Adobe Captivate Prime LMS: Your All-Inclusive Power Center For eLearning Authoring

Create Amazing eLearning Experiences With Adobe Captivate Prime LMS

Training your workforce can be costly and time consuming, especially if you are using a variety of LMS platforms for your L&D needs. But what if you could just use one tool to deploy online courses, keep track of employee progress, and ensure that every aspect of your online training program is maximizing ROI? Adobe Captivate Prime LMS is a robust all-in-one LMS that is ideally suited for organizations both large and small. Even companies with limited budgets and minimal staff can streamline their work processes and increase productivity by delivering comprehensive online training courses, courtesy of Adobe Captivate Prime. Here are just some of the notable benefits of using Adobe Captivate Prime LMS as your all-inclusive power center.

1. Stay Up To Date With Compliance

Compliance issues can not only compromise work performance, but they can lead to costly fines or penalties for your organization. Adobe Captivate Prime LMS offers customizable certifications. Whether you need to provide certificates for health and safety compliance or for the completion of on-boarding online training, Adobe Captivate Prime LMS can do it all. There is even an auto-renewal feature that immediately notifies the employee when their certificates have expired so that they can stay current.

2. Offer Performance Training To Partner Organizations

Adobe Captivate Prime LMS gives you the opportunity to design effective online training experiences for your employees and partner organizations. You can offer skill development online training courses and product training online courses to vendors, sales partners, and external organizations who offer your goods or services. This ensures that every partner accurately reflects your brand image and is up to par with your level of customer care. The system even lets you personalize your training objectives and track progress for each partner organization by creating different groups.

3. Focus On Skill Development

Skills are valuable assets in the business world, which is why organizations need a LMS that can offer them targeted skill development, like Adobe Captivate Prime LMS. This platform gives you the power to narrow skill gaps, build new skill sets, and monitor skill development for every member of your corporate team. You can even assign specific online training courses to departments or individuals to ensure that they receive the customized online training they need to boost productivity. Adobe’s Smart Enroller feature also makes course assignments stress-free. You can simply search using general metadata, like department or manager information, and then automatically assign skill-based online courses to large groups.

4. Keep Track Of Training Initiatives

Adobe Captivate Prime LMS features a dashboard builder where you can customize your real-time dashboards. This means that you can track all of your training initiatives, objectives, and corporate eLearning programs based on specific parameters. For example, you are able to monitor individual learner progress or track the productivity of teams and departments. Thus, you have the opportunity to verify whether your corporate learners are meeting their goals and objectives, or if further online training may be necessary. You can also manage your training initiates more efficiently, as you have a detailed overview of what elements are working and which may need to be fine-tuned.

5. Offer Personalized Online Training Experiences

It’s been proven that personalized online training experiences that focus on learner-specific needs and goals are much more effective than “one-size-fits-all” online training programs. Adobe Captivate Prime LMS offers organizations the ability to develop personal learning paths and corporate eLearning strategies with minimal effort. You can deliver your online training materials in a variety of forms, from self-paced online courses to instructor-led sessions. Corporate learners can receive the online training they require, no matter what learning style they prefer. For example, employees who need more interactive online training activities can take advantage of your branching scenarios, while those who are auditory learners can listen to your streaming video presentations. You are even able to develop customized online training paths for every member of your team.

6. Provide “Moment of Need” Training

Corporate learners can access their online training anywhere, even on the job. The Adobe Captivate Prime LMS, downloads learning content, makes it available for offline access and auto syncs when the corporate learners are back online. Their progress will automatically update and they can keep track of their progress via their personalized learner dashboards. There is also an Adobe Captivate Prime app that allows for easy access on tablets (smartphone support coming soon). Employees who require immediate information about how to complete a work process, like a sales transaction or IT diagnostic, can quickly access the online training materials in their “moment of need” thanks to the Adobe Captivate Prime LMS.

7. Gamify Your Online Training To Increase Engagement

Adobe Captivate Prime LMS features a wide range of gamification tools, such as badges, points, and leaderboards that can transform your online training course into an interactive and engaging experience. You have the ability to issue rewards based on specific achievements, such as completing an online training course or excelling in a particular skill. There is the option to award badges and points to milestones markers, as well, like meeting performance goals. This provides that extra motivation learners need to succeed, especially those who may be hesitant to participate in your online training program in the first place.

8. Set Up Quickly And Manage Easily

Get up and going within a day with a flat, modern UI. Handle the setup, delivery, and tracking of learning all by yourself. Leverage smooth content-LMS integration to seamlessly bring in and track virtually any content. Revolutionize the way interactive eLearning content is consumed. The unique Fluidic player provides learners with a unified playback experience for virtually any kind of content, so that they can play videos, PDFs, PPTs, DOCX, SCORM, AICC and xAPI-compliant packages, all within a single player without having to download any plugins. Engage learners with high quality video streaming and a distributed delivery mechanism that serves content with minimum latency. Use the in-built LCMS to store, version and reuse modules.

Adobe Captivate Prime LMS can give your organization the opportunity to track performance, strengthen your partnerships, and verify whether your online training strategy is truly effective. Best of all, you don’t have to rely on a variety of different software solutions to reach your online training goals and objectives. It’s all in one intuitive and robust LMS platform.

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