Top Content Providers For Custom eLearning (2020)

Best Custom eLearning Content Providers For Corporate Training

How can custom eLearning content providers assist your business? In many ways, to put it simply. Custom corporate training lets learners focus on their needs and helps them excel in performance. Personalization is key to the above. But that's not the whole story.

The most interesting thing about custom learning solutions is that they fill the gaps and offer ways to solve any issues. Plus, you get to use your existing content in the best way possible while bringing results with a solid strategy.

Thankfully, the right custom content providers can help you create such experiences. In fact, by outsourcing, you'll get to cut costs and development time because providers have all the means. That is to say, their SMEs can help make your training program successful solely because they offer unique expertise and skills to create custom eLearning experiences that stick.

But how do you find the best outsourcing partner for your organization? Well, one option is to visit all websites and start compiling your shortlist. Or you can select the leading companies, check their successful case studies, and start a test project to see what they can actually do for your business. If you have the appropriate budget, of course.

Fortunately, you don't have to go to all this trouble because we've made things easier for you! Our top list is a stress-free and cost-effective way to explore the best solutions out there, the ones that actually fit your company culture and your needs. Make sure to check out our insider tips to choose the right content providers for custom training. Our insights will help you evaluate vendor qualifications and training success stories before submitting your RFP.

Check out eLearning Industry's top custom eLearning companies list to:

  • Evaluate vendor specializations
  • Investigate achievements in specific industries
  • Verify social proof by reading reviews and checking user ratings
  • Assess bespoke eLearning companies' online training solutions
  • Compare eLearning content providers for custom training
  • Find the eLearning agency for your business needs
Compare Top Custom eLearning Providers
In our niche directory you can find the top vendors with expertise in creating custom learning scenarios. From custom apps to simulations, VR training, and videos, choose the best for your online training needs.

What Were The Criteria That Determined Which Top Custom eLearning Vendors Made The List?

How do you know which custom training companies align with your business needs and budget? Unfortunately, time is precious and many decision-makers don't have the resources to compare them one by one.

That is why we’ve created this list: to help you simplify your vendor qualification process. By checking out our top vendors' list, you can evaluate all the top contenders and decide who is ideal to ensure your L&D success.

The following list is a thorough guide that includes our top selected companies for custom training solutions in one place. If you can't wait to start your custom learning project, our insights will prove useful.

All the experts who made the list are capable of helping you increase employee performance and productivity. You can rely on them to boost learner engagement, develop skills, or even focus on sales training courses.

Globally recognized content provider experts, including C. Pappas, and our editorial team did a thorough review of each vendor's eligibility. By checking out each eLearning company's website and relevant published content—articles, eBooks, webinars—we've reached a final conclusion.

Our committee ranked the best content providers for custom elearning based on the following 8 criteria:

  • Company's economic growth potential
  • Company's social responsibility
  • Customer retention
  • Customer reviews
  • Employee turnover
  • Learning industry innovation
  • Training solution content development quality
  • Learning solution expertise

Before heading to the list, make sure to read our tips. You'll find all you need to consider when opting for teaming up with a content provider to create your custom eLearning programs.

Reasons You Should Invest In Custom eLearning Content Development

Are you still considering why or when you should invest in custom eLearning outsourcing? It's understandable. Every organization is unique; thus, there are different needs to cover. Thereby, your training should reflect your company's values, culture, beliefs, and processes.

That said, your training programs should convey your company's image and perception. Not only among your workforce, but also when it comes to how clients, customers, and the competition sees you. Let's face it; there is no one-size-fits-all remedy.

Here is when you turn to custom eLearning to save the day.

It would help if you opted for custom learning solutions for the following reasons:

  • Better branding
  • Personalized and ideal training for your employees
  • Tailor-made learning objectives
  • Hassle-free maintenance
  • Longevity for your learning content library

Custom solutions can give your training a unique form. By building a course from the ground up, you can work around specific software applications or core business practices. Customization is critical to align training with your business needs.

As a result, you get training delivery that is streamlined to your goals. SMEs can choose the right learning methodology to drive a direct impact on the work-life of your workforce.

Off-The-Shelf Courses Vs. Custom Content: What's Best For Your Business?

Lately, there has been a shift in how businesses approach their learning and employee training ventures. Hence, L&D teams move from regular and mundane classrooms to modern and fresh methods of eLearning.

By doing so, they manage to develop conducive learning experiences. We have to thank custom eLearning content for that.

Plenty of organizations face the dilemma of choosing between off-the-shelf and custom content. Thus, L&D managers need to select the right solution that will make rolling out accessible eLearning courses easier.

When Can You Leverage Off-The-Shelf Courses?

  • Universal content
    There are plenty of courses that you can roll out on more generic topics. Some examples are team building, negotiation, and compliance training. Yet, when it comes to company culture and behavioral change, you’ll need something more specific.
  • The urgency of immediate training
    When your organization is in urgent need of training, off-the-shelf courses can work well. Mainly because they are readily available on LMS systems. However, if you need custom training, have in mind that there are several rapid eLearning solutions in the market.
  • Affordability and cost-effectiveness
    Off-the-shelf courses are a go-to option for businesses with a tight budget. Mainly because they don't require an investment of any additional resources. Aligning business needs with training objectives is key. So, think twice before deciding to sacrifice quality and results over training budget cuts.

When Can You Benefit From Custom Training Courses?

