Top Content Providers For Rapid eLearning (Update 2022)

Top Content Providers For Rapid eLearning (Update 2022)
Summary: Developing high-end corporate training on tight deadlines and at a low cost is becoming more important than ever in today's fast-paced and unpredictable markets. In this article, I'll share why rapid eLearning content development is key to saving time and resources for your organization.

Top-Notch Content Providers For Rapid eLearning

If you are an Instructional Designer who strives for a robust rapid eLearning implementation, you'll have figured out by now that it is a skill one earns and enhances over the years. What makes a rapid eLearning approach successful? The magic is not only in the content or in merely deciding your learning objectives. It would be best if you abide by certain best practices to get to that. Creating a rapid eLearning program might seem equal to impossible for some eLearning professionals. However, it all depends on who is designing the program and which tools they've selected to create it. Worry not, because this list will uncover the top rapid eLearning content providers!

Sometimes Instructional Designers get carried away by the idea or the content, ending up with lengthy eLearning material they cannot use effectively or not delivering an employee training program on time. To edit such content and make it fit into a rapid eLearning program, you have to follow several steps. The content provider you'll choose to work with needs to follow certain best practices to provide you with a timely and engaging rapid eLearning solution.

You know it’s time to outsource your eLearning content development project when:

  • You aren’t even sure where and how to begin
  • Time pressure is taking its toll
  • Your L&D team lacks in eLearning authoring tools expertise
  • Manpower and resources are already maxed out
  • Your previous training courses weren’t in alignment with your business goals
Use Rapid eLearning To Deliver Value-For-Money Training Fast And Easily.
Compare top content providers that offer rapid eLearning solutions to create effective online training!

Top Content Providers Offering Rapid eLearning Solutions

So, are you ready? We've selected the top rapid eLearning content providers to help you determine which of the following companies is the best fit. Make no mistake; all of them are top-notch. Thus, they can help you deliver engaging employee training fast and easily.

Top Content Providers For Rapid eLearning (Update 2022)

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Seamless And Hassle-Free Corporate Training Know-How At The Speed Of Business

CommLab India Rapid eLearning Solutions is one of the most sought-after global leaders for rapid eLearning solutions. Combining their strong background in Instructional Design, authoring tools expertise, and global Project Management, CommLab India offers learner-centric rapid eLearning solutions at unmatched speed and scale.

Check the reviews submitted in our directory to see what other eLearning pros have to say about their experience.

Go ahead and visit CommLab India's website to get a clear view of their rapid eLearning solutions!


  • Learner-centric and instructionally sound rapid eLearning courses
  • Rapid eLearning cuts to the chase to deliver quick results
  • Solutions can be delivered in 30% of the time taken by conventional training methods


Whether it’s converting classroom material to eLearning, Flash to HTML5, or developing eLearning curricula, CommLab India offers rapid eLearning solutions that show immediate results.

They have a huge team of experts in the latest authoring tools such as Articulate Storyline, Adobe Captivate, Lectora Online, and iSpring. Thus, they are one of the top rapid eLearning content providers!

  • Learner-centric and instructionally sound rapid eLearning courses

It is not just about publishing content online with a tool. CommLab India's courses:

    • Have performance-based learning objectives
    • Speak to learners through icebreakers and "do you know" questions
    • Include new-age strategies such as personalization and storytelling
    • Include formative and summative assessments
  • Rapid eLearning cuts to the chase to deliver quick results
    • Bulky "ornamental" courses are trimmed, and the bells and whistles are discarded.
    • Courses have the required amount of engagement and interaction.
    • Authoring tools bring courses to life quickly, through their easy-to-use features and inbuilt assets.
  • Solutions can be delivered in 30% of the time taken by conventional training methods

Other benefits include:

    • Instructional Design that’s "fast and right," utilitarian, appropriate, and highly effective
    • A faster training rollout for learners operating in dynamic and challenging conditions with tight deadlines
    • The timely rollout of courses on topics of high urgency (those that change and evolve by the hour)
    • the seamless rollout of updates
    • 30-50% jump in ROI without negatively affecting learning efficacy


CommLab India offers rapid eLearning solutions on all major topics, such as product and sales, onboarding, software, and compliance training. CommLab India developed 11,660 hours of rapid eLearning for Fortune 500 customers from industries such as food and beverage, manufacturing, chemical, and healthcare.

