Administrate – One Platform To Rule Them All

Administrate – One Training Management Platform To Rule Them All
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Summary: Administrate is the only platform you need to manage your entire training operation. We show you why you don't need to waste your time on multiple systems.

Why Administrate Is The Training Management Platform You Need

When it comes to keeping a training company organised and running smoothly, there are a lot of different tools that can help you out. Different teams will have different issues which you need to focus on, and this may mean you think you need multiple pieces of software to ensure your business is running effectively.

Amazing Administrate: How Administrate Can Help Solve Your Training Management Problems
Discover how to manage everything training-related from one central system while dealing with all your training administration tasks and saving time, money, and effort!

We’re here to show you that using lots of different tools is actually not the best way to handle your problems! Multiple systems can cause as many problems as they solve, so we’re here to show you that you only need one platform to manage your entire training operation – Administrate!

Having a different tool to solve each of your problems may seem like the best way to deal with any issue your business is having, but you could just be creating more work and stress for yourself!

Cut Down On Research Time

The first problem that implementing multiple systems will bring is simply the amount of time it will take to do all your research! The first stage of your planning is to collate a list of all the problems you are trying to solve within your training business. You will then need to split these into groups so they match up with the type of tool that will solve that specific problem. This will give you a clear idea of how many different tools you actually need, to make sure you cover all your bases.

Next, you will need to research all the different tools available and see if they are applicable to your particular situation. If you have a list with 10 different tools on it, this could mean coming up with multiple options for each tool. You may also wish to take a free trial or even book a demo with some of these systems to see if they meet your needs, meaning the time you spend on research alone can quickly add up!

You may also require more than one member of staff to take part in this process, as you may need specific representatives from different departments to give an expert opinion on whether a particular piece of software will be useful, which leads to even more time wasted and productivity lost for your company!

Larger Running Costs

Another issue with multiple systems is the large amount of money you will be spending, which is likely to be far larger than the amount you would spend on one system! Like we said above, once you sit down and think about all the problems you need to solve, the list of all the systems you need can quickly add up, and with this, the cost will add up as well!

If you bring on new software at intervals, you may not even really notice how quickly those costs start to stack up, but it’s important to think about the Return on Investment (ROI) these platforms are giving your business. Yes, they are solving a problem, but is the amount of money you’re spending on them actually worth what you’re getting in return?

This is why one system like Administrate could be a far better option for you, as you will still get all the functionality of all the tools you need to run your training business, but your outgoings will be far lower, giving you a much better chance of a high ROI for your money.

Staff Training

Anytime you install some new software in your business, you’re going to need to spend even more time and money getting the staff who need to use that software trained so they can use as effectively as possible.

If you bring on five new pieces of software at once, think how much training you would need to schedule in order to make sure everyone is up to speed? Some teams may only need to use one piece of software, but others may need to use a number of them, which would mean multiple training sessions.

Not only does this mean a lot of time lost for your staff that could have been used more productively, but you also run the risk of overloading your staff with too much information, meaning they don’t know how to work the software completely. This can lead to them quickly becoming frustrated with the new system, and even disregarding it in favour of the old, if less productive, way of doing things.

All Administrate customers get access to Administrate University, which is our eLearning course that will get you up to speed with every aspect of Administrate’s system quickly and easily. All the topics are spilt into bite-sized chunks of video which walk you through a specific aspect of the system so you know exactly what you’re doing.

Even better, you can dip back into Administrate University whenever you get stuck or need a refresher on a particular topic, and it’s always being updated when we add new features to our software!

So Why Pick Administrate? 6 Reasons!

We think Administrate is a better option than lots of multiple systems because we’re designed to the platform to manage your entire training operation. We can offer you the functionality of lots of different systems in one place! This means less shopping around, less money being spent, and less time spent training your staff to get them up to speed!

So what can we offer you, that you might currently be managing using separate pieces of software?

1. Online Course Sales

If you’re looking to sell your courses online, Administrate is the answer to all your problems. Administrate can integrate with your website, meaning all the course information will be automatically pulled through and displayed on your website. This also gives you the ability to process payments through your website, and all the details of the sale will be pulled back into Administrate, so they’re easy to keep track of and you never lose any of those important details!