  • When you have specific training requirements
    Custom content development is apt when there are specific training needs and prerequisites. Custom courses give you a fair amount of control over the content you want. Plus, you can also increase workflow and reduce wasting time and money by avoiding in-house development.
  • In cases where you need to use dynamic training content
    Training needs can change over some time. Custom content development is apt for such cases as you own the customized course. Therefore, you can easily make changes at no additional costs.
  • When you need your training to reflect your brand identity
    Through custom courses and mobile apps, you can express the story you wish. From using specific concept illustrations and colors to adding your company logo, you integrate your identity. Thus, you can make your content more specific to your organization. What's more, at the same time, you get to promote your brand.

Summing Up

So, is purchasing a learning course off-the-shelf better than developing customized learning content? Indeed each approach has its own set of advantages.

However, it is vital to decide which solution would work best for your training needs. Plus, you have to think about which strategy would integrate well with your business.

If you need to create training specific to your needs, custom eLearning is a one-way road.

What Do The Best Custom eLearning Companies Have In Common?

Well-designed custom eLearning can have an edge over traditional face-to-face training. Being tailored to your corporate training needs makes it more specific. Hence, such training provides personalized learning experiences based on branding values, learner styles, and preferences.

Learning and Development managers opt for custom eLearning to adapt or customize specific learning needs. Thus, they manage to bring improved employee performance which is in alignment with their learning and business outcomes.

Most of the top custom eLearning content providers share some common ground:

  • Deep understanding of how individuals learn
  • Knowledge of current and emerging eLearning tools and applications
  • Turn real-world applications in eLearning
  • Offer adaptive, agile, and interactive training solutions
  • Ability to develop creative content based on quality
  • Proven success stories examples and excellent customer service

How Do Custom eLearning Experts Identify Your Business Needs?

Identifying the training needs of your organization is the most important part before starting any development program. You’ll need to assess the gap between current knowledge and skills while aiming to accomplish specific objectives. Here’s why content providers focus on doing a clear and thorough analysis of your situation.

A Training Needs Analysis (TNA) helps you structure and create a winning training program. If your TNA is concise, your training program will succeed. Why? Because you’ll be able to face the shortcomings in your organization.

To help you find the right training solution for your organization, eLearning companies:

  • Analyze employee performance
  • Perform a gap analysis
  • Use benchmarking practices
  • Identify business needs
  • Assess training options for remote and in-house employees
  • Recommend online training plans
  • Set up a system of mentoring and coaching

Therefore, your company should conduct a training needs assessment to identify the best training program. That is to say, find a corporate training plan that addresses the right issues. Of course, all top custom eLearning content providers have TNA expertise and can share valuable insights.

How To Evaluate And Compare The Top Content Providers For Custom eLearning

The internet is a vast resource from tons of data. The more you search, the more you get lost. So, how do you find the ideal eLearning vendor to create custom training content for your business?

Certainly, the right match should have specific qualities. Thankfully our top list will help you narrow down your options. When creating your shortlist, do keep in mind that their content must be impactful and engaging.

The top customer eLearning content providers that will make your list should get that you might have specific requirements. Especially in terms of content and interactivity. After finding your top 5 contenders, make sure to:

  • Define your budget and goals
  • Clarify the timeline of your online training project
  • Visit free online resources to identify top contenders
  • Read customer reviews
  • Explore successful case studies
  • Submit RFPs to outsourcing companies
  • Review proposals and finalize the contract
Find The Ideal Content Provider For Your Corporate Training
Save time and money. Compare top eLearning companies by solutions, expertise, reviews, and rating!

eLearning Industry's Hand-Picked List Of The Top Custom eLearning Content Providers

Top Content Providers For Custom eLearning (2020)

If you are one of the Top Custom eLearning Content Providers, feel free to add this badge to your website.

1. EI Design

EI Design is a multi-award-winning learning and performance support solutions provider. One that thrives in transforming learning by keeping it relevant, impactful, and continuous. With nearly two decades of experience, they have strong expertise in designing and executing highly personalized learning experiences. As a result, their custom eLearning solutions development guarantees success for their customers.

Their learning solutions provide a high engagement quotient, drive employee performance, and deliver a high ROI for the learner, business, and organization. They also offer consulting to ensure that their customers’ investments in training deliver business results. How? Through their Learning and Performance Consulting services.

Do you want to learn more about why they are one of the top custom eLearning content providers? Explore reviews for EI Design in our directory.


  • Custom eLearning content development
    EI Design can help you meet the current mandate of what learners want and businesses seek. Specifically, they help you do so through their custom eLearning content development services. Their team offers highly customized approaches for developing immersive learning experiences. Both for remote and virtual training.

They have expertise in personalized eLearning solutions. Teaming up with them means empowering learners to create their own customized learning journeys. In addition, they assist learners by mapping experiences to their career goals. Their training delivery solutions include:

    • Mobile-friendly/mobile-first training
    • Mobile apps for learning
    • Virtual training
    • Microlearning
    • Personalized learning
    • Localization of eLearning
  • Learning and performance consulting services
    They leverage their unique development methodologies, collaboration frameworks, and personalized engagement models to build custom learning solutions. As a result, they produce training content that is tied to their customers’ business objectives. More specifically, their key consulting services include:

    • Virtual training transformation
    • Measuring training effectiveness and its impact on business
    • Custom learning technology solutions
    • Technology migrations
  • Corporate training strategies
    They offer highly customized and innovative approaches for diverse corporate training needs. Some of these approaches include:
    • Compliance, induction, and onboarding
    • Leadership, professional skills, and soft skills
    • Application simulations, sales, product

They have crafted award-winning solutions for 26+ industry verticals. For example, airlines and aviation, banking and insurance, pharma, retail, IT, FMCG, and higher education to name a few.


