Adobe Captivate Prime: A First Approach To Enterprise LMS
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A First Approach To Enterprise LMS With Adobe Captivate Prime

It’s important for your eLearning team to get the functionality and features they need from your LMS. On the other hand, it’s equally essential to offer your online learners a personalized and meaningful experience every time they embark on a new online training path. The question is-how do you find a LMS that is going to give everyone exactly what they need in one centralized LMS platform? Here are just a few of the ways that Adobe Captivate Prime can help you to take a learner first approach.

1. Intuitive Learner Dashboard.

Adobe Captivate Prime is known for its user-friendly design interface. However, it also boasts an intuitive learner dashboard that tracks user progress. Learners also have the opportunity to view which skills they’ve acquired throughout their online training, which online courses they may want to consider next, and which they’ve completed. There is even a comparison panel that enables them to compare their scores, badges, and performance with their peers. This dashboard can help with learner engagement, as they will have the opportunity to get a detailed overview of what they’ve already learned and what’s up next. The real world benefits and applications of your online course are immediately apparent, which adds even more value to their online training experience.

2. Mobile-Friendly Learning.

Mobile learning is here to say. More and more learners are now turning to their smartphones, tablets, and wearable tech gadgets to meet their online training needs. Fortunately, Adobe Captivate Prime offers an app, as well as offline viewing. Learners can participate in the online training course and then sync with the LMS platform when they connect to a Wi-Fi spot. As a result, they can get their training on-the-go, even if they happen to be on the sales floor or commuting to work. There is no need to wait until they attend their scheduled online training course, because they can improve their skills and get the information they need anytime, anywhere with Adobe Captivate Prime.

3. Note-Taking To Boost Knowledge Retention.

One of the major drawbacks of many online training courses is that they do not allow learners to take notes along the way. However, Adobe Captivate Prime has a built-in note taking tool that gives learners the opportunity to make annotations and references during their online training sessions. They can also bookmark a particular section of the online training course and get back to it at a later time, which is ideal for busy corporate learners who need shorter bursts of online training. Both of these features improve knowledge retention, as corporate learners are able to immediately access certain areas of the online training course and put the information into their own words.

4. Personalized Skill Development.

Every learner has their own weaknesses and strengths. The same rule applies to skill development. Each member of your corporate audience needs to fine tune specific skill sets and talents that are necessary for the workplace. Adobe Captivate Prime gives you the chance to create personalized online training experiences that narrow the skill gap, build new skill sets, and track how each skill enhances their job performance. Giving your corporate learners the skills they require boosts employee retention and company profits, as they will be more productive and efficient on the job.

5. Certification Support.

Adobe Captivate Prime offers personalized certifications for your corporate learners, such as a certificate for completing a specific online training course or meeting compliance requirements. You can also opt for automatic renewal to make certain that every member of your team stays current with their required certifications. For example, the employee would immediately be notified if they need to complete a refresher online training course to renew their health and safety certificates. Adobe Captivate Prime provides certification support for third-party online activities that the employee must complete outside of the Learning Management System, as well.

6. Individual Learning Paths.

Even employees in the same department have different objectives, goals, and certifications that they must achieve. This is where Adobe Captivate Prime truly excels. You can outline individual learning paths for every member of your audience, including their compliance requirements, orientation, and customized objectives. There is even the option to automatically trigger individualized training plans based on certain parameters, such as when an employee enters the company or changes their job assignment. This means that every team member gets the personalized online training they need to get the job done effectively and stay informed about corporate policies and procedures.

7. Increase Motivation With Gamification.

Gamification is one of the most powerful tools that eLearning developers have at their disposal. Adobe Captivate Prime has a wide range of gamification features, such as badges and points, which drive learners to do their very best throughout their online training experience. They also have the opportunity to climb up the leaderboard, or achieve milestones that are based on specific skills and performance objectives. Gamification can be particularly useful for reluctant learners who may need that extra bit of motivation to progress through their online training.

Adobe Captivate Prime offers eLearning professionals the opportunity to create learner-centric experiences with their flexible, feature-rich online platform. If you’re looking for a Learning Management System that you can use to develop personalized online training paths and performance-boosting eLearning courses, then Adobe Captivate Prime should definitely be at the top of your list.

Adobe Captivate Prime LMS helps you deliver stimulating learner experiences. Go live instantly with the Fluidic Player that plays virtually any eLearning content seamlessly regardless of format be it PPTX, video, PDF, and DOCX files, and AICC, xAPI, SCORM packages. Improve retention by allowing learners to make revision notes  in the Fluidic Player for future referencing. Enable learners to consume content in online or offline mode, on any device, and track their progress using a personalized dashboard. Apply your enterprise brand colors to key interface elements or choose from attractive themes to change the look and feel of your UI.

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