Other projects include 3,000 courses of rapid Flash to HTML5 conversion, 7 million words translated into 27 languages, and 4,500 hours of LMS administration. With its proven track record, CommLab India can offer rapid eLearning solutions to industries such as biopharma, logistics and supply chain, farming, and biotechnology.

4.9/5 (53 reviews)
Specializing In Employee Performance Improvement Using Rapid eLearning Solutions

SweetRush has captured a singular space in the industry. Clients trust SweetRush and love their culture of caring and commitment, and their uniquely effective solutions that connect with and motivate learners. The majority of the learning solutions SweetRush creates are blended, combining multiple delivery modalities to engage learners in different ways.

User reviews about SweetRush are accessible for you in eLearning Industry's directory.

Get in touch with SweetRush -- you’ll be in expert hands from day one! 


  • Process
  • Staffing
  • Technology


SweetRush understands that time to market is a critical need for their clients and designs solutions that meet mission-critical organizational needs. They offer a range of solutions for rapid development, from eLearning solutions such as microlearning, mobile job aids, and chatbots to face-to-face experiences, such as group huddles.

Let's explore the 3 key areas SweetRush optimizes to offer the best rapid eLearning.

  • Process
    SweetRush looks beyond the ADDIE/waterfall methodology to introduce Agile/iterative processes that can optimize timelines. SweetRush’s CoDesign experience, which leverages design thinking to create learner-centric solutions, can eliminate upwards of 30 days compared to traditional design practices. And the process gains buy-in from stakeholders, meaning faster approval.
  • Staffing
    Creating great rapid eLearning means having a great, knowledgeable staff. SweetRush clients benefit from their near-zero turnover of employees; SweetRush’s experienced team retains the knowledge of their clients’ brand, culture, preferences, and assets, which creates efficiency. With their Talent Solutions offering temporary talent for L&D, professionals are placed with clients and take on simple eLearning projects on their own, greatly reducing timelines when compared to a full-team effort.
  • Technology
    SweetRush focuses on leveraging and innovating with technology. With rapid eLearning, technology is constantly changing; new authoring tools are coming into the market to support rapid development. The SweetRush team are experts at evaluating and adopting new tools, then pushing the capabilities of these tools to make rapid eLearning more visually appealing, interactive, and engaging.


SweetRush has won 119 Brandon Hall awards since 2017, including 83 Golds, for custom learning programs. They’ve rapidly developed all types of training—sales and product knowledge, IT, and technical—for clients in the technology, healthcare, and financial industries.

Rapid eLearning Development With Predictive Learnability And Higher Training ROI

EI’s rapid eLearning practice offers solutions featuring leading authoring tools through an Agile approach. They leverage their learnability framework to ensure improved training effectiveness and a higher training ROI.

Contact EI to create rapid and semi-custom eLearning programs that offer predictive learnability and better ROI on training spend.

Learn what other eLearning Industry community members have to say about working with EI, by reading user reviews in our directory.


  • Rapid development
  • Semi-custom development
  • Predictive learnability


  • Rapid development
    They have strong expertise in all leading authoring tools. Through an Agile approach, they deliver high-impact programs in a predictable manner, meeting customer budgets and timelines.
  • Semi-custom development
    They leverage their library of custom templates to create a distinct and better learning experience. Best of all, they do so at a fraction of the custom eLearning cost and in significantly less time.
  • Predictive learnability
    By leveraging their learnability framework, they help their customers improve the training effectiveness of rapid eLearning projects and achieve a higher ROI.


EI was ranked as a Top Content Provider for Rapid eLearning for 2 consecutive years. They were also recognized as the #1 company in the Top Content Providers for Custom eLearning in 2021. They are the proud recipients of 25 Brandon Hall Group Excellence Awards.

4. eWyse
4.9/5 (24 reviews)
Reinventing Learning With Technology | Experts In Rapid And Blended Training

eWyse is a European eLearning agency that uses the latest tools to build engaging and effective courses for clients of all sizes around the world. Their bespoke eLearning build process, called 3C, keeps you in control, saves time, and ensures that your courses are delivered with speed and precision every time. 

If client satisfaction weighs in your decision, look through the reviews for eWyse in our directory.

If you think they are the right fit, start your rapid eLearning content development by contacting eWyse.


