4 Advantages Of Integrating A New Training Management Platform

4 Advantages Of Integrating A New Training Management Platform
Summary: Are you thinking of investing in a training management platform? Here are our 4 top reasons why we think you need to go for an integrated training management platform to get the most benefits for your business!

Integrating A New Training Management Platform: 4 Key Advantages

Making the move to any new piece of software can be a stressful time, as you and your business will be used to a certain way of working. But fear not! A training management platform is designed to make your life much easier, and handle as many of your administration tasks as possible! While you can get training management platforms which don’t fully integrate with your website, we think the best option to go for it one that does. Here’s the top reasons why we think integrating a new training management platform is the correct choice!

How An All-In-One Training Management Platform Can Benefit Your Business
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1. Cut Down On Duplicate Data Entry

Integrating your training management platform’s online course booking system with your website means all the information that is displayed on your website is the same information that you enter into your training management platform. This means you don’t have to enter any of your data twice, which is going to save you loads of time.

2. Ensure All Data Is The Same And Up-To-Date

Similar to the point above, because all your information is being pulled from one central place, you don’t need to worry about the information on your website being different from what you’ve entered into your training management system, which could lead to customers trying to book on to training courses where details are incorrect.

It also means if you do notice a mistake in any of your data, there is only one place you have to go to fix it, and you can be confident that it will be updated across all the other places where the information appears.

You also don’t need to worry about remembering to update and make changes to the information on your website if you need to do something like change the date or the time of a training course. The information on your website will always be updated in real-time from your training management platform, so you can always be confident that everything is up-to-date.

3. Keep Track Of All Your Sales

If your Sales team are used to making sales over the phone or via email, you may worry about how they are keeping track of those sales, and whether they are using a good system that works for your team and your business. It also may be hard to find a way to consistently track the current status of a lead, even if they haven’t purchased with you yet, as you may just be used to keeping a record of all your sales in something like a spreadsheet.

Even if you currently sell your courses online, but don’t use an integrated system, you’re still creating a lot of legwork for your Training Administration team, as they will have to pass the details of the sale along to your Sales team, who will then need to find a way to record it and keep track of it. Processes like this can quickly get forgotten or abandoned entirely as they can just seem like unimportant busywork – that is until you need to find an important customer record and it’s impossible to find!

Having a training management platform that integrates with your website and your online course booking system means that every time a customer completes a sale with you, the details will automatically be pulled across into your training sales system, with all the details stored together so they are easy to find whenever you need them. This means no additional work is created for you when a sale is completed, and you never need to worry about losing any vital details for a lead! Something as small as writing down an email address with the wrong spelling could make it very difficult for you to get in touch with your students with vital information for the course they have signed up for, so having the information pulled across automatically into your training management platform cuts out the chance of human error on your side.

You can also use your sales system on your training management platform to manually enter the details of any deals you may be working on, so you can have these details stored somewhere safely until you actually close the sale and they become a customer.

This is great because it gives you a more realistic picture of all the deals you have in the pipe, and what your finances are going to be like in the future.

4. Sell Your Courses Online

We’ve mentioned it a little bit in the points above, but a huge benefit to integrating your training management platform with your website is the fact you can sell your training courses online really easily.

Instead of having a separate course sales system and a separate CRM, you can simply use your training management platform to fulfill all those rules, and have everything stored centrally in one system.

Selling your courses online is a great idea because it gives your customers another way to buy from you, and one that is much more convenient that phoning or emailing your Sales team.

Selling your courses online is a great idea for your training business because:

  • Customers can purchase from you right then and there when they are browsing your website.
  • Customers don’t have to make the time to phone you or email you. If people are really busy they will be looking for the quickest and easiest way to purchase from you, and that is online!
  • It’s much more secure than sharing payment details over the phone or via email.
  • Customer can purchase from you out-with office hours, and they don’t have to wait for someone to be free on the phone to actually complete the sale.
  • Sales staff don’t need to be tied up on the phone all day – they can now get on with other tasks!

Get Integrating

These are just 4 of the huge advantages you could see for your business if you make the move to an integrated training management platform to help manage your training administration. Just think of how much time and effort you could save if you make the move today?

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