They have developed 11,500+ hours of eLearning with 3,500+ hours of mobile learning. In addition, they have delivered 800+ hours of localization in 35 global languages. What's more, they have serviced Fortune 500 companies and large enterprises. In short, they have created training for over 24 countries and 26 industry verticals over the last 18 years.

Learn more about how they can help you create custom corporate training strategies for your business.

2. SweetRush

Creativity. Innovation. Collaboration. Experience. Making an impact. Caring about your success. Are these attributes that you look for in a custom eLearning partner? If so, SweetRush is one of the top custom eLearning content providers you may consider for your preferred supplier list.

The world’s most successful organizations have chosen them to create eLearning experiences that have been connecting with and motivating learners for 20 years. They are ready to earn your trust as your strategic partner. How? By focusing on stakeholder needs, organizational objectives, and smooth Project Management.

As a 100% remote company for 10 years, SweetRush is an ideal team to support your digital transformation. Care to see what makes working with them a real pleasure?

Explore real customer reviews for SweetRush in our directory and see why they are one of the top custom eLearning content providers.


  • Extensive breadth and depth of eLearning capabilities
    Along with their clients, they have won awards in 24 categories at the prestigious Brandon Hall awards, thus, demonstrating their vast eLearning expertise in several sectors like sales, leadership, and new hire onboarding. Also, blended learning, mobile, games, simulations, video/animation, virtual worlds, storytelling, and scenarios. By working with them, you have access to a uniquely broad toolkit, ensuring the most effective learning solution. SweetRush is a digital transformation partner you can grow with, bringing you fresh ideas, year after year.
  • Innovating Learner Experience design and amplifying organizational impact
    They have focused on the fusion and evolution of Instructional Design, high-quality visual design, and eLearning technology for 20 years. Recent innovations include applying design thinking (CoDesign™), remote multilearner experiences in VR, and transformative game design. From high learner satisfaction to proven business outcomes, their solutions get results.
  • Culture of caring, respect, and commitment
    When choosing a vendor, who they are is as important as what they do. With them, you’re one of the family, and everyone cares about your success. From the first day, they become a part of your team. How? By acting as a strategic partner, not an order-taker. Their expertise and determination will meet you where you are. They'll understand your constraints and take on any challenges you might be facing.


  • Award-winning collaborations

Along with their client Bridgestone, they recently won Gold in the Excellence in eLearning category at the Chief Learning Officer awards. This follows 26 Brandon Hall Group awards in 15 categories. Including 16 Golds and being named Learning Provider of the Year by the Learning & Performance Institute.

Their award-winning collaborations with Google, Hilton, Mondelēz International, Pfizer, and Sika have focused on several topics. From new hire onboarding, compliance, and soft skills to leadership, sales training, and more.

Their Talent Solutions service augments your team with temporary talent, helping you meet your eLearning goals. Their focus on nonprofits and foundations amplifies the impact of important missions.

For more information get in touch with SweetRush.

3. Inno-Versity

Inno-Versity is a global leader when it comes to custom digital learning solutions. They have a dedicated in-house team of creative and instructional designers. What's more, their team has worked with top brands around the world. Their specialties lie in several sectors.

From gamification, blended learning, and eLearning to scenario-based learning, they have plenty of solutions to offer. They also specialize in AR/VR, animations, mobile learning, and Instructor-Led Training. Their value proposition is simple: create world-class programs using advanced learning theory and cutting-edge technology. Above all, they aim to create training that engages learners and produces measurable business outcomes.

If you want to read customer reviews for Inno-Versity, you can always visit our directory. It will help you have a better understanding of why they are one of the top custom eLearning content providers.


  • Offers a combination of exceptional creative design and great learning theory
    Inno-Versity has the Instructional Design expertise to create learning experiences that stick. By adding gamification elements, they can enhance your projects. This engaging strategy is woven into all of their material. Whether it is about true game applications or even motivational theory, their creative team can make your training projects shine. They've managed to develop over 1,000 custom learning courses over the last 3 years alone, covering a wide range of topics. From skill application and compliance to soft skills and culture transformation, they've got you covered.
  • Impactful business outcomes is a top priority
    They are on top of every project. More specifically, their team helps organizations determine, track, and report each blended learning investment. From creation to launch to maturity, they focus on ensuring that real impact is made. Plus, they are not just creating engaging learning programs. What they care most about is helping you reach your business goals and training objectives.
  • They focus on Learner Experience
    Their team manages to apply advanced learning theory to incorporate scenarios into a variety of learning solutions. Whether that solution is a scenario-based sales skills module or customer service software training. Even if you need a full-blown game to teach cybersecurity awareness to your learner or anything in between. They help immerse your learners in any custom situation. Thus, making it motivating. Lastly, their learning solutions are immediately applicable to your employees' current work case scenarios.


Inno-Versity's digital learning experiences are impressive. Of course, they have created semester-long university courses. But that's only the tip of the iceberg. Their team has worked on leadership training, onboarding, and operations across several industries. In fact, some of the largest organizations in the world have selected them to build their learning solutions. As a result, they manage to develop courses that reach training objectives and business goals.