  • 3C approach
  • Time-bound build process
  • Storygizer tool


Rapid eLearning is a process that requires fast program design, but this shouldn’t come at the expense of quality. The built-in feedback and financial controls of 3C ensure world-class courses that are built with speed, within budget, and of course, to your exacting standards.

The foundation of a good rapid eLearning course is one that meets the key objectives of fast production while maintaining a high-quality standard.

  • 3C approach
    Together with their clients over the past decade, they have developed a system of working that speeds up the production of eLearning courses while maintaining high-quality standards and control of all the key areas of the build process during the creative part of the process, the production itself, and also in the area of cost-control.
  • Time-bound build process
    Their multi-stepped approach, from the needs assessment to the creation of the demo, is carefully planned so that their clients know exactly how much time they will need to commit from the start. This is great for scheduling workloads, especially when there is a need for quick, successive eLearning projects to be delivered on time, every time.
  • Storygizer tool
    A brand new concept in eLearning course development, Storygizer is a unique Project Management and storyboarding software that allows for advanced collaboration, communication, and Performance Management. This SaaS tool ensures that your projects are created quickly, effortlessly, and to your exact requirements.


eWyse has developed a series of eLearning development processes that have helped clients across all sectors. However, the strengths of their systems are particularly beneficial for clients in sectors that are subject to frequent change, such as those enforced through regulation, for example, pharmaceuticals or banking. Clients who have a need for regular product updates, perhaps because they are in a fast-moving sector such as financial technology, would also benefit from partnering with an agency that has rapid eLearning credentials like eWyse.

4.8/5 (31 reviews)
Advanced Learning Science, Unmatched Creativity, And Innovative Technology

MindSpring is one of the global leaders when it comes to rapid eLearning solutions. Their value proposition is simple: create world-class solutions using learning science and innovative technology to engage learners and meet business outcomes.

Visit their website to learn more.

Explore reviews for MindSpring in our niche directory.


  • Streamline the process
  • Learning experience
  • Just-right learning


  • Streamline the process
    Build quality templates so learning designers can rapidly develop designs. Remove unnecessary steps in the process. Use collaboration tools so feedback can be given in real time.
  • Learning experience
    Goal number one is to keep learning objectives and learner experience at the top of the priority list. Get quick feedback on the initial designs to avoid major revisions later.
  • Just-right learning
    Creativity needs to be balanced with the need for speed and quality. Come to a consensus on the style and tone early in the process.


  • #1 Top eLearning Content Provider, eLearning Industry (2022)
  • 12x eLearning Industry Award Winner (2021)
  • Excellence in Future of Work, Brandon Hall (2021)
Offering A Range Of Courses, Tools, And Content Creation To Over 800 Organizations

Learning Pool has enjoyed a landmark of 12 months, with highlights including increasing their client base by 30%—now serving up to 800 global organizations—the launch of their new LXP, Stream, acquiring award-winning, innovative learning solutions provider, HT2 Labs, and winning a vast array of awards. 

You may check what customers have to say about working with Learning Pool by reading reviews in our directory.

Do you have an eLearning project in mind? Contact Learning Pool to get started with your content development.


  • Multiple development methodologies
  • Build-only
  • Full development using an Agile model


Their awards include Gold for innovation at the 2019 Learning Technologies Awards and Gold at the International CSR awards, for their commitment to being a responsible business to the community. Annual revenue growth increased more than 26% last year and staff numbers have risen to over 200 colleagues across their Boston, Derry, Nottingham, Oxford, Belfast, and Glasgow offices.

  • Multiple development methodologies

Learning Pool employs multiple development methodologies to produce content ranging from complex gamified solutions to rapidly developed projects, deployed in a number of weeks. 

  • Build-only

This is one of their key models for rapid projects. The client provides content that is development-ready and Learning Pool breaks down the content and builds in interactivity. Clients who have used this type of content include Intercontinental Hotels Group, Yum, Select, Dell, Scottish Parliament, and Avon.

  • Full development using an Agile model

Learning Pool has developed another key model for quick course creation. It's a process for delivering rapid projects from scratch. This process involves a pragmatic approach to content development that uses the Scrum methodology. Learning Pool uses a workshop with the SMEs and stakeholders to define the vision and scope and set deliverables through action-mapping. Daily stand-ups complement workshops, retrospectives, and showcase sessions. Learning Pool’s Sprints and Time-Box structure makes sure that projects are developed very rapidly. Learning Pool’s Adapt tool allows clients to immediately see the iterations of their content and support large scale reviews and user testing. This also allows Learning Pool to get direct and accurate review comments that can be actioned in the moment and through feedback loops. Clients that have used them for this kind of approach include Sky.