This also means you only need to input and update your course information in one place, thus cutting down on duplicate data entry and eliminating the risk of different information being displayed in different places.

2. Store Contact Details In Our CRM

Why use a separate CRM when Administrate comes with one built-in? Not only does this make it really easy to manage all your contact details, but it also means you can pull through these details into any other part of the system when you need them. This always ensures you have the correct details, and you don’t have to go hunting to find them.

Storing contact details centrally also means everyone in your company will have access to them without having to go through other staff members to get what they need, which will save you lots of time!

Administrate’s CRM also gives you the ability to add custom fields to your contact records, meaning you can record every bit of detail you need to, and not just what the pre-set fields display!

3. Create Customised Reports In Seconds

Our reporting system is consistently one of our raved about features when we speak to customers! Not only does it cut out the need for a separate reporting system, but it allows you to pull any of the data you have stored in Administrate into your reports.

You can create exactly the reports you need to see by selecting only the fields you need, and picking how the data will be displayed. This means no more scrolling through huge reports trying to find the information you need, as you can get as detailed as you need to when you create the report.

Once your report is created, it will always be updated in real-time from the most recent version of all your data in Administrate, meaning every time you open a report you are getting the most up-to-date picture possible. Not only that, it means you don’t have to pull together the same report month after month, as it’s already waiting for you whenever you need it. You can even set your reports to automatically email to everyone who needs them, so all the data you need is just waiting for you in your inbox.

4. In-Built Learning Management System (LMS)

If you offer eLearning to your students, or you want to offer it to your staff as part of your internal training, Administrate’s built-in LMS could be just what you need!

This means you can manage all your courses in the one place, and in the same way, no matter if they’re classroom-based, blended learning, or eLearning, as Administrate covers everything! No more storing your data for different types of classes in different places, now you can keep everything together and organised.

Using an in-built LMS means you can also pull all your data back into our reporting system, meaning your training measurement will give you a full picture of your entire business, and not just one part of it!

5. Manage All Your Sales

Why use a separate sales system, when you could use Administrate’s and customise your sales workflow to fit how your Sales team works?

Our sales workflow means you can clearly configure you sales pipeline depending on how your company works, and allows you to see in an instant how far along the pipeline each potential deal is progressing! You can also pull through details directly from your website from sales or enquires, so you never miss out on any customer or potential customer details.

Finally, our reporting system also collects all the details you need to report on, such as Projected Value, Projected Wins, and Conversion Rate, so you can instantly pull together the sales reports you need.

6. Let’s Integrate!

There may be some systems you use currently that you don’t think Administrate will be able to replace, such as your finance system or your email marketing system, but did you know we integrate with lots of other platforms to help you keep everything in one place and connected where possible?

Let’s take a look at some of the integration options we offer:

  • MailChimp – If you currently send your email marketing via MailChimp, then you’ll be happy to hear Administrate can integrate with MailChimp, meaning you can send professional looking marketing emails to any of your contacts with Administrate really easily!
  • Xero – Xero accounting software makes creating and processing your invoices quick and easy, and Administrate’s Xero integration makes accounting a breeze. Finalised invoices in Administrate are pushed automatically to Xero, along with any contact details, which will be automatically added to Xero if they’re not already there! This means everything is handled in an instant, without any extra work for you!
  • SurveyMonkey – Use SurveyMonkey to create the perfect surveys, which you can then send through Administrate to anyone in your contacts list. Even better, Administrate will pull in all the responses, meaning you can use all the data you gather in our reporting system.
  • Lead Liaison – Lead Liaison is a marketing automation and lead management tool, which allows you to do things like lead nurturing and lead tracking. You can pull any leads which you collect through Lead Liaison into Administrate’s CRM, meaning your Sales team will have instant access to them!
  • Payment providers – Administrate allows integrations will a number of payments providers such as PayPal, SagePay, Stripe, and WPM Education. This means you can offer the payment solution that suits both you as a business and your customers!


If you’re interested in all the ways Administrate can help your training business, then why not book a personalised demo with one of our team? We can talk you through the issues specific to your business, and show you how Administrate can help tackle them – all from one platform.

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