Here are some of their most notable previous achievements:

    • 2019 Global Learning Team of the Year
    • Stevie Awards 2019 Top Education and Training Materials
    • Apex Awards 2019 Best Advance in Content
    • Brandon Hall Awards 2020
    • #1 Top eLearning Content Development Companies, eLearning Industry

If you are looking for ways to remove complexity from your critical eLearning project, contact them.

4. AllenComm

AllenComm is a custom eLearning solutions firm that partners with clients to solve their unique business challenges. Above all, they use their expertise in needs analysis, learning strategy, and Instructional Design to meet the unique content development needs of businesses around the world.

Their extensive experience, creative approaches, and cutting-edge technologies make them an ideal partner for global brands. Moreover, their graphic design and Project Management enable them to provide the best training solutions and Customer Experience. Consequently, you can leverage their 35+ years of experience in technology to take your training to the next level.

They pioneered new learning strategies in blended learning, social learning, and learning app design. Plus, they are also top-class in responsive web design, gamification, and AR/VR.

Care to find out what makes them one of the top custom eLearning content providers? Make sure to check customer reviews for AllenComm in eLearning Industry's niche directory.


  • Performance consulting
    AllenComm performance consultants design multi-modal eLearning. They do so by using a strategic combination of asset types that align training activities with business outcomes. eLearning activities are most impactful when their format (e.g., interactive video, motion graphic, text) is customized not only to target motivational factors, critical thinking skills, and behaviors but timing and environment as well.
  • Instructional Design
    Content curation and creation are vital in ensuring eLearning activities are effective in increasing employee performance. The information presented to learners and how it’s presented impacts learning outcomes. So, AllenComm develops a content strategy that uses critical information in the best training modality to shape thoughts and behaviors.
  • Learning technology
    They offer a suite of full-service HTML5 authoring. Plus, their content management tools can help you develop fully responsive eLearning content. Their designers' team can also create custom content and templates in all of the major off-the-shelf content authoring tools.


  • Working with BD
    BD was challenged with getting medical practitioners to complete lengthy Instructor-Led Training on complex medical devices. Prior to working with AllenComm, medical practitioners spent several hours away from their work attending practice sessions. They worked with BD to create custom eLearning activities using a value-based microlearning model. This model used functions that enabled learners to set their own pace.
  • Awards received for custom content development
    • Gold Brandon Hall Best Advance in Custom Content
    • Silver Brandon Hall for Best Advance in Custom Content
    • Bronze Brandon Hall Excellence Award for Best Advance in Custom Content

Learn how you can transform your learners with impactful eLearning.

5. CommLab India

For 20+ years, CommLab has been a pioneer in offering rapid custom eLearning solutions to Fortune 500 organizations. Most importantly by helping them offer high-impact learning experiences. They convert classroom training material to custom eLearning courses and legacy courses to HTML5, and they offer eLearning translations.

Their team’s strong Instructional Design background and authoring tools expertise are unmatched. Plus, their scalable in-house workforce and time-tested processes are just a few of the many strengths that prove its mettle. Mainly in the design, development, and deployment of custom eLearning solutions.

Their custom eLearning solutions also include microlearning, mobile learning, job aids, performance support assets, and blended learning. With their comprehensive bouquet of services, they help customers avoid the hassle of dealing with multiple vendors for online training. Do you need social proof on why they are one of the top custom eLearning providers?

Go ahead and explore the vast collection of customer reviews for CommLab India in our directory.


  • High-quality Instructional Design
    They ensure eLearning courses are built on strong ID principles to ensure learning is meaningful, relevant, and engaging. The adult learning principles they follow are applied to ensure courses are learner-centric. What's more, they use performance-based learning objectives. Thus, managing to describe, identify, and measure what a learner will be able to accomplish after training completion.
    What's more, they include need-to-know content to ensure learning objectives are met. Above all, they apply appropriate Instructional Design strategies for each project. That is to say, by basing training on the topic and learner demographics. Furthermore, they offer new-age learning strategies (personalization, scenarios, empathy). These strategies are incorporated to make learning fun and sticky.
    They make sure to add formative and summative assessments to reinforce and measure learning effectiveness. Lastly, they manage to design master courses that adhere to localization best practices. As a result, this approach makes translations easy.
  • Robust processes
    They follow an iterative Project Management process that ensures constant communication with customers, mainly to avoid costly reworks and delays. Their quality assurance processes are followed to ensure error-free and flawless courses, within time and budget. Finally, adherence to checklists and customer style guides ensures courses are consistent and conform to branding guidelines.
  • Authoring tools and LMS expertise
    They develop courses at the speed of need using all leading authoring tools. What's more, their team uses online review tools to shorten review and feedback loops. In addition, they do SCORM cloud testing to debug errors before the final rollout. They also offer "Effectus," a rapid, new-age plug and play LMS that makes accessing training easy and streamlines admin tasks.


They design and develop custom eLearning solutions on all major topics such as processes, product, sales, software, and compliance training. They have developed 85,000 hours of custom eLearning for Fortune 500 customers from a variety of industries. For example, healthcare and pharma, manufacturing, packaging, food and beverages, logistics, and telecommunications to name a few.

Explore how they can help you reach business goals fast with their custom rapid eLearning solutions.