Learning Pool has developed hundreds of courses using these approaches. Combining it with the development of their authoring tool (Adapt Builder) also enables clients to distribute cross-platform and create localized and translated versions of the courses, if they require so. This type of approach is relevant for organizations looking to deploy large volumes of content in relatively quick timescales—a few weeks rather than months. It’s also worth highlighting that this type of approach is more suitable for simpler subject matter. Whilst fit for purpose, the output is relatively unsophisticated. If the subject matter is complex or the desired outcomes are behavioral, it may not be the appropriate solution.

Delivering Customized And Cost-Effective Rapid eLearning Solutions

Harbinger Interactive Learning specializes in course modernization and custom content development. They build rapid eLearning solutions using authoring tools like Articulate Storyline 360, Lectora, Adobe Captivate, dominKnow Flow, etc.

Learn more about their wide range of rapid eLearning solutions and robust Instructional Design capabilities.

Take a look at the submitted reviews for Harbinger Learning in our directory.


  • Engaging and learner-centric learning solutions
  • Innovative instructional approaches
  • Award-winning custom eLearning modules


  • Engaging and learner-centric learning solutions
    Their highly efficient team develops engaging and learner-centric learning solutions for clients across multiple domains. They build custom learning solutions for better learner engagement and outcomes.
  • Innovative instructional approaches
    Harbinger uses innovative instructional approaches to develop custom learning solutions. Their training is highly effective as they have expertise in microlearning, nudges, simulations, gamification, interactive videos, and scenario-based learning.
  • Award-winning custom eLearning modules
    They have expertise in creating multiple award-winning custom eLearning modules. Their team leverages rapid authoring technologies to expedite legacy courses’ modernization and facilitate effective translations.


Harbinger has developed rapid eLearning solutions for various industries and won notable industry awards. Examples include eLearning modules to surge sales and staff training of an American fast-food chain, and 500+ courses' modernization using Articulate 360 for a custom eLearning provider.

Do You Need Quick Training Rollout?
If you want to develop eLearning courses fast while getting the most out of your training initiatives, you can team up with the best rapid eLearning experts in the market.

eLearning Industry’s Selection Criteria For The Top Rapid eLearning Companies

In the above list, we've assembled the top companies for rapid eLearning in one place. If you’re looking for a partner to outsource your corporate training content development, this is all you need. Please keep in mind that this list is about content providers that offer rapid eLearning solutions. You may also check our full eLearning content providers' directory for other types of training content development.

Globally recognized LMS experts, including C. Pappas, and our editorial team did a thorough review of each vendor's eligibility. By checking each eLearning company's website and relevant published content—articles, eBooks, webinars—we've reached a final conclusion. Our committee ranked the best content providers for rapid eLearning based on the following 8 criteria:

  1. Company’s economic growth potential
  2. Company’s social responsibility
  3. Customer retention
  4. Customer reviews
  5. Employee turnover
  6. Learning industry innovation
  7. Quality of content development in Rapid eLearning
  8. Expertise in Learning solutions

After reading the list, make sure to dive into our tips on what you need to consider when choosing your ideal content provider for rapid eLearning.

Benefits Of Outsourcing Rapid eLearning Content Development

L&D professionals can get great insights by following a successful eLearning content development recipe. The purpose of this article is to distinguish which content providers are the best fit for your business. Highlighting the benefits of eLearning outsourcing will help L&D teams understand how they can create effective training courses fast. Thus, our Top Rapid eLearning Content Providers list aims to assist your decision-making process.

You might be one of those companies that plan on making the switch to online training. Or you might already have set up an L&D team. Yet, your online training courses fail to bring the results you want. Maybe you can't decide what type of training is best for your business needs. Whichever the case, one thing is sure: you need a rapid eLearning process that works. For the above reasons, some of you might be considering whether it would be better for your budget to create training courses in-house or outsource them.

