Amazing Administrate: How Administrate Can Help Solve Your Training Management Problems

by Administrate

Administrate's training management software is made to make the lives and jobs of training providers super easy! We want to help you manage everything training related from one central system while helping you deal with all your training administration tasks. Basically, we want to save you time, money, and effort, all while making it easier to run your business, and making your more successful!


This eBook is a collection of all our blog posts which specifically, focus on the many ways Administrate can help directly tackle problems training providers face every day!

Key Chapters

  1. How to Tackle Common Training Communication Problems with Administrate

    Communication problems can be a major stumbling block in any business. We're here to show you how to avoid them with Administrate's training management software.

  2. How to Use Administrate to Keep Your Students Happy

    Happy students mean a happy training company, so it's really important to make sure you go the extra mile to keep a good relationship between you and your students. This post shows you how you can use Administrate to do just that!

  3. How to Save Time and Stay Organised with Resource Management in Administrate

    Learn how to use Administrate's resource management feature to keep track of and manage all your training resources, so you're always totally prepared for all your training courses.

  4. How to Save Time and Stay Organised with Course Templates

    Course templates are a great way for you to schedule courses in just a couple of clicks, by templating all the information which remains unchanged every time, to prevent duplicate data entry.

  5. How to Save Time and Stay Organised with Task Workflows

    The final part of our how to save time and stay organised series is all about task workflows. Never worry about assigning tasks and to-do lists again, as Administrate can handle everything for you.

  6. How to Use the Administrate Reporting System to Track and Manage Debt Collection

    Administrate's reporting system can do a lot of impressive things, and helping your training business track and manage debt collection is just one of them!

  7. How to Improve Your Customer Journey with Administrate

    Learn how Administrate can help ensure your customer's journey with your company is a flawless experience.

  8. 5 Ways to Manage Your Instructors with Administrate

    Who’s best placed to teach a class? Who has the time to fit it into their schedule?Administrate can help you answer all of those questions and more in just a few clicks. Read on to see all the ways Administrate can help you manage your instructors and cut out a lot of stress and admin time in the process!

  9. An Introduction to Training Tokens

    If you're interested in selling your training in bulk or looking to sell your training as a subscription, Administrate's new training tokens feature could be the answer. Read our handy guide to see how they work.

  10. Administrate – One Platform to Rule Them All

    We believe Administrate is the only platform you need to manage your entire training operation, and we're here to show you why we think that's the case! Read on to see all the different features that can make managing your training operation so much easier.

We’re here to show you that using lots of different tools is actually not the best way to handle your problems! Multiple systems can cause as many problems as they solve, so we’re here to show you that you only need one platform to manage your entire training operation – Administrate!

Training can turn into a complex and strenuous activity. That is mainly because it comprises of many tasks, that can cast a heavy shadow on your firm if not organized properly. Administrate is known to offer knowledge and support to training providers in many ways, and this eBook is one more of them. Immerse yourself in the study of this collection of all their blog posts that focus on tackling training management problems. It is guaranteed to save you time, money, and effort.

Christopher Pappas

Christopher Pappas
Founder of The eLearning Industry's Network