Adobe Captivate Prime Review: A Full Featured LMS With A Learner-first Approach

Adobe Captivate Prime Review: A Full Featured LMS With A Learner-first Approach
Summary: There are a number of learning management systems that claim to be the “all-in-one solution”, but only a select few typically live up to that promise. Adobe states that their new Adobe Captivate Prime offering is a “ground breaking new Learning Management System” that “empowers you to setup, deliver, track and manage your learning environment all by yourself”…but is it the complete package that you are looking for? In this review, I’ll delve into the features, pricing, support services, and ease of use for Adobe Captivate Prime, so that you can determine if it’s really the right option for your eLearning needs.

Adobe Captivate Prime Review: How To Take Charge Of Your Learning Environment

Adobe Captivate Prime is a learner-centered LMS that is geared toward how corporate training experiences can be made engaging for the learners. In fact, from the very start, Adobe had focused on the needs and demands of learners as well as administrators and learning & development departments while they were developing Prime. The question is: Is Adobe Captivate Prime the ideal choice for your organization?

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An Easy LMS With Power Under The Hood

Adobe is known for their intuitive and versatile learning management systems, and their Adobe Captive Prime LMS is no different. It boasts a user interface that focuses on single web page architecture, which gives you the opportunity to design your online training courses without having to skim through an abundance of pages. Adobe Captivate Prime also features an inbuilt LCMS function, giving you the power to organize and group modules and create structure within your online training programs. This is ideal for organizations that may have a vast assortment of learning materials or certifications that need to stay organized and up-to-date.

5 Adobe Captivate Prime Standout Features

  1. Fluidic Player.
    Adobe Captivate Prime includes a player that adds a whole new dimension of interactivity to online training courses. It supports virtually any multimedia, ranging from standard videos and PDFs to SCORM-compliant content. You don’t have to worry about downloading any additional plug-ins in order to offer your learners high quality, engaging, and immersive streaming videos that draw them into the training experience.
  2. Learner Dashboard.
    In addition to the intuitive dashboard that Adobe Captive Prime offers eLearning professionals, your corporate learners also have access to a user-friendly dashboard that allows them to track their progress. They can immediately view how many eLearning courses they’ve completed, how many they still need to complete, what skills they’ve developed, and which supplement online courses they may want to consider.
  3. Offline Access.
    There are instances where employees simply cannot access the internet, but still need to be able to participate in the online training course. This is where the Adobe Captivate Prime offline access comes in handy. Learners can finish an eLearning course even if they are no longer connected to Wi-Fi by simply downloading the content via the Prime app. When they are back online, the application auto-syncs to the system and continues tracking learner progress.
  4. Learner Tracking.
    Every aspect of the online training course is tracked via the LMS, from interactions to performance assessment scores. This gives organizations the ability to fine-tune their training strategies and determine if certain employees may require additional help to reach their true potential.
  5. Gamification.
    Motivation is key to successful online training experiences, and Adobe Captivate Prime offers a top-notch gamification system that includes badges and leaderboards that encourage learners to do their very best. Learners can even keep track of the badges they’ve earned or view their ranking on the leaderboards via their dashboard, which helps them stay fully engaged in the online training process.

Adobe Captivate Prime Pricing

Adobe Captivate Prime offers a free 30-day trial that gives you the opportunity to try before you buy. Beyond that, it involves a $4 per month per registered user fee, wherein a “registered user” is defined as “someone who is your employee or a temporary worker for your organization or a third party contractor who is authorized by you, to use, participate and interact with your Captivate Prime account”. There is a volume discount for organizations that have more than 500 registered users.

Adobe Captivate Prime Support

Adobe truly shines when it comes to support services. They have an active online community where users can ask questions, address concerns, and find out how to get the most out of the learning management system. There is also a comprehensive database of how-to articles and tutorials in case you run into any issues and need immediate help, as well as a chat option where you can reach out to an experienced Adobe team member. For those who want more extensive support, Adobe does offer a premier support package that covers phone assistance.


The price is very competitive, especially for mid-sized organizations, considering Adobe does not charge customers any hidden costs such as installation, setup, and maintenance. With that being said, Adobe Captivate Prime also offers a wide range of invaluable features that can streamline the training process for larger companies.

It caters to diverse learning approaches, from offline and self-paced to instructor-led training, which is a big plus. The fact that this LMS is learner-centered also makes it the perfect fit for organizations that want to focus on individual employee development. Adobe Captivate Prime gives you the ability to create learning paths to help employees who may need to achieve specific performance goals, as well as develop particular skill sets. It even has an auto-trigger feature that automatically outlines learning plans for employees who are changing departments or need to complete their onboarding.

Last, but certainly not least, Adobe Captivate Prime helps larger organizations assess their training programs on an ongoing basis so that they can make the most of their L&D resources. Learner feedback, managerial input, and online assessment scores are just some of the feedback tools at your disposal. If you are looking for an all-inclusive LMS that you can deliver interactive and engaging online training experiences to a diverse group of corporate learners, then Adobe Captivate Prime may be the ideal solution.

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