Clearly, to be reading this article, you must have realized that your organization needs to reap the benefits of outsourcing eLearning content development. First of all, its cost-effectiveness will help you start within your preferred timeline and budget. Secondly, by hiring expert vendors, you will also improve the way you define your training objectives. Besides, if you opt for a rapid eLearning solution, you'll notice an increase in your training course completion rates. Since we all struggle to keep the engagement in our training courses high, outsourcing rapid eLearning is a surefire strategy for success.

Choosing Your Ideal Rapid eLearning Solution

The eLearning industry is growing rapidly day by day. More and more organizations have come to realize that they need to reap the fruits of eLearning. Not only to achieve employee retention and business growth but also to be part of the technological evolution in the corporate training world.

Since you made it this far, I bet you are eager to know which criteria will lead you to make the right decision on your content provider for rapid eLearning. As mentioned above, eLearning Industry’s committee based the selection on several touchstones and traits, hence making it easier for you to choose among the best. However, apart from our criteria, you obviously have your own. The combination of our eLearning expertise and your business goals is what will determine the ideal content provider for your eLearning project.

What makes a rapid eLearning program legit?

  • The development of your eLearning program should take less than a month.
  • Use SMEs as your primary resource.
  • Online training courses have to be engaging.
  • It must have reporting and tracking capabilities for assessment and feedback.
  • The content of your eLearning program should be available in various forms.
  • The duration of your eLearning program should be from 60 to 120 minutes.

Determine The Goals And Objectives Before Outsourcing Rapid eLearning

Training managers cannot unsee the ever-increasing demand for eLearning content development. The thing is, how can an L&D professional be certain of making the right outsourcing choice for rapid eLearning? The content provider you decide to work with must be ideally suited for your eLearning project.

Here are 6 steps to follow in order to find the best eLearning partner for your business needs:

  1. Set your training goals
  2. Create a realistic eLearning οutsourcing budget
  3. Seek Agile learning development options
  4. Have a clear timeframe from inception to rollout
  5. Define if you need localization and translation services
  6. Check your in-house eLearning content to reduce costs

How To Evaluate And Compare Content Providers For Rapid eLearning

Some training managers are looking to develop useful eLearning courses quickly and at a low cost. If you are one of those, you have to be able to distinguish good quality eLearning content development from mediocre. Plus, the rapid eLearning solution you choose also has to be value for money. But how can you get the best training material possible for your budget?

First things first, creating a realistic eLearning outsourcing budget is not that hard. In order to choose your ideal content provider for rapid eLearning, you need to define how much you plan to spend. Maybe your L&D team is lucky, and your boss isn’t afraid to invest in eLearning content development. That's even better. However, in this case, you have even more reasons to align your training needs with your business goals to bring the desired results. Training ROI and effectiveness are what matters most.

Opting for rapid eLearning gives you the ability to transform your eLearning content into practical courses. To accomplish this, you’ll need the right authoring tools and expertise. If you need fast results, your best option is to outsource your training content development.

What reliable content providers need to have:

  • Expertise in authoring tools
  • A dedicated development team
  • Deliver quality eLearning courses
  • Bring top results even on a limited budget
  • Meet tight deadlines

How to find the best eLearning partner for rapid eLearning:

  • Find a reputable eLearning company
  • Check online reviews about their service
  • Research their eLearning content (articles, eBooks, webinars)
  • Request samples to check eLearning content quality
  • Learn about each company’s Project Management procedures
  • Review the eLearning partner’s team members (check CVs, online presence, ask to meet)
  • Request recommendations (social media groups, networking events, talk to peers)
  • Explore each vendor’s social media activity

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The Next Steps To Make The Right Content Provider Decision

Take the time to research each of these content providers that specialize in rapid eLearning. All the above experts focus on eLearning content development for corporate training and can help your business grow. Evaluate each eLearning company to find the one that is ideally suited for your training objectives and budget. Doing so will assist you in achieving your performance goals. Plus, it will help you equip your employees with the knowledge and skills they need to get the job done.

If you are interested in finding, choosing, and comparing the top content providers, you are more than welcome to check eLearning Industry's top content providers directory. Are you still unsure of what to consider before outsourcing your eLearning content development? Download the eBook Ultimate Guide To eLearning Outsourcing and get all the help you need to choose the ideal content provider based on your company's needs.

Last but not least, if you are an eLearning content provider, you are more than welcome to create a free listing on eLearning Industry. Who knows, maybe your company deserves a spot in one of our top lists for next year!

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