run successfully.

5. Automated Communications

One huge way to take a chunk out of your administration time is to automate as many email as possible. There will be lots of standard emails that you sent out to your students and staff, such as order confirmations, joining instructions, class details emails, assessment results, etc.

Administrate allows you to create emails templates for all these standard emails, and then you can decide on the ‘triggers’ which will make them send. Administrate pulls all the relevant information, such as contact details and course details, into the email automatically, so you never need to worry about making a mistake in an email again.

Also once you’ve set up the trigger initially, you can then let Administrate take care of all those emails every time they need to sent, so you don’t need to worry about checking up on emails to make sure they’ve been sent, or run the risk of forgetting anything important!

6. Create Reports In Seconds

Reporting is a big deal for training companies, and we’re here to help make creating those reports as easy as possible.

Our training reporting system allows you to pull through any of the data you have entered into Administrate into your reports, so you can create the exact, customized report you need to see.

Once your report is created, it will always be updated in real-time, so every time you open the report within Administrate you can be sure the data is up-to-date, without having to go through creating the report manually every time.

You can also download the reports, and send it to anyone who needs to see in really quickly and easily. You can even set up an email trigger to send the report to its intended audience at regular intervals, such as monthly, so you don’t even need to keep on top of that manually.

7. Award Winning Learning Management System

Not only is Administrate a training management platform, but we also provide our customers with an award winning Learning Management System.

Our LMS is mobile-friendly, fully SCORM compliant, and supports a number of different languages. You can also customize the LMS to look how you want it to, so your customers get a personalized experience.

8. Keep Everything In One Place

Administrate is designed to allow you to keep all your important information in one place, so you don’t need to worry about trying to keep track of vital data that’s scattered across a number of different computers or systems. Our course booking system, CRM, LMS, reporting system, and automated communications are all connected, so you never have to enter data more than once, and all your data can be pulled through wherever you need it.

It means multiple teams across your business can work together and always know exactly where all the information is stored! Easy!

9. Send Out Surveys

Administrate allows you to send out surveys from within Administrate and pull all the responses back into our reporting engine so that you can analyse the data and use it as part of your training measurement!

We also integrate with SurveyMonkey, meaning you can send your students your personalized SurveyMonkey surveys, and the responses will still be collected within Administrate!

Interested In Administrate?

If you’re interested in how Administrate could work for your training company why not view our 3 minute tour video to get a sneak peek of our system? Or you can contact one of our team for a fully personalized demo.

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