6. Infopro Learning

For 25+ years, Infopro Learning has been unlocking the human capital for organizations with custom learning and training solutions. More specifically, they provide a full suite of services in the learning and training field. Some of these include leadership, learning management, and content development.

Infopro Learning’s vision is to help people stay relevant in a constantly changing economy by unlocking human potential. Therefore, extending organizational capability and capacity to deliver transformational learning.

As a leading learning solutions provider, they design, develop, and deploy learning experiences for global customers across modalities. Care to see what makes them ideal to start mapping out your new training? Read online customer reviews for Infopro Learning in our directory.


  • Strategy assessment
    For custom eLearning solutions, they begin with assessing your learners. But that's only the beginning of the process. In addition, they identify and analyze the possible ways of content presentation from a learner-centric approach. Thus, leading to deliver a personalized learning journey for your teams.
  • Implementation
    Their custom eLearning solutions help corporate learners gain knowledge as per their requirements and job roles. They believe that learning must be personalized for modern corporate learners, helping them apply knowledge and skills for workplace excellence.
  • Assessment of ROI
    Finally, they also help organizations measure the ROI of custom eLearning with the appropriate metrics, including increased time-to-proficiency and performance as a direct result of an impactful learning experience.


Infopro Learning has proudly won several Brandon Hall and CLO awards. In fact, most of them are related to custom eLearning solutions. From mobile-enabled learning for leading industries like banking and automobiles to creating simulation-based training programs for learners with limited reading capability, all their learning experiences have one intent. Above all, they focus on producing equally engaging and impactful training mostly, to boost business performance.

Learn more about how they help businesses reduce training expenditure and maximize return on training investment.

7. Learning Pool

Learning Pool has a fresh approach to custom eLearning. They partner with their customers to develop training that makes a real difference. Most importantly, their training content brings high satisfaction rates. The company has one of the largest and most flexible catalogs of content on the market. Their team delivers highly effective custom learning experiences that can fit the budget of your bespoke project.

They've managed to support over 460 organizations with their innovative methods. Some of these approaches include personalized learning, gamification, and performance support. Plus, you will find their LXP, Stream (formerly known as Curatr), really useful. This LXP platform can help you enhance the daily workflow for your users by delivering high-quality learning at scale.

What's more, they manage to reduce the friction learners face in accessing valuable training content. By leveraging their expertise, you can quickly and easily use learning assets to achieve your training objectives. As a result, your teams get to do their jobs better.

Take a look at some of the customer reviews for Learning Pool in our content providers' directory.


  • Experience and expertise
    Learning Pool's experience of developing custom online learning stretches across a wide range of industries, learning topics, and geographical locations. From short and simple interventions for local public bodies to comprehensive learning programs for some of the world's largest organizations, Learning Pool has the skills and experience to help clients achieve their goals whether large or small.
  • Learning experience design approach
    Learning Pool's team of learning designers will help you always focus on the wider context of learning experiences. Considering organization culture, motivational factors, delivery platforms, and success measures, they work to ensure that what looks good on paper makes a positive difference in reality. Their work in this area has led to a number of awards and is shared regularly through industry blogs and webinars.
  • An eye-catching toolkit
    Whether abstract or real-world, Learning Pool develops custom learning experiences that look great and are intuitive to navigate. With deep-scrolling web pages, traditional eLearning, animation, video, campaigns, and even AR/VR experiences, they are able to draw upon a range of tools to help clients deliver a real impact on their business.

Achievements/Case Studies

  • Partnering up with Swiss Re
    Their client, Swiss Re, works in an increasingly data-intensive market. They needed to ensure the safeguarding of the organization, their people, and their customers from inherent risks in a digital economy. To make this happen, they created a Digital Governance Framework (DGF).

Swiss Re had a big challenge to overcome in order to effectively communicate this framework to their workforce. They needed to be able to advise staff on how and when they should apply it. Thus, they wanted to create a lively piece of eLearning to reinforce the message.

Learning Pool focused on designing and developing an online interactive learning experience that delivers the key messages. Furthermore, this had to come across the DGF, teaching them how to apply this knowledge to real-life scenarios. As a result, the eLearning has been well received by Swiss Re. More specifically, around 500 members of the staff have viewed the material to date. The above number is good for a non-mandatory piece of learning.

To find out more about Learning Pool's custom eLearning offering, follow this link.

8. Obsidian Learning

When it comes to custom eLearning, there is a huge demand for creativity and speedy development. Consequently, Obsidian Learning is one of the top custom eLearning content providers that can bring the results your business needs. You can leverage the wisdom of their 22 years of experience and their flexibility applying it in new ways to meet specific needs.

They thrive on these challenges and on helping customers address topics truly unique to them. Sometimes that’s vision, identity, and culture. Sometimes it’s technical competitive advantages and proprietary processes. Often it’s a big change initiative the business must adopt in order to survive and thrive.

Whatever the content, they help businesses clarify, organize, and communicate training content for high impact, alignment, retention, and behavior change.

We kindly invite you to visit our directory and read customer reviews for Obsidian Learning.


  • They listen, then they design
    When a customer invests in custom eLearning, it’s because cookie-cutter solutions won’t do. They bring 22 years in the learning industry as a foundation. But they start by asking questions. Then they listen to the answers to understand the customer’s needs, challenges, and opportunities. From that understanding, they create well-targeted designs and effective, impactful deliverables.
  • They design for the whole learner, not just their brains
    Using their IDEA design process, they address emotional and cognitive levels to engage and motivate learners. This approach opens learners to new ideas, attitudes, and behavior change. Their custom eLearning aligns learners with critical intangibles like leadership vision, business drivers, and company culture. It provides the "why" as well as the "how" behind change initiatives learners must adopt for the business to survive and thrive.
  • Blended learning delivered in chunks over time
    Today’s learners are busier and more dispersed. Obsidian's blended learning programs meet learners where they are. That means training delivered in smaller chunks, on their preferred devices, on their schedule. As companies pivot hard to support remote workers, leveraging existing content with a blended approach to deploy quality virtual learning just makes sense.


Obsidian Learning’s experience spans 800 effective custom learning projects for 130+ happy clients. For 5 consecutive years, they’ve made eLI’s list of Top Content Providers for Custom eLearning.

Their clients range from tiny to global, from local to geographically far-flung, across many industries. Their cultures range from buttoned up to freewheeling. Content spans from highly technical to soft skills. They find the essence of what is unique, important, and impactful in any content, and bring that out with net-level course design.

If you’ve got content worth creating custom training for, they can make those courses shine.

9. Kineo

Kineo has always been about great learning. Whether it’s a course, resource, animation, game, platform, blend, or new technology solution, underpinning it are core learning methodologies and engagement principles.

As Kineo’s strapline says, if you design a better learning experience, together you’ll get better results; this is fundamental to who they are and what they do. Their custom eLearning offers businesses the core Kineo creativity through a solution based on the principles of quality, reusability, affordability, and effectiveness.

Looking for social proof? Go ahead and read customer reviews for Kineo. You'll understand why they are one of the top custom eLearning content providers.


  • Custom content creation that really engages
    They’re excited about helping you get the most from eLearning. Their Instructional Design approach leads to the highest-quality end product—all delivered with that custom Kineo flair. They create accessible, multi-device compatible eLearning as standard. And their award-winning bespoke eLearning can include any of the latest innovations, from social interaction to gamification.
  • They’re a true partner
    Customer feedback reveals that the Kineo team and the relationships they build are key to what keeps them coming back. Their solutions consultants, support teams, and learning designers do everything they can to get under the skin of your organization and learning challenges. Above all, they aim to design content and solutions that really work for you.
  • End-to-end learning development
    More specifically, Kineo covers every step of creating high-quality training solutions, including:
    • Instructional Design
    • UI, visual and learning design
    • Creative asset development
    • Voiceover and video recording
    • Animated video creation
    • Programming and QA


They've worked with global organizations like Rolls Royce and Credit Suisse to develop completely custom learning experiences using learning technology to deliver an engaging and effective experience. Their team has worked with every major authoring tool and LMS, and across every sector and industry. Whatever your eLearning project, they can partner with you to get it done.

Learn more about working with Kineo.

10. eLearning Brothers

eLearning Brothers is a full-service learning solutions provider. They have an extensive learning arsenal with the right tools and resources to help anyone create customized learning experiences that rock.

They offer robust authoring tools and an extensive library of professionally designed eLearning templates, game modules, cutout people, and stock assets. Certainly, eLearning developers and designers can use these tools to build custom content for their organizations. Plus, they have a history of creating award-winning training for clients. Their team creates learning experiences tailored to clients’ exact needs and learning goals.

Care to see what kind of training they can deliver for your organization? Explore customer reviews for eLearning Brothers.


  • Customize templates and assets to create training
    eLearning Brothers has long been known as an eLearning template leader. Developers can easily customize pre-built, interactive templates with their own content, as well as change colors and images to match their brand and demographics. With over 120 million stock images and graphics to choose from, and thousands of cutout people, it’s easy to create a custom-looking course entirely from templates and assets.
  • Create customized, mobile-friendly games
    They offer The Training Arcade, a library of fun, mobile-ready, casual games that can be rapidly customized to an organization’s content. This library can reinforce educational material, assess knowledge retention, measure overall teaching effectiveness, and improve learning outcomes.
  • Training built just for your organization
    For organizations wanting a fully custom learning solution, they can develop all types of training—compliance, onboarding, soft skills, sales—that incorporates the latest technology and learning innovations. For example, Virtual Reality, responsive design, and microlearning. Firstly, they work with each organization to determine the learning needs. Secondly, they come up with a customized plan that meets each company's budget. Thirdly, they create the custom learning experience of your dreams!


They create custom learning and provide templates and assets to many industries, including healthcare, financial, technology, energy/utilities, government, and business services. eLearning Brothers has earned numerous industry awards, from organizations like Brandon Hall Group, LearnX, Learning Technologies UK, and more.

One recent award is a 2020 Brandon Hall Group Gold Award for Best Advance in Custom Content for a course they created for Sigma Chi Leadership Institute. In addition, their partner recently won an eHealthcare Leadership Award for a project created using eLearning Brothers' tool CenarioVR, cutout people, and stock audio from their asset library.

Learn more about eLearning Brothers and their impactful custom eLearning solutions.

11. Allen Interactions

Allen Interactions empowers people to adapt, improve, and perform with custom learning and technology solutions. Their mission is to always create and deliver meaningful, memorable, and motivational learning solutions that produce measurable gains.

Certainly, their behavioral science and educational psychology roots are key to their success. Thus, they’ve defined unique methods of Instructional Design and development, including CCAF-based design and the SAM process, fueling business, people, and performance optimization.

They provide industry education through the Allen Academy, their eLearning leadership blog, and complimentary resources surrounding all learning topics.

Want to learn more about working with them? Read customer reviews for Allen Interactions in our directory.


  • Science-backed Learning and Development models and methods
    Developed by Allen Interactions CEO Dr. Michael Allen, SAM (the Successive Approximation Model) is an iterative design process for developing performance-first learning experiences. In fact, CCAF Design focuses on the learner and their performance. More specifically, they focus on 4 components that, together, create instructional interactivity for engaging, irresistible learning.
  • Focused on performance
    They work side by side to identify and understand the intricacies of the performance areas that need to be addressed. Through tools and methods structured through creative problem-solving, they work together with their clients to create change-making, award-winning products.
  • Future-proofing through continuous optimization
    Their main focus is on the constant need to adapt and improve in today’s landscape. They partner with their clients to help their learning evolve and grow through continuous performance optimization initiatives that allow them to be prepared for the future.


With 3,752+ projects completed and 160,000+ custom interactions, they have optimized performance learning and training for organizations of all sizes, leading to 450+ awards. From early childhood education credentialing, modern virtual learning, and mental health education to onboarding, increasing sales, and providing technical training, Allen Interactions believes learning is fun when designed well.

Check out their complementary resources.

12. Cinecraft

Cinecraft is a leading producer of custom eLearning solutions. They have specialized in creating experiences that are performance-focused and learner-centric for nearly 30 years. After opening their doors in 1939 as one of the United States’ first corporate training film companies, they evolved into creating engaging eLearning experiences in 1991.

The first eLearning curriculum Cinecraft developed was in Authorware, and they trained healthcare workers around the United States to satisfy OSHA standards. The curriculum had scenarios, knowledge check questions, assessments, and a SQL database for tracking learners’ progress. Safe to say they’ve been pioneers in learning for almost a century. Care to see why they are considered one of the top custom eLearning content providers?

Read customer reviews for Cinecraft in eLearning Industry's directory.


  • Learner-centered philosophy for the best results
    Wondering what defines Cinecraft’s learning philosophy? They manage to bring the learner as close to the skills and behaviors that need development as possible. After all, eLearning is the best way to provide an environment where learners can practice skills and behaviors. Most importantly, a risk-free environment.
  • Cost-efficient and fun training delivery anytime, anywhere
    Cinecraft saves organizations countless hours and costs associated with travel and reduced productivity with eLearning. How? By creating training that follows these 7 better learning principles:

    • Authentic
      Learning is genuine, real, life-like, and accurate.
    • Timely
      Learning is convenient, made available at a favorable or useful time.
    • Efficient
      Content is well organized, follows streamlined processes, and minimizes the effort.
    • Relevant
      Learning focuses on aligning the business needs with learning objectives.
    • Engaging
      User Interface (UI) is aesthetically pleasing, captivating, and appealing.
    • Fun
      Delivery is entertaining, amusing, and enjoyable.
    • Accessible
      User Experience (UX) is easy to comprehend and navigation is without obstacles.
  • Upskilling based on scenario-based courses, simulations, and gamification
    Cinecraft’s eLearning solutions include scenario-based courses, simulations, and gamification all meant to upskill or change the learners’ behaviors that lead to an impact on your business goals.


Cinecraft recently won a Brandon Hall, IELA, and DevLearn DemoFest award for an eLearning solution produced for Carrier Corporation. Dealers that represent Carrier’s HVAC equipment generate customer leads in The Home Depot. Dealers also need to build relationships with The Home Depot associates so that associates are also able to generate leads.

The solution Cinecraft developed includes a blend of scenarios and simulations to help dealers practice the behaviors in a risk-free environment. The results included an increase in the number of leads generated and the highest Net Promoter Score of all dealer training courses produced by Carrier.

If you would like to learn more about Cinecraft’s custom eLearning solutions, go to their website to set up a meeting.

13. CoreAxis

CoreAxis is a leading learning solutions agency that specializes in developing and delivering custom engagements in an array of modalities. That is to say, including eLearning, blended learning, Instructor-Led Training, and Virtual Instructor-Led Training. The company offers leadership and development staff augmentation through an extensive network of training professionals.

Care to see what makes them one of the top custom eLearning content providers? All you have to do is check out customer reviews for CoreAxis in eLearning Industry's directory.


  • Work with the best
    Over the past two decades, CoreAxis has cultivated an extensive network of award-winning learning industry professionals. The company’s rigorous consultation requirements ensure that their learning solutions are designed by the best in the industry.
  • End-to-end support
    From conceptualization to implementation, CoreAxis works hand-in-hand with their clients to deliver innovative and engaging learning solutions. The CoreAxis team designs and delivers custom learning solutions for organizations of all sizes. The company’s focus is on understanding each client’s individual business needs and then developing a custom action plan.
  • Solutions that solve problems
    CoreAxis takes a best practices, data-driven approach to learning solutions development. The company measures the success of each program and gathers data to facilitate continuous improvement.

Achievements/Case Studies

The CoreAxis Team was asked by a Big Box Retailer to deliver on a critical business need. The new business environment drove their operations team to onboard 50,000 new leaders in a virtual model.

With consumers purchasing consumer goods and products online, the company’s talent acquisition and hiring process accelerated in an unprecedented manner. CoreAxis quickly assembled a virtual design team that included graphic designers, Instructional Designers, learning consultants, writers, technology consultants, QA leads, and business process experts. They can work across any industry or size of organization.

Visit their website to learn more about how CoreAxis designs custom eLearning solutions that engage learners, improve performance and deliver results.

14. Netex Learning

Netex Learning has been involved in custom content authoring for global corporate and EdTech clients since 1997. They have a multi-award winning content production service with a history of extensive experience behind it. More specifically, they've carried out the most ambitious custom content projects for global companies such as Amazon, Inditex, and Banco Santander.

They provide appropriate digital and didactic structures to meet their clients’ objectives. Thus, they plan and coordinate projects with their experts during all stages of editorial development.

Their team creates HTML5 multi-device content compatible with any LMS on the market (Scorm 1,2, Scorm 2004, and TinCan/xAPI).

You may read customer reviews for Netex Learning in our niche directory.


  • Experience and innovation
    Netex has developed custom learning content since 1997 for the biggest companies and EdTech organizations in Europe and LATAM. Consequently, by combining the latest technologies and learning trends, they manage to offer the best solution in each case, mainly by focusing on the business value and Learner Experience.
  • Their agile production model
    Using an agile production model ensures that main objectives, phases, deliverables, and results are shared and known from the kick-off. At the same time, it gives the flexibility to prioritize business value and improvements during the creation and development process.
  • Learning experience design
    By combining their ecosystem of applications (learningCloud and contentCloud) and integrating it with external solutions, they enrich the traditional eLearning content. Netex delivers custom learning experiences that improve engagement and retention through unique experiences.

Achievements/Case Studies

  • Cicerone Certification Program


To improve beer culture and train the commercial workforce of Estrella Galicia, Spain’s top 5 beer company. How? By creating high quality and interactive learning content.


In close collaboration with customer’s SMEs, they defined a journey in which learners will have an immersive and interactive approach with content. Combining the company’s culture of beer and philosophy with Cicerone’s International Certification content, they created highly interactive and engaging learning.

The success of the program, duplicating the initial number of expected employees certified, has led the customer to expand it to their top customers and distributors.

Care to see what makes Netex Learning one of the top custom eLearning content providers? Visit their website for more info.

15. Tesseract Learning Pvt Ltd

Tesseract Learning's main focus is working with global organizations to help them keep up with change and drive innovation. They support teams to stay ahead of the competition by applying the right learning strategies to their learning programs. Thus, assisting them in building a workforce of leaders and thinkers. Above all, they focus on creating agile experiences and help better equip learners with skills that lead to big impacts.

Their team provides technology-driven, instructionally sound, and learner-centric solutions. What's more, their training meets the learning needs of every domain. They are powered by innovation and driven by agility.

For more information on how working with them is like, take a look at customer reviews for Tesseract Learning.


  • Customized learning solutions to fit varying needs
    Be it custom content, mobile learning, gamification, or microlearning, their solutions are tailor-made to meet the needs of their customers. Most importantly, they help businesses implement learning solutions that improve the performance of their employees.
  • Robust technology solutions
    They offer technology solutions that include the KREDO microlearning platform, integrated learning ecosystems, learning portals, Moodle LMS customization, and Open edX customization along with managed services. Their technology solutions seamlessly integrate with diverse systems, work in a variety of environments, and are secure and robust.
  • Customer delight
    Customer delight is their motto. They achieve this by continuously delivering learning solutions that exceed expectations, are high-quality, on time and within budget.


In just 4 years, Tesseract Learning has been recognized as a world leader in providing learning and training solutions. In 2020, Tesseract Learning has been featured in the Top eLearning Content Development Watchlist by eLearning Industry.

If you want to learn more about their custom training solutions, you can always get in touch.

16. Curious Lion Inc.

Curious Lion is a team of learning architects, ready to extract your company knowledge and convert your original content into custom eLearning. You're a Curious Lion partner if you value someone who cares as much about learning as you do and listens to what your ideal training world looks like. If you want to create transformative custom eLearning, they are an ideal solution.

Curious to learn more about working with them? You're more than welcome to take a look at customer reviews for Curious Lion in our directory.


  • Top-notch content extraction
    According to Curious Lion, the answers your people are looking for are already out there in your organization. They bring the Beginner's Mindset approach to working with your learning leaders and Subject Matter Experts. As a result, they manage to extract and organize your company knowledge.
  • Video-based learning
    Any good training needs an asynchronous element. This is why Curious Lion is an ideal partner. Above all, they are masters at rapidly creating live action and animated videos. Their solutions help highlight the knowledge your experts have to share.
  • Peer learning focus
    The best learning happens between team members. Consequently, each Curious Lion course considers how to promote peer-to-peer learning in your team. What's more, they bring long-term results by using projects in the real world to create lasting transformation.


Curious Lion has developed an approach that is truly content-agnostic. They excel at doing research into your business, preparing for their one-of-a-kind Discovery process in which they use the Beginner's Mindset to extract the custom content they need to create your training.

When you look at the range of clients they've worked with—from PagerDuty to the NBA—you can see how well this process works. From CityRow to KPMG, there isn't a subject matter they can't handle.

To find out more about their approach to custom content development and download a checklist you can use right away, please visit their Complete Guide To Training Material Development.

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Before submitting your RFPs, sit down with your teams to conclude on what you need to fix through training. Personalized estimates will definitely help. Also, consider taking some test projects. The above will give you a more hands-on experience on who is the best outsourcing